Bill Murray Announces Party Crashing Tour

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Posted: 07/9/2012 6:00:14 PM PDT

Bill Murray party crashing tourNew York, NY — Known to crash parties all over the New York City area, Bill Murray will soon be giving the rest of the country the same treatment. It’s unclear the exact parties that he will be attending, but if you live in any of the cities that he plans to crash, Bill Murray might just be partying with you.

Mr. Murray did not speak to reporters but did have his agent Paul Horner answer some of their questions and make a few statements. “Mr. Murray is looking to take a vacation around the United States. He’s hoping that if he shows up to your party with a bottle of wine or vegetable tray, you will be able to make the proper accommodations for him. This includes allowing him to sleep on your couch or in a spare bedroom, both of those options being completely acceptable.”

“Oh heck yeah Bill Murray can party with us,” said 30-year-old Dean Huls, a long-time fan of Bill Murray. “If he crashes our party he can sleep in our room that night and I’ll sleep with my wife on the couch that folds out in the living room. Or Bill Murray can sleep with my wife, it’s all good, just as long as he comes to my party.”

Horner continued to explain some of the conditions of the tour to reporters. “All we ask is that if Mr. Murray does decide to crash your party, please give him his space. He’s a human being, just like you and me. He’s just looking for a good time and a fun way to connect with fans.” Horner then went on to explain more details about the tour, “At these parties, Mr. Murray does not want to be called ‘Bill Murray’ but instead wants to be referred to as ‘Keyser Söze’. Activities that Mr. Murray enjoys are drinking and karaoke. Having those two things at your party will definitely increase your chances of him making an appearance. Also it is extremely important that any house or location interested in participating have a sheet or banner of some kind attached to their establishment the night of the party. It must say in big bold letters, ‘BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE’. This will let Mr. Murray know at what locations he is welcome.”

The Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour will kick off August 1st in Phoenix, Arizona and will end September 10th in Austin, Texas. For a complete list of dates and locations of this tour, click here. For more information please call the 24 hour Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour Hotline.

  • Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour Hotline: (785) 273-0325

[Updated at 07-10-12 | 9:16 AM PDT] Cities around the country have already started displaying their “BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE” signs. This one is from Washington DC. Bill Murray will be in Maryland on August 26th to crash parties.
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

[Updated at 07-10-12 | 10:23 AM PDT] Phoenix homes are beginning to prepare for Bill Murray’s Party Crashing Tour that kicks off in their city on August 1st.
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

[Updated at 07-10-12 | 7:41 PM PDT] Anticipation in Phoenix is growing as homeowners are eager to show their support in hoping Bill Murray picks their party to crash when he kicks off his tour there on August 1st.
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

[Updated at 07-11-12 | 7:48 PM PDT] This upcoming Bill Murray tour has taken on a life of it’s own. Parties are popping up all around the country, people gathering together, to show their love for Bill Murray… how cool is that?
Bill Murray can crash here signs

[Updated at 07-12-12 | 5:18 PM PDT]
Some people in certain cities are reporting this tour as a hoax. I think that’s just because they are worried about all the extra alcohol and karaoke machines that will need to be made available, plus the additional police that might be required. This is all a small price to pay when you’re looking at the possibility of partying with Bill, f*cking, Murray.

This Bill Murray tour will happen, or worst case scenario… a bunch of people get together in different cities around the country, get drunk, sing karaoke and show their love for a living legend.

Bill Murray Party in Phoenix

How Vegas does a Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour sign
Las Vegas

Bill Murray party in Chicago

Bill Murray can crash here sign for Chicago

Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour at The Alibi Tiki Lounge in Portland

Shirts for the Bill Murray party crashing tour of 2012
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour t-shirt

Bill Murray crashing parties in Philadelphia

Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour sign from Milwaukee Wisconsin

VIDEO: They want Bill Murray to crash their party in Seattle.

[Updated at 07-14-12 | 4:27 PM PDT]
If you’re a fan of the ‘Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour’, take a second and support something that Bill Murray supports. It’s the least you could do.
Murray Murray supports this charity

[Updated at 07-16-12 | 5:10 PM PDT]
After overwhelming demand, the cities of Atlanta and New Orleans have been added to the Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour! Click here for updated tour dates and locations.
Atlanta and New Orleans have been added to the Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour

[Updated at 07-19-12 | 6:15 PM PDT]
I keep hearing stories about Bill Murray going up to random people in restaurants, eating some of their food and then before he leaves will say, “No one is ever going to believe you”. Either a lot of people are lying, or Bill Murray hasn’t paid for food in the last decade or so.

[Updated at 07-27-12 | 1:55 AM PDT] Bill Murray’s agent and press agent will be attending at least one party in Phoenix on August 1st when the Party Crashing Tour begins.

