1. Omg! This is so cool! I’m going gold right now

  2. Tom davis says:

    I wish I had enough for Platinum. Maybe one day

  3. Jennifer H. says:

    Going gold today, can’t wait! I’ve been wanting a dislike button for so long. would totally pay $10/mo for

  4. Shutup and take my money!

  5. Ed Money says:

    YES! I’m going to go gold so hard!

  6. It’s REAL guys. Just got my Facebook gold account booyah!

  7. Lynn McColley says:

    Im not payin this bullshit! Why dont they jus make these feetures included? Why $9.95? damn thieves

  8. Carry Stevens says:

    thinking about paying for the gold account… maybe one day when i hit the lottery I will get the platinum ha

  9. Sherry Isom says:

    You have got to be kidding me! I’m not paying $10/mo for a couple extra features. What a rip off!

  10. This fucking ROCKS! I just upgraded my account to GOLD, and now I can DISLIKE things! FINALLY!

  11. Tammy Lynn says:

    SOOOOO happy that Facebook is finally doing this. I’m going to downvote all the bitches on my friend list

  12. Vanderslice says:

    The beginning of the end for Facebook.

  13. Name Aftername says:

    Loosers, the whole bunch! Free FB or NOTHING!

  14. [This comment is only available to Super Official News Gold™ account holders]

  15. izzyyyyyyyy says:

    C’mon, seriously guys… Who is going to pay $10/mo for stupid Facebook

  16. Do you want our checking account numbers too??

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