Small Town In Louisiana Arming Its Students & Staff With Hand Guns

School arming it's kids with guns

Meagan Greenfield, a 5th grade student at DeQuincy Elementary School, is seen here checking her assigned Glock pistol to make sure it is fully loaded and working properly.

DeQuincy, LA — A small town in Louisiana is taking matters into their own hands when it comes to the controversial topic of gun control. They are arming all of their students, K-12, and staff members with hand guns. The three different schools in the town will also have armed guards with semi-automatic rifles stationed at every entrance.

Paul Horner who is the Superintendent for the school district in DeQuincy spoke with reporters this afternoon to explain the new gun policies. “We won’t let a tragedy like Sandy Hook happen in DeQuincy,” said Horner. “We understand it’s a big step putting guns in the hands of school children but drastic times call for drastic measures.”

Chief spokesman for the NRA in Louisiana Bill Hanson believes it is great what the town of DeQuincy is doing. “This is a great step in the right direction. The town of DeQuincy is the first city in the country to join our new ‘Kids With Guns’ program,” Hanson said. “No one in their right mind would think of shooting up a school filled with 500 kids and teachers armed to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons. Hopefully more schools will follow DeQuincy’s lead on this.” Hanson continued, “If you had guns in the hands of every child and teacher in the United States, school shootings would be a thing of the past, something you would just read about in the history books.”

3rd grade student Brandon Adams said he loves his new gun. “It’s so awesome, I look like James Bond now” Adams said. “I dare any of the bullies in the school to pick on me now. They try and disrespect again and it’s game over son.”

Every student and staff member in DeQuincy will be required to carry on their persons at all time a fully loaded Glock pistol. The children and staff members are also obligated to take a 40 hour class on how to fire a handgun safely and correctly. Staff members told reporters the children will not be allowed to take the weapons home with them and the guns will be locked up every night so no accidents can occur. For more information or how to get your school district enrolled in the ‘Kids With Guns’ program, please call (785) 273-0325.


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is messed up! What about the kids accidentally or purposely shooting each other? This is going way too far

  2. good. kids who know how to use guns and know the safety precautions are less likely to abuse gun rights because they were properly educated on guns. we never had an issue with gun violence in the old days with kids..why? because we have created a world of fear of guns and a war because we made drugs illegal and prostitution illegal which created a black market which in turn increases violence in all area’s because those people can’t go to the LAW when they are screwed over creating more violence and then in turn creating more criminals, then our politicians breaking laws left and right always promotes violence and hate because people see a corrupt government breaking the law so figure they will do it to creating more criminals…

  3. Guns in the hands of little kids? Really? And nothing bad can come from this?

  4. Debbie Johnson says:

    This is absolutely horrible! How can they let guns get in the hands of children like this?!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

  6. George Dawson says:

    Good for those students and teachers! It’s about time we American patriots rise up in the name of Christian vigilantism, shooting those atheists and Muslims whenever they think that they can take over our great American nation. Our country needs such activism against the wicked, especially the Anti-Christ, otherwise known as Barack Obama.

  7. Dave Marcus says:

    This is so wrong in so many different ways

  8. Dennis System says:

    School children with guns??? This is not the answer!!!

  9. Samantha Higgins says:

    This is NOT the way to handle this situation. Shame!

  10. GREAT NEWS! It’s good this town didn’t let Obumer stop them from defending themselves. Glad to hear a school doing this! Now we just need more of them that have the balls

  11. The Kids with Guns program is just asking for trouble… you just wait and see

  12. Does nobody see anything wrong with this?

    3rd grade student Brandon Adams said he loves his new gun. “It’s so awesome, I look like James Bond now” Adams said. “I dare any of the bullies in the school to pick on me now. They try and disrespect again and it’s game over son.”

  13. I live in the parish that this is happening in. I can tell you what… I’m outraged and so are others!

  14. I have been shooting guns since I was a “little kid” grew up with them and have always been around them…education in gun usage and safety is highly recommended by me..mental disorders and lack of discipline and parental guidance is the bigger problem. I say give it a chance ,it can be no more dangerous than the times we live in…..besides,….our republic is at stake if we lose our right to arms.

  15. Jesus Christ!

  16. Wes Grogan says:

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