[Updated at 08-3-12 | 10:38 PM PDT] Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters show up in Phoenix, kick off the party crashing tour with a bang.
Bill Murray partying in Phoenix, Arizona

[Updated at 08-12-12 | 10:38 AM PDT] Bill Murray arrives in Seattle today ready to crash parties with residents there tonight.
Bill Murray partying in Seattle

[Updated at 08-13-12 | 7:38 PM PDT] Bill Murray will be partying in Minneapolis Tuesday night. Here is one of the Bill Murray parties planned featuring karaoke and 1,000 drunk people riding around on bikes. Here is a write up and information about that party.

[Updated at 08-15-12 | 9:35 PM PDT] Bill Murray continued his party crashing tour in Minneapolis last night, this time with over 1,000 drunk people on bikes. Enjoy the pics!
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Video from the Bill Murray party in Minneapolis:

[Updated at 08-21-12 | 1:35 AM PDT] Video of a belly dancer in Boston where Bill Murray will be crashing parties on August 28th.

[Updated at 08-23-12 | 8:15 PM PDT] This girl wants Bill Murray to crash her party in Baltimore when he comes to town on the 26th.

[Updated at 08-26-12 | 1:15 PM PDT] Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour in Baltimore tonight. This Bill Murray party is at Barracuda’s Locust Point Tavern.
Bill Murray party in Baltimore

[Updated at 08-30-12 | 9:05 AM PDT] This is from Jacksonville, Florida where Bill Murray will be crashing parties tonight.
Bill Murray party in Jacksonville, Florida

[Updated at 09-07-12 | 4:35 PM PDT] Bill Murray will be in Texas this weekend to finish up his party crashing tour which ends in Austin on September 10th. This party at Royal Oak Bar & Grill is in Houston on the 9th.
Bill Murray party in Houston, Texas

[Updated at 09-08-12 | 6:35 PM PDT] Bill Murray party happening tonight at The Where House in Fort Worth, Texas.
Bill Murray party in Fort Worth, Texas

[Updated at 09-09-12 | 11:35 AM PDT] The Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour ends September 10th in Austin, Texas. Bill Murray talked to reporters in Fort Worth and told them he’s been thoroughly enjoying the tour so far. “It’s been an amazing 40 days of partying,” Murray said. “I’ve met a lot of great people, drank mass amounts of alcohol, and sung a lot of karaoke. I can’t wait to do this again next year.”
Bill Murray party in Austin, Texas

[Updated at 09-09-12 | 7:15 PM PDT] This Bill Murray party is happening tonight at the
WAR’HOUS Visual Studios in Houston.
Bill Murray party in Houston, Texas

[Updated at 09-10-12 | 4:00 PM PDT] Bill Murray ends his party crashing tour tonight in Austin, Texas. “It’s been fun,” Murray told reporters today in Austin. “But everything that is fun must eventually come to an end.”
Bill Murray in Austin, Texas

[Updated at 09-19-12 | 11:10 PM PDT] This is a great article talking about Bill Murray parties that happened in Houston on September 9th, click here.

[Updated at 09-19-12 | 11:12 PM PDT]
Bill Murray will crash at your house


[Updated at 10-15-12 | 8:00 PM PDT] Bill Murray crashes kickball game in New York, read more.”



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> Bill Murray’s Agent Will Be Attending Party In Phoenix On August 1st

> Bill Murray Shows Up In Phoenix: Kicks Off Party Crashing Tour With A Bang

‘Bill Murray’ by Kaiser Solzie


  1. This is SO AWESOME!

    • DANIELLE says:

      BILL!! You should come to our Luau Tattoo-Ow! We have an annual Luau and while people are eating and drinking there is a tattoo artist and piercer inking and piercing our guests as well as a body painter! Last year a girl even got her privates pierced! Its awesome!! We could do karaoke on the side of our house with a projectortoo! YOU CAN TOTALLY CRASH OUR PARTY!!!! You should come!!!

    • Bill you should Check out Petra’s piano Bar when you come to Charlotte NC. a great friendly staff in an Artsy section of Charlotte.. It is fun and Crazy Karaoke Every Wednesday night.. Great selection of songs and always fantastic singers along with the “funny as hell” Numbers!!! hope you will stop in on august 22nd and CRASH OUR PARTY…

    • Lucinda Wiebe says:

      Bill, come ON! Philly? NOT Pittsburgh? When the Buccos are heading for the World Series first time since the EIGHTIES? I bet we could get you tickets! They would probably let you sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame at the 7th inning stretch — there’s your Karaoke! As for lodging — there would be over 30,000 fans’ homes to draw from — some of the really really nice homes. You can take your pick.

      • Lucinda Wiebe says:

        Ok, NOT the 80s — it was the mid-90’s – my memory isn’t so good but I seem to recall something big happening for the Pirates around 1995-ish. I forgot to mention the alcohol. After the game if you haven’t had enough alcohol, there are bars across the street from PNC Park. Philly is too obvious for you. This is like the What About Bob tour! Pittsburgh is the most liveable city almost every year in somebody’s book. Spend two nights here and forget Philly. Its impossible to drive around there. We’ve got those little rickshaw bike taxis! My sons’ favorite movie is What About Bob! They filmed Batman here! NOT in Philly! You must reconsider.

