What I Did For Halloween or HALLOWEEN DISASTER 2012

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[Updated at 10-30-12 | 5:14 PM PDT]
There’s a house by me that is foreclosed on and no one lives there. On Halloween night I’m going to setup camp right by the front door… maybe with a few candles and a pumpkin so it looks legit. Then I’m going to have a bag filled with pennies, tooth brushes, raisins and mini-bibles. Every kid that comes to the house will get one of each. I think it will be interesting to see how bad this house gets destroyed. I could actually lower it’s resale value if everything goes as planned. Happy Halloween!

[Updated at 11-01-12 | 8:15 AM PDT] Last night’s adventure was a success! I handed out pennies, tooth brushes, raisins and mini-bibles to over 100 children. One child almost fought me, it was so awesome. He backed down when I starting reading some random passage from the bible. He then walked away flipping me off and calling me a f*cking a*shole.

[Updated at 11-01-12 | 11:27 AM PDT] I just looked out my window and saw smoke. The house I was at the night before is now on fire. I see fire trucks and police. I will report back more after talking to my lawyer. I need to find out if I can be held responsible for any of this.

[Updated at 11-01-12 | 6:13 PM PDT] The fire is finally out, but the house appears to just be rubble. My lawyer advised me to talk to the police and tell them what I had done the night before. He said I should be ok since it wasn’t me who actually set the fire, but I could be charged with trespassing. Also, even though the house burned down and all is lost, I would still have to say my epic shenanigans from the night before outweighs the bad. I will report back when I have more information.

[Updated at 11-02-12 | 5:11 PM PDT] Okay, so it turns out what I did was extremely illegal and I’m being charged as an accomplice to arson and criminal trespassing. Also more charges will be filed the F.B.I. told my lawyer. Quick question… is anyone going to Mexico that has a trunk big enough for a person, say my size, 5’10”, 175 lbs that could fit comfortably in? Will pay cash. No questions asked. Must leave tonight. Thanks!

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