New Law Allows Pregnant Women To Use Carpool Lane In Louisiana

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal held a press conference today to announce new carpool laws for pregnant woman.Dequincy, LA — The Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal held a press conference today to announce new carpool laws for pregnant women that take effect beginning December 1st, 2012. Pregnant women, driving alone, now legally count as two people and will have full access to all carpool and HOV lanes.

Jindal explained the groundbreaking new law to reporters. “Women that are pregnant will now legally be able to drive in any carpool or HOV lane in Louisiana,” Jindal said. “That fetus in the woman is a human being so it counts as two people in the car. We encourage other states to follow our example.”

Louisiana has the strictest rules in the country against abortion, according to NARAL. Ninety-two percent of Louisiana counties currently don’t have an abortion provider. State health officials are allowed to suspend the license of outpatient abortion facilities for as little as one violation. Louisiana law subjects women seeking abortion services to biased-counseling requirements and mandatory delays.

Long time resident Brandon Adams from Dequincy told reporters that he doesn’t agree with the new law. “I always drive in the carpool lane if I’m alone or with a buddy,” Adams said. “It’s a lot tougher to drive in the normal lanes when you’ve been drinking and now I’m going to have to deal with all these preggos that shouldn’t even be driving in the first place.” Adams continued, “Why do they let women drive anyway? They can’t make sandwiches very easily while driving.”

Paul Horner who is pro-life and a political adviser for Jindal says he fully agrees with the new law. “Pregnant women caught driving outside of the HOV or carpool lane will be subjected to a $500 fine. Women that go against our loving god’s wishes and decide to abort their human passenger living inside of them will face much more severe consequences.” Horner continued, “At the state level, they will have their driver’s license suspended for one full year. At the ‘defying-god-soulless level’, they will bathe in a pit of hell fire for eternity.”

  • For more information please contact the 24 Hour Louisiana HOV Pregnant Hotline: (785) 273-0325


  1. This is bullshit! Just cause they are pregnant they shouldn’t be able to use the HOV lane. I demand justice!

  2. This is so messed up Louisiana!

  3. Becky Lynn says:

    I think this is great. As a woman from Dequincy LA, I’ve already had 7 kids with an 8th on the way. I don’t get sh*t for child support from my 6 baby daddies. The least I could get is to drive in the carpool lane. Thank you Governor Bobby Jindal!

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  4. So, just because they are considered two people now, they get to drive in the HOV lane? What about my sex doll I put on the passenger side? Is that still cool?

  5. What in the holy f*ck is wrong with the state of Louisiana?

  6. I carry billions of babies in my balls. CARPOOL LANE BITCHES!

  7. Captain Obvious says:

    How is this guy Governor in a backwards state like Louisiana? My brain hurts

  8. Candice Monique says:

    I think the law is cool.

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