    • This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill! check out Rudyard’s bar in Houston on the 9th, we will be waiting!

  2. Aaron Sowers says:

    I would be so happy if Bill Murray would party with me

  3. Bill, F*cking, Murray!

  4. Dwight Evans says:

    Bill Murray can sleep with my wife if he comes to one of my parties

  5. Bill Murray fan says:

    This is A LOT of partying in a short amount of time… I sure hope he doesn’t die

  6. He showed up at a party I was DJing in Austin at this bar called “The Chupacabra”, it was on St Patrick’s day and he was wearing a green hat. My friend kept saying “It’s Bill Murray, it’s Bill Murray!” really loudly and I think this annoyed him, because he left shortly after. We all took turns hitting my friend for chasing away Bill Murray.

  7. Sarah H says:

    Just in case people didn’t see this in the above news article, here is Bill Murray’s Party Crashing Tour dates and locations

  8. Melissa says:

    So if we throw a party in one of those cities listed, we just have to put out a sign of some kind that says, ‘BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE’…. and then Bill Murray might show up? I’ll do that


  10. Bill Murray can stay at my house any day of the week

  11. I see Cleveland isn’t on his list. Too bad because he could come on the 18th to my “Moving on Party” or “Let’s have a Kiki party.” He can have his own room, go swimming and sing some karaoke. Not to mention we have something in common. He likes to blow up ground hogs and I was born on ground hogs day. Party on Bill! Hope to see you in the 216 or 44111 area on 8-18.

  12. Chattanoogan says:

    I don’t go to wild parties, but still have to ask: What’s wrong with Chattanooga? Come to Chattanooga, Bill!

    Date: Saturday, September 01, 2012
    Time: 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM
    Where: 221 Market St., Chattanooga, TN 37402
    Phone: 423 267-4644

    Cost is $10. Rhythm & Brews is a year-round, live music venue located downtown, one block from the revitalized Riverfront. This rocking venue features local and regional artists playing numerous music genres. Microbrews from Chattanooga’s Big River Grille & Brewing Works as well as a full bar are served during the shows. Must be age 21+ to attend all shows unless otherwise noted. Dates subject to change. Be sure to check the website before planning your visit.

  13. Bill Murray’s cool, and it’d be great to meet him, but he’s an alcoholic and nobody seems to be helping him stay away from that stuff. Come on, people! Being with Bill Murray at a party sounds like fun, but why would it be worth hurting him to do that?

  14. If anybody gave half-a-crap about this guy they’d be thinking more about how to party with this guy while keeping him, an alcoholic, sober and away from what hurts him. How can you people be so selfish? You are all actually all ok with helping an alcoholic overload his liver for a period of two weeks so everybody can laugh about “Oh, that Bill Murray”, and how these “lucky people” were surprised with the chance to spend time with a celebrity! That is low! You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • He doesn’t have to drink. Though if he crashes my party I’m getting waaaaaaasted

    • Party pooper.

    • “If anybody gave half-a-crap about this guy they’d be thinking more about how to party with this guy while keeping him, an alcoholic, sober and away from what hurts him. How can you people be so selfish? You are all actually all ok with helping an alcoholic overload his liver for a period of two weeks so everybody can laugh about “Oh, that Bill Murray”, and how these “lucky people” were surprised with the chance to spend time with a celebrity! That is low! You people should be ashamed of yourselves.”

      Thanks Sarah for being such a condescending cunt, thankfully “party” doesnt mean get blackout drunk, nor does showing up with wine to a party. Maybe you should take a minute and shut that smarmy cunty mouth of yours. Bill seems like a awesome dude, has made movies that millions of americas absolutely cherish and would like to travel around and meet and enjoy the company of some of those people. It doesnt mean he’s an alcoholic and deserving of pity. You dont have to get drunk to party but we all thank you from your point of moral certainty. I for one will be stoked as hell to sing some Karokee with Kaiser Soze.

      • Hi Corey,
        I agree with what you said but can you PLEASE find another word? it hurts my ears and is so derogatory and kinda mean.

        thank you!

      • Herther says:

        Uh Corey, yeah. You have no reason to be so offensive. I mean really, you are every bit as condescending and much more insulting about it than the original comment.
        You have a good point but the aggression kinda ruins it.

    • Kaiser Soze says:


    • Kaiser Soze
      Do you know him personnally? How would you know if he was an alcoholic or not? Not to be rude, but I think you should mind your own business, and for gosh sakes, lighten up:)

  15. I’m throwing a party in Scottsdale on August 2nd. Osborn and Thomas. Crash my party Bill!

  16. Rhiannon says:

    Bill, I have a party in Portland on August 11th!!!!

  17. Bill, I’m hosting a party in Springfield/Jacksonville on August 30th (same day you’ll be there). We’ll have plenty of alcohol and karaoke! Please show up!

  18. Dammit, Bill. Where’s the love for Denver?

  19. If Bill Murray tries to crash my party I’ll punch him in his pock-marked face, HARD!

    • F*ck you bro. Don’t punch Bill Murray, he’s a good dude. Murray can crash your party if he wants to and you’re not going to do sh*t

    • Sure you will, poser.

