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Funny news on how to write Chinese with Ramen noodles

Ramen noodles are not just for eating

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How to get your fake Press Release owning the entire internet

pwning the internetIf you ever want to make a fake press release blow up on the internet, it’s not hard at all. First you have to quote the BBC, CNN or some other legit media outlet in your article. Then make sure you link to their websites. But since there is no story on those websites about what you’re writing about, just link to their home pages. Most people are stupid and believe anything as long as there’s a link. If you can write your press release without using a news source that’s all the better, because come to think of it, this is probably a grey area.

Second, once you’re done with your fake press release, post it on different free press release sites making sure it doesn’t link back to your story or connect you in any way. This legitimizes your fake article in case some people take that extra step and Google your nonsense that you just wrote.

PROTIP: Once your article gets picked up by a legit news source, or just a credible website, then post that link on sites like Reddit or submit it to the CNN news desk etc. Then your story just becomes a huge virus on the internet with no vaccine in sight. REMEMBER: No one on the internet has journalistic integrity. They will post the story first and ask questions later.

Third, there has to be humor in it, sneak it in. Start serious at the top, then get more ridiculous as the story goes on. Without the parody aspect, you can and will get sued. You can also be sued for libel if you use real names of individuals that are not famous. If they don’t have a Wikipedia page, leave them out of the story or change their name.

And finally, write your story about something positive or something you would like to see done, or making light of something you disagree with. Hoaxes and stories about celebrity deaths and evil stuff like that is just bad karma and it’s not funny, unless it’s about Justin Bieber.

Remember, as David Thorne says, “The internet is a playground”.


Paul Horner

Funny news

The Bible

Funny news on the Bible

Super Official News: Funny news and articles

For all you crazy kids out there

Funny news on Super Official News

Super Official News: Funny news and articles

I’ve used this to make so much money on Facebook it’s just ridiculous!

How to make money on Facebook
I’ve literately made thousands of dollars following these three easy steps. Thanks Facebook!

Super Official News: Funny news and articles

For anyone with a lame job where they block certain websites from your viewing pleasure… It’s real easy to win that battle. Just add an “s”.

Instead of going to

Go to

You’re welcome.

Super Official News: Funny news and articles

Facebook’s new feature that allows you to find out which one of your friends is f*cking stupid

Mitt Romney on Facebook

Super Official News: Funny news from around the world and universe.
Five 5 Hour Energy drinks will kill youSuper Official Secret: If you drink 5, 5-Hour energy drinks you will die. Each drink gives you 5 hours of energy. So 5 drinks would give you 25 hours of energy. There is only 24 hours in a day. So, yeah, dead.

Super Official News: Funny news from around the world and universe.

Want the DISLIKE button on Facebook?

Ok, I PROMISE this works. Coming from me, 95% of the time this usually would be a joke, but it’s not, it really works. I would never do harm to my super official members.

After it’s installed, you just need to log out of Facebook and then log back in. Then you’ll be able to ‘dislike’ anything you want.
Dislike button for Facebook

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Super Official Secret: Type like a hacker

Type like a hacker

Super Official News: Funny news from around the world and universe.

Super Official Secret: Obama was actually born in Hawaii


Super Official News: Funny news from around the world and universe.

Super Official Secret: You can troll people on Omegle with real-time answers from Cleverbot



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  2. Obama was actually born in Africa with his family. that’s what his grandma told him)(I’m NOT being racist)

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