My Harry, My Hero

Harry removed all the porn from the internetI turned on the computer this morning, and I noticed it was acting slow. Well, I called my girlfriend Susan who recommended that I clear the browser’s history. She walked me through the steps on doing this because I didn’t know what she was talking about. So when I was viewing this history on the computer, there were all these links to adult websites. There must have been a hundred or more links! “Girl on girl”, “black man, white teen”… it had everything! It was truly disgusting! So I asked Susan how these could have gotten on the computer like that and she said it was probably my husband Harry looking at porn on the internet. I told her, that was impossible, because Harry wouldn’t do that. We don’t allow that kind of filth in this household, I told her. Well, she said I should confront him about it anyway, so that’s exactly what I did. When Harry came home tonight, I got right in his face and showed him all the links to those evil, devil websites and I asked him how they got there? Well, turns out, Harry has been doing the Lords work while I’ve been sleeping at night. He said that he’s been going to different adult websites and deleting all the pictures and videos that are there. Here I was thinking that my Harry was obsessed with porn and maybe even masturbating… nope. He was just getting rid of all the porn on the internet. My Harry, my hero.

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