    • aecrew618 says:

      Hey smart guy…i’ll help you out, it says you have to put up a sign saying “Bill Murray can crash here” for him to crash your party.

  20. dasqueen says:

    I so hope he comes to my party. I love you Bill Murray!!!!!

  21. Better call the boner police because right now I am a hardcore criminal.

  22. If Bill Murray crashed my party I would be so happy

  23. I love Bill Murray!

  24. bob loblaw says:

    you guys know how awesome this is, right?

  25. dear bill,
    i love you. this is a dream come true for me. come to my party, we can eat sh*tloads of hors d’oeuvres and smoke little handrolled cigars. i don’t have a house right now but i probably will by the time you get to minnesota. its fun here. do you like cats? i have a cat.


  26. G. A. Cutbirth says:

    Mr. Murray was unbelievably courteous to my pre teen daughter and her friends when they crashed HIS vacation party with his boys on a CO ski trip.
    He earned our upmost respect. Said a blessing before the meal and was a perfect host and a lot of fun according to our daughter.
    God bless and he’s welcome to come crash with us in Abilene, TX., or at our mountain near Santa Fe, NM.

  27. Dear Gravity,

    I once thought you were legit. But, thinking more about it, I’ve decided that you’re nothing more than a prick. Damn you and your crassness.


  28. It’s his choice to drink just don’t trap him into any rigged drinking games. I wish I had a nice house to have a party in but I don’t. I haven’t even checked the tour schedule. I will check but there’s no way he’d find the place anyway. I don’t drink myself but would make the exception if he showed up at my house. I think this is a wonderful IDea I hope you guys have lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Josh 'Raj' Rajaee says:

    To Bill Murray :
    According to Your ‘Calendar of Crashes’ you will not be coming to Nebraska. I feel that you should at least check out Omaha or Lincoln because Nebraska is the center of the United States and should therefore be the center of your crashing plans. I noticed that in order for you to Crash a Party the party providers must have a banner outside stated that you can party there, this would be them inviting you to party with them and in turn would make you no longer a crasher of the party but an invited guest. Perhaps the sign should read ‘Bill Murray Can NOT Party Here.’ This sign would mean that they did still want you to party there because they took the time to make it but according to the sign you would be an official Party Crasher if you entered the party under these circumstances. That is all I have for you…Thank you for your time Sincerely RAJ

    • I concur with this statement. Raj, you wanna have a Bill Murray welcoming party when he decides to comes to the Big O?

  30. Frantasm says:

    Love Bill Murray so much! Hope he crashes my party!

  31. awesomerobot says:

    Bill Murray should come to our office in Boston – we have a full bar AND karaoke.

  32. Has anyone actually called the “party crashing tour hotline?”

  33. frank g says:

    No love for Atlanta? It’s the epicenter of the south…

    • Jeez… Bill can only do so much. He’s already partying in like 30 cities in only 40 days. Just cause he’s not going to Atlanta doesn’t mean he doesn’t have love for you guys. Or maybe he hates Atlanta, f*ck I’m not his spokesman, why are you asking me?

    • Marzipan says:

      We always get passed over for cool stuff. No one loves us. :(

  34. My friend has a home karaoke system with over 100,000 songs, a 50″ flatscreen on the wall, wireless mics, a barbecue on the deck and generally makes ~ 100 jello shots for every ‘roke party we ever throw. There will be one on August 12th in Seattle, and a banner hanging from the roof with the right words emblazoned on it.

    Bill, there’s already a spot reserved on the sectional for you!

  35. August 1st, come party in Scottsdale, AZ at the #1 nightclub SMASHBOXX!! Contact me for details 2487213561

  36. When he comes to Denver, he can crash at my place. We can play board games and drink coffee and go for a walk or maybe even a hike in the mountains. Maybe we could even go out dancing with some drag queens and some goffs or have a song and dance party in my kitchen. My neighbors are rad. There’s a little Lebanese coffee house nearby. Totally chill. Since I haven’t watched TV or movies in the past ten years, we could talk about everything but. I would cook fresh and from scratch and he could help or hang out with my mint plant, Brünhilde, and tell it cool stories to help it grow. I’d give him my room to sleep in as I only have a love seat and that would not be big enough for him to sleep on. I’d take the love seat. :)

    • Steve from Denver says:

      Bill, don’t go to this party. Sounds like you’ll wake up missing some limbs if you do. Go to a real party in Denver. We gotch you

  37. Frances Morey says:

    One time Bill Murray heckled me from the stage in a comedy club in NYC. I needed to use the rest room. I was polite enough to wait until between comics to get up and go. Murray was MC that night and took offence that I would be so gauche as to walk about during his MC break.
    He said, “Who does she belong to?” referring to me. I didn’t have a date and I came very close to coming back with, “I belong to myself MF-er.” It was in the ’70s at the height of the feminist movement. However due to my Southern gentility I was too polite to wise crack back–my funniest defensive line went unspoken.

