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    Jimmy Rustling
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    Post your parties that Bill Murray can crash in Seattle, Washington – August 12th


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    If you’re a fan of the ‘Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour’, take a second and support something that Bill Murray supports. It’s the least you could do.
    Murray Murray supports this charity


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    My friend has a home karaoke system with over 100,000 songs, a 50″ flatscreen on the wall, wireless mics, a barbecue on the deck and generally makes ~ 100 jello shots for every ‘roke party we ever throw. There will be one on August 12th in Seattle, and a banner hanging from the roof with the right words emblazoned on it.

    Bill, there’s already a spot reserved on the sectional for you!



    Jimmy Rustling
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    Here Bill is a list of things going on while your in Wisconsin ,I think there would be some interesting parties going on around here,
    For some reason I would like to think this is the kind of party you’d want to crash
    maybe a little something to eat ,
    And of course One must have music , it sure comes across to me your a Rhythms and blues, Jazzy kinda a guy

    if you decide to postpone moving on check for other events -Have Fun Bill!

    Posted by: marie


    Jimmy Rustling
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    Sweet video!


    Cory Webb

    We will have an awesome party on August 12th,, featuring everything you want Bill!

    Professional Karaoke KJ
    Full bar
    Arcade machines
    Hot Tub
    Outdoor projection theatre (6 foot screen for the hot tub!)
    Putt-putt golf including windmill at the last hole

    Please check out the video here!




    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master



    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    Bill, we are hosting an event in your honor at the rock box in Seattle on Sunday. Awesome karaoke spot.




    Seattle’s party district is, without a doubt, Capitol Hill. Ground zero is, without a doubt, the corner of Pike and 11th Ave. That is where we have a party space! Bill would enjoy these 100 hand-picked, super awesome party guests, so look for the banner going up at 7pm sharp!

    If we gave more notice, the place would be swarmed by partiers from all over the neighbourhood!  Note: This is two blocks from The Rock Box Karaoke where there is another party for Bill!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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