Woman Kills Five People For Not Accepting Her Friend Requests On Facebook

Woman kills five for not accepting her friend requests on Facebook

Lashawndra Harris killed five people when they did not accept her friend request on Facebook.

DeQuincy, LA — Lashawndra Harris from DeQuincy, Louisiana was arrested and charged today in connection with five murders. Harris had been dubbed by police as the ‘Facebook Friend Request Killer’ because at the scene of every murder a card was left on the victim’s body that showed the Facebook logo along with the section of the site where you can accept or deny an individual’s friend request.

Detective Paul Horner with the DeQuincy Police Department explained how Harris was finally apprehended. “She is probably the worst serial killer in the history of serial killers. At every murder scene she would leave a ‘calling card’ on the bodies with scribbled words written on each one such as, ‘Maybe next time you’ll be my friend on Facebook motherf*cker’, or ‘Who’s got more friends on Facebook now b*tch!’,” Horner said. “All of the people that were murdered lived in the same apartment building or were people that knew Harris personally. We then found a Facebook account belonging to Ms. Harris. In her ‘about’ section she specifically wrote the words, ‘If you don’t accept my friend request I will kill you’,” Horner continued, “She also said in her profile, ‘If we’re friends on Facebook, we cool. If you don’t want to be friends with me on Facebook, we have a problem’. So yeah, we knew we had the right person.”

Leron Jenkins who was a neighbor of Harris said he was approached by her just days before the arrest. “I didn’t like her, she was scary. She told me that if I didn’t accept her friend request on Facebook she would literally cut my balls off. So, long story short, I accepted her friend request.”

“When we raided her house today we found Ms. Harris at her computer on Facebook sending out more friend requests,” Horner said. “It’s a good thing we caught her before more people could deny her friend request.”

If anyone has any information about Lashawndra Harris police are urging you to call (785) 273-0325. As always you can remain anonymous.


Not Lashawndra Harris but actually a Michelle Allen

Not Lashawndra Harris but actually a mugshot of Michelle Allen.

[Updated at 03-17-13 | 8:05 PM PDT] The Super Official Action News Team has just received word that the woman in the above mugshot is not Lashawndra Harris but actually a Michelle Allen.

At Super Official News we pride ourselves on the integrity and quality of our journalistic reporting. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused. As of this moment we are still trying to locate the actual mugshot of Lashawndra Harris.

As for Michelle Allen, Ohio Police say she had threatened police and urinated on a neighbor’s front porch.

Police say Allen was arrested for causing traffic problems, chasing kids in her neighborhood and not complying with police when they told her to return home. The police report stated officials could smell alcohol on her breath and her words were slurred.

Allen pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to a month in jail.

Major Mark Hoffman, with Middletown, Ohio Police says while Allen was in court, she challenged people to “suck her udders.” No information has been released as to why she was wearing the cow costume.

Allen has been arrested over 50 times on charges ranging from theft to prostitution.



  1. Dave Jenkins says:

    I’m glad they got this crazy b*tch off the street

  2. Eric Cartman says:

    This lady is like Kip Jordy from South Park except on PCP and crack

  3. Always accept friend requests from people dressed in cow outfits or you’re just asking for trouble.

  4. I like her cow suit. I would be friends with her on Facebook

  5. This is unbelievable! Was this really for real?!

  6. She was in a cow costume when they caught her?? lol

  7. zaybo gotti says:

    Damn! Shit real!

  8. She probably didn’t have any friends in real life, and just wanted some friends…. poor cow :(

  9. I would have accepted her friend request :)

  10. Debra Ferrell says:

    I feel sorry for this girl because of the way she looks. She had nothing to do with who her parents are/were so she can’t help it. Some people are s cruel and have absolutely no feelings for people. I pray she gets help while she’s incarcerated.

  11. Debra Ferrell says:

    I feel sorry for this girl because she is ashamed of the way she looks. She had nothing to do with who her parents are/were so she can’t help it. She’s probably been rejected throughout her life and more than likely, has no true friends.

    Some people are so darn cruel and have absolutely no feelings for people. I pray she gets help while she’s incarcerated.

  12. look at this fat bitch!!! they need to lock her ugly ass up. she should be on a farm in a pasture with the cows.. she will fit right in, ugly bitch. i cant believe she killed my cousin. that was my best friend. but im glad they locked her ass up cause i was going to beat her ass then shoot her fat ass and cut her up for steaks and hamburgers and roasts and shit…

  13. OtakuCrazy-Kun says:

    I had a feeling she was going to look like Kunta kinte cosplaying as a cow lol

  14. I will always accept everyone’s friend request from now on.

  15. While you’re praying for the MURDERER, I certainly hope you’re praying for the innocent VICTIMS — who have a right to accept or not accept a friend request — and their families whose lives have changed forever!

  16. That’s not a girl. That’s a guy in a cow suit who got arrested a while ago.

  17. Since when does, “No” mean go all snap, crackle, and kill someone? Gosh get over it, you may not be a likeable person or they just don’t want to be your friend. GET A LIFE!

  18. So the creepypasta is real. O.o

  19. jason c johnson says:

    She got problems

  20. That Heffer Crazy…. LOL

  21. I feel so bad for this woman… she just wanted a friend :(

    • killer of killers says:

      really you feel bad for a murderer ? what if she killed your parents ? you still would feel bad lol ?
      im sure if she tried to kill you you would still feel bad for her lmao …. i grew up in a shit home bullyed in school and nothing ever goes right but you dont see me out there killing ppl so ? what do you feel bad about ?

  22. Miklos Legrady says:

    I’m buying a cow costume right nao