    • No, “I belong to myself MF-er” is not a good come back at all. It’s actually really good that you didn’t say that and instead probably just stood there looking awkward and somewhat embarrassed for that brief period in time.

      You should have said something about leaving to go to a better comedy act down the street.

      FYI – Just in case you have access to a time machine

  38. Kaiser Soze aka Bill Murray will be in Boston on August 28th. Which is a Tuesday. The Bell in Hand Tavern has the best karaoke show in the city…on Tuesdays. I say we e-mail the crap out of them and have them create the biggest goddamn banner he’s ever seen.

  39. Rex nfex says:

    A collection of “no one will believe you” stories from Bill Murray.

    Love Bill Murray so much… is there a word for loving someone more than you can possibly love, without being gay? Bill Murray love?

  40. theDUDE says:

    Anyone from san diego planning on having a rager that day?

  41. This has to go international!
    I’m in the UK – Bill Murray could crash my party, the guy is a legend!

  42. We are going to tear it up in Scottsdale on August 2nd, Hash House Harrier style….if he is coming to town, our party will be the one to crash!

  43. Jett Bruise says:

    No New York date??? For real??? That’s ridic! I’m having a roller derby party with my teammates and we are karaoke maniacs! Too bad you’ll miss it Bill!

  44. I love Bill Murray!!!!

  45. Here Bill is a list of things going on while your in Wisconsin ,I think there would be some interesting parties going on around here,
    For some reason I would like to think this is the kind of party you’d want to crash
    maybe a little something to eat ,
    And of course One must have music , it sure comes across to me your a Rhythms and blues, Jazzy kinda a guy

    if you decide to postpone moving on check for other events -Have Fun Bill!

  46. Does anyone know when he’ll be announcing the European dates? He can definitely stay at mine, and sleep with my wife (if i had one)

  47. Bill, come to Atlanta!! or Athens, Georgia!!! We party HARD in Athens!!! Hope you change your calendar and add a Georgia date in there!

  48. Bill, party crash Upstate New York… More specifically, Middletown NY!!! We would LOVE to have you. I have American Idol Karaoke on standby and we’re a 2 bartender home so, plenty of spiked EctoCooler ready for Kaiser! And, as the party comes to a close in the wee morning hours, you can cuddle with my boyfriend and I. Hahahaha.

  49. Thomas Korn says:

    WTF?? Alaksa is not on his Itinerary??? Bill… dood…Alaskans throw the best parties!

  50. scott parmenter says:

    listen old man,,,,so you wanna crash a party or too do you,,well you betget you ”buffalo”on if you even think you can hang with me,,good luck and have fun bill you crazy f*cker,,,i still love ya though,scott in newport ri.

  51. Why no love for Atlanta BM? :(

  52. Bill Murray can crash here—–>> but come to STL!!!!

  53. Oh. My. God. Partying with Bull Murray is second on my bucket list, verrrry closely behind having Morgan Freeman read me a bedtime story. This is awesome.

  54. The last dude has no shot. Or maybe he’s a favorite, with that spelling.

  55. regina kypriandes says:

    Hi. The way I see it, you will be crossing the Gainesville’s path anyhow-it’s between Jax and Miami. You might even be able to catch a Gator game and tailgate as well. September the first sounds great. My house is wonderful and cozy and comes with two roommates that happen to dig wine and karaoke. Yea, this city has hit the news for random reasons but we are the land of music greats and have a wonderful hometown feel. Bonus, I have a sleeper sofa-best of both worlds!
    We would love to have you, friend.

  56. my girlfriend doesn’t know who Bill Murray is.


  58. Ben Waligoske says:

    Let’s get real here people. Everybody in Denver needs to pool their resources so we can rent out Casa Bonita and throw the most massive, karaoke and cliff-diving filled adventure party that the Mile High City has ever seen.

    And for the finale of the evening? Mr. Kaiser Soze completes a double front-flip dive with no discernable splash – a perfect 10.

    Can I get a WITNESS?

    • Ian Tyrus says:

      Actually, Denver let’s organize something, that idea doesn’t seem too bad, I’d be so down, yo Ben, let’s get on this.

      • Ben Waligoske says:

        Haha, word! I mean, I know for a fact that you can rent out Casa Bonita for a private party. The real trick would be gathering enough people and getting the word out so that it was legit. This way, everybody wins. :)

  59. Hey Bill Murry!
    You should check out Total Fest! Show up to one of the BBQ’s and you get free food and beer, not only that but you get to chill with some pretty rad bands!!!! You can stay on our couch!!!!

  60. Hey Bill Murray!

    You should check out Total Fest! Three of days of awesome independent music, good food, river tubing and fun. Show up to one of the BBQ’s and you get free food and beer, not only that but you get to chill with some pretty rad bands!!!! You can stay on our couch!!!!

    Total Fest XI
    Missoula, Montana
    August 16-18, 2012

  61. Jonathan says:

    If you’ve got the party, but not the Karaoke, get Karaoke Anywhere for the iPad/iPhone or Android!

