1. This is just corporate greed, plain and simple

  2. Amanda Winters says:

    I’ll pay this. I like using Facebook

  3. I refuse to pay this and I encourage others to do the same!

  4. How can this do this? Aren’t they all billionaires?

  5. Dave Jenkins says:

    How much richer does Facebook need to be. I’ll do the free thing they are offering I guess

  6. How much is enough money Zuckerberg?!! HOW MUCH!!

  7. Famville FTW!

  8. Danielle Perkins says:

    I just paid up for the next 6 months… was only $19.99

    Love my Facebook!

  9. $3.99/mo? F*CK THAT! I’m going to build my own Facebook with hookers and blackjack

  10. What happens if you don’t do nothing?

  11. My mom says says:

    This is so fucking stupid. They are too cheap to afford shit.

  12. So, how do I order?

  13. Jillienne Hunter says:

    Shut mine down. FB is about to join the tossed in the alley line up with StumbleUpon and MySpace. Me? I’ll still continue on with my Categorian, Blogger, Xanga and Tumblr accounts posting and creating all the way with no “shake down” for money. Love your fb? Then pay while the rest of us turn and walk away. All it is for me is just another social medium that I express myself on, beyond that it is nothing I can’t or won’t live without. Too many other social medias to worry about greedy idiots.

  14. My mom says says:

    Bullshit Mr.Zukerberg aren’t you guys billionares? Or are you guys are greedy for more fucking money?!

    • well i got other bills i got to pay so i guess it goodbye facebook can;t afford to pay when my other bills come first

  15. Daisy Dogg says:

    This pisses me off! F*ck Facebook!

  16. I’m not paying $3.99/mo F*ck Facebook!

  17. this is bullshit u guys so worried about money not everyone has extra money to pAy for this face book and for u to say u will wave the fee if they say they poor u will wave the fee is bullshit how dare u f*cks make someone to say that u will wave the fee if anything u should do A basic facebook thats free and take away the extra stuff alot of people stay in touch with each other ur just like the rest of the world money hungry assholes think about would u like someone to this if it was the other way around.!!!!!!!

  18. It’s okay guys, I got in touch with Mark (we’re on first-name terms now) and he said that one could pay with sexual favors in place of monetary payments. Basically a blow job a month will do it, phew! I’m satisfied with that, you guys should be too.

  19. Did anyone notice that the phone number that is given for the 24 hour facebook hotline to order service is out of Kansas and in the yellow pages is registered to the westboro baptist church, you know those people that go to soldiers funerals and picket them and stuff. If you already called and paid then I think that you should consider that you may have just got scammed.

    • That just makes this article Funking EPIC! Everyone should call and annoy those people with questions about Facebook accounts statuses based on info from a satire news webpage!

      Good eye Marie! I was too lazy to cross check the phone number, might as well just put 555 as the prefix. I did check after you mentioned WBC and this is Fred Phelps Sr’s #. hahahaha

  20. “If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could cease to exist in the near future.”

    I don’t give a rats a$$, face-crack aggravates me… smile :-)

  21. at least myspace is still free what this dude has enough money as it is Greedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Facebook DID hold a press conference for this new change coming up in February…..Why don’t y’all GOGGLE stuff before freaking out over this

  24. Liars! Facebook said they would never start charging… can’t trust anyone these days

  25. well this absolutely sucks. how do we even know they will really do this? what is we don’t have jobs to pay for it? and think of all the little kids who have a facebook! WTF are they supposed to do?! pay in bubbles?!?! and aren’t those men like..uhh..whats the word?..oh yeah, RICH?! thank you for sucking the money out of the people who almost have nothing. meanies. get second job if you really need it! I would rather pay people to slap me, than pay for FACEBOOK!

  26. Yeah, that’s just stupid.
    The guy could have done something smart, like taking steps against the adblocker PROBLEM, or at least make a solid reference against it, which would help out other online publishers, but instead they decided to go with the short sighted non-solution that will inevitably result in a massive loss of users.

  27. Lou Lange says:

    I’ll pay this. I love Facebook!

  28. jparnell8839 says:

    Lol y’all are idjits if you pay dis

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