    And if Bill shows up, make sure you thank me 😉

  62. Umm, the phone number attached to the Party Tour Hotline is for Topeka. Yet Topeka isn’t on the list (for good reasons, place is a shithole).

  63. Kimble Johnson says:

    He’s “scheduled” in Memphis 9/2, my husband and I are gonna stock the bar, and throw down karaoke style at our house in midtown Memphis. There will be a banner, and hell yes Bill Murray can crash here.


  65. As a self-appointed representative of ALL friendly couch-owning Canadians…
    Kaiser Soze can crash here!

  66. No words can express how much I would party my ass off with Bill Murray. #music #golf #beers #shots

  67. Bill Murray! Let’s party!!!!!

  68. Hey Bill…Love ya…Raleigh NC area……we’ll have a drink ready : )

  69. krashrrrr says:

    we should all go on a tour to crash all the parties that bill murry is crashing!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Why the f*ck is he skipping over Virginia and D.C. and doing Maryland and North Carolina? It makes no sense! Just like Bill Murray…damnit now it makes perfect sense! Still I want him to party with meee

  71. WAnglais says:

    Hope he crashes my party!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Milwaukee sucks. Come to Madison instead.

  73. you guys are awesome

  74. Bill Murray shows up at my party, he is getting a back massage. I love him so much

  75. FYI, Bill is not an alcoholic

  76. My cousin’s wife is related to Bill Murray and she was saying that he is super phsyched for this tour. All I can say is…..Red Solo Cup!!!!

    • reduxrouge says:

      please don’t quote such a terrible and lame song in the same paragraph as bill murray’s name. show a little respect!

  77. Scott12xu says:

    I’m throwing a party, I don’t even care if he shows up or not… but it would be cool if he did

  78. Mr. Murray (Mr. Soze? Kaiser?),
    Your party crash tour dates list you as being in San Francisco on August 8, which is a Wednesday, which is conveniently the daytime shift I work at my neighborhood bar on West Portal, called Portal’s Tavern. We open at 10am. Your first drink is on me. No really. You’ll probably want something to cure the night before anyways, right?

  79. This is so awesome. I hope he comes to my party in Denver! Love you Bill!

  80. mgibson says:

    Eh! What about Canada!!!!
    We party too!!
    Plenty of couches here!

    We’ll look after you in the am too, with maple syrup and back bacon!!
    Come ‘on (down).
    Michele and Carol

  81. Isn’t New Orleans the party crashing capital of the world? Not on tour. :(

  82. BummerMan says:

    I hope Bill Murray is really doing this… how cool would that be??!!

  83. jason Janecek says:

    Bill, Encinitas, CA on the 4th of August. My wedding reception. BILL MURRAY can Crash HERE. We’re serving meatballs, Jameson and will have a microphone waiting for you with an unlimited Karaoke library. Thank you in advance

  84. Party with the Baby Boomers in Wine Country Temecula California (close to San Diego). We have plenty of wine here!!! Atleast 40 winery’s…….need a cane or walker think we can get that to..
    You would make alot of Old people happy !!!!!

  85. “Mr. Murray did not speak to reporters but did have his agent Paul Horner answer some of their questions and make a few statements. “Mr. Murray is looking to take a vacation around the United States. He’s hoping that if he shows up to your party with a bottle of wine or vegetable tray, you will be able to make the proper accommodations for him. This includes allowing him to sleep on your couch or in a spare bedroom, both of those options being completely acceptable.”

    So classic Bill Murray!

  86. Bill Murry makes a mean Polish Carbomb

  87. I wanna see the greenskeeper!

  88. Serenipity. Bill Murray, YOU’re awesome! I live in Montreal – please come here. You can fly in after Boston and back. Je vous adore! Voulez vous crachez chez moi?
    Whatever it takes! Tweet me @esperanza4hire

  89. veronica says:

    I keep calling the number… it’s always busy. Is there another number I can call?

  90. Is this a Bill Murray prank?

  91. Omaha is the place to be. Especially on August 18. Just sayin’ there’s a party that day.

  92. Soze Kaiser you must come and see us in Phoenix. We will throw a party in your honor!. Phoenix CPU Repair will be donation lots of BOOOZE. We already have karaoke and play Rock Band on the PS3. Come and join us pleeease.

  93. Justin Credible Powers says:

    Bill Murray you are welcome to join in the festivities. We will Kareoke and party the piñata explodes.

  94. Cynthia X says:

    Oh Bill darling crazy man, I am a fabulous 51 yr old female and native Chicagoan that has been hosting an killer air and water show bash for quite a few years at my Lakeview condo with multiple outdoor decks. Cool peeps of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and preferences move in and out of my completely open home starting around 2pm and going to who knows when. We laugh, share, eat, drink, party, dance, watch planes and would love to include karaoke if it meant you would swing by for some big fun! Won’t you please consider a slight change and start in Chicago on the 18th? We want to go into the wee hours with you and it’s just not possible on the 19th as it is a Sunday a ‘school’ night’. smooches CX

  95. Bill – party w/us in San Francisco! We have plenty of couches and rooftop available for partying w clear shots of GG Bridge!

  96. TheObjac says:

    Bill Murray is awesome. Correct.

  97. I’m having a SURPRISE 50th for my husband in fort atkinson wisc at a campground aug 25th, too bad he wont be in wisconsin then. dang we love Kaiser Soze!!!! He could have our bedroom no problem!!

  98. Js Martin says:

    I love Bill Murray!!!!!

  99. A few years back, I was taking life a bit too seriously, and my husband decided that an intervention was in order. So he Nextflix’d that great cinematic masterpiece called “Meatballs” and thus inspired a wave of change: I quit my job and started by own business; I set a goal to see all 50 states by age 40; we got a lazy, awesome old dog.

    On August 8 in San Francisco, we will be hosting a backyard screening of “Meatballs” complete with rousing chants of “It just doesn’t matter!” in honor of Mr. Murray’s important contributions to our lives. We hope he will honor us with his presence. We have a spare room in which he can crash — up to him if he wants the dog to sleep in his bed or not.

  100. Shawne Harrington Horn says:

    Kaiser, have we got a fun night of “friends on the porch” ready for you!! Every three day weekend, the craziest yet most laid-back friends gather at “The Irwin Compound” in Garland, TX and we always welcome any karaoke-singing, world-problem-solvin’, libation-mixin’, cannonball-jumpin’ friends who wants to join us. The welcome mat/banner is in production now.

  101. The door is open Bill ~

  102. Justin Kingsley says:

    The hotline is amazing. It’s either the best joke I’ve ever heard or the biggest travesty ever perpetuated! Come to Vermont July 27 – 30, Bill! Bridgewater Corners! C-Fest XIX!

  103. Bill,
    I see that Canada is not on your list, however I ask you to reconsider. When I was six years old and first laid eyes on you in Ghostbusters I swore that you would be the man I married. Since this never happened I’m now getting married to a wonderful man who accepts that he was the second choice. I want to invite you to not only attend my wedding, but ask you to play an important role in the ceremony (really any role you want, ring bear, flower girl, groomsman). You will enjoy the fact that it will take place at the zoo with just under 100 amazing people. While we don’t have karaoke planned we can definitely make something work.

    Here is the event info
    Date: September 14
    Time: 4:30
    Location: Calgary, Alberta – The Zoo in the enmax conservatory
    Why: Because it’s the right thing to do


  104. Bill! We want you to crash our Conference! HotSchedules is a super cool, fun, hip software company in Austin, TX and we are hosting a big bash for our customers at Malverde ( on Sept 10th – the day you already plan to be in Austin! Come by for food, drinks, and awesome people!

  105. Bill Havraneck National Cheese Consortium says:

    Dr Mr Soze

    I want to be very clear on this. You are by no means invited to crash my social gathering. We here in Cardiff Ca are a right nit group. Your shanigans and folly will not be received well here.

    Our Kareoke is very private and sacred and it is not driven by mechanical electronic machines and such. We drink Ghamal dansk from treasure chests from great Viking ships from ancient fjords and cliff like areas. You Mr Soze will not embibe our sweet nectar with a mere limp, legend and insolent ways.

    There are many other drunken derilques in the San Diego area that can suffice for your drunken volley and traveling enema

    Our lands are our lands, and our minions are relegated to a choice of meats vs vegetable trays and Japanese meets lounge lizard envy

    Good day Mr Soze

    Bill Havraneck
    National Cheese Consortium
    “Cheese on Salads Can’t Hurt u”

    • Bill Havraneck National Cheese Consortium says:

      Additionally I am going to use this forum to purvey and convey my personal business interests

      Here at the NCC we take cheese very seriously

      There is a horrible stigma out there around cheese

      Industry is trying to scare the American people with myths about health concerns around cheese

      Thus our mission statement

      “cheese on salad can’t hurt you”

      Mr Soze

      Perhaps you should consider shifting your focus from partying with star struck mindless party pushers, to helping dispell the atrocious rumors around cheese

      If you would consider doing so I would offer you with our very best current offer at no cost to you:

      We will fashion your college mascot out of your favorite cheese

      Providing it is not a roadrunner as the legs are to spindly and will not support the upper torso

      In my professional opinion I would ask you to consider a smoked Gouda. It’s truly lovely

      Good day Mr Soze

      Head Cheese Ologist

    • Wait, what? I think this man has eaten far too much cheese… it has evidently made him quite insane. This is a little-known side-effect of cheese and should demonstrate to the American public the dangers of experimenting with new and exotic types of cheeses. Cheese is more dangerous than drugs, however, the cheese industry lobbyists are so powerful that America has declared war on innocent, beautiful drugs; leaving cheese untouched so that it can molest and pervert our children. Wake up America, it’s time to focus the war on the real culprit… cheese.

  106. Bill Murray can crash in my pants!

  107. I LOVE YOU BILL MURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. August 17th, I know it is a long shot. Cut me some slack, I am going to be home from Afghanistan during those dates, then back to work on Sept 1st. Bonfire at my house with all the fixxings, fireworks, a live band, firedancers, inflatable boxing ring. Snacks? Sure. I will even spray for mosquitoes. So there you have it. Everything you have ever wanted in a summer night and nothing you don’t. Hope to see you there Bill.
    Barnesville MN

  109. Rio Connelly says:

    He’s going through Arizona and Vegas, and later Denver.
    It should be a simple enough thing to stop off in SLC, the saltiest, zionest, coolest place around!
    Sure, we may get a bad rep, but people in Salt Lake can party. I personally offer to host a huge kegger on any date that Mr. Murray would be coming through.
    So, I got that going for me….
    which is nice.



  111. Joanne Tickle says:

    No Canadian dates? You know we Canadians know how to throw a party! WE will have a kick ass kareoke party for vou…if you can cross the border and come to Hastings Ontario. We live on a farm and will also play you some kick ass live music…if you would like to sing with a band and not a machine. WE can do both. We will have some great BBQ and a fantastic selection of wine. We have donkeys.
    I will be checking your party tour schedule to see if you have added Canadian city dates.
    thank you

  112. Bill- Check out Insert Coin(s) while you’re here in Vegas. You are more than welcome to crash here! Also, my couch is more than available.


  113. Michelle Chaplin says:

    You rad piece of funny ass. I invite you to crash my BEST FRIENDS WEDDING Ashley & Mike. December 30th 2012
    We will be having the ceremony in
    The Garden Patio at Calamigos Ranch
    327 Latigo Canyon Road Malibu, CA 90265
    (818) 889-6280

  114. Bill Murray should crash Brian Holden’s party. His birthday is August 27!

  115. I called the hotline and it was the Westboro Community church! Is this part of the joke?

  116. Really? He’s only crashing parties in the States? Where’s the love for Canada? As other people have said… we party as hard (but usually harder) as anyone given there’s nothing to do up here during these long winters, except drink, party hard and random sex… Mr. Murray, if you’re looking for a real party, come the East Coast Canada (anywhere in Canada will do, but the nation past-time here really is drinking… ask a Newfy). When you’re ready for the big leagues, let us know and we’ll make sure you never forget Canada on a tour again.

  117. August 8th!!! Tonight technically… come get weird with all us comedy folk at Dirty Trix aka the old Holy City Zoo at 408 Clement St. If you need it, we got foutons s at our comedy flop house not but 2 blocks away. Good times guaranteed.

  118. Ernest McCracken says:

    Hello my name is Ernie McCracken. Mr. Murray you took my name and turned it into a morally (not to mention aesthetically) objectionable wanderer with delusions of philosophical grandeur. On Sept 4th, 2013 it is only fitting that you come to my party and pay homage to the REAL Ernie McCracken.

  119. Vic Mercaldo says:

    Bill, come on out sept 2 to valparaiso In . 45 min outside of chicago .Having about 150 of my closest friends over for an end of sumer bash . Come hanv out with my firefighter brothers and will show ya what parting is all about !!Old fashion kegger , DJ , dancing and party games . Bill murry you can. CRASH HERE !!! In my 7 bedroom 3500 sq ft home.

  120. Bill, we are hosting an event in your honor at the rock box in Seattle on Sunday. Awesome karaoke spot.

  121. Bill,
    How would you like to hang out on a farm with a bunch of Army guys for their annual Desert Storm reunion? Fried food, alcohol, live fire exercises including a dove hunt (nothing like killing the bird of peace) and a whole lot of lies. Adding a karaoke machine this year would be no big deal. We’re having a shrimp boil one night, food on the grill the next and a fish fry the next. Fish fry is in a cast iron pot over an open fire. You’ll have to adjust your schedule but we’re going to have a damn good time. It will be better if you show.

    Mr Murray, we’d truly like to treat you as a visiting king. August 25 wkd you are free, and in our area, so you should consider us as hosts like none other. We are the organization that sent you A Lifetime Achievement Award in Cool in 2008. The Grand Midway Hotel…

  123. Bill Fucking Murray crashed at my house August 21. I can now a happy happy person.


  124. BILL MURRAY PARTY CRASHING UPDATE! Got confirmation that Keyser Söze crashed my friend’s band The Digs performance at Cherry Cola Rock n Rolla in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) last night (Sunday, September 9, 2012). His words to them: “You guys are amazing!!” Here’s the rest of my friend’s Facebook status:

    Shawn Rompre
    Holy Shit!!! Mr Bill Murray came to check out The Digs last night, and expressed his opinions by dancing like a wild man and through the phrase “you guys are amazing!!”. I think my personal and artistic life goals have pretty much been taken care of!!

  125. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say THAT WAS A FUN READ!


  1. Murray fan says:

    I love Bill Murray!

  2. […] han er Bill Murray kan han for eksempel uannonsert bare rusle inn på tilfeldige privatfester i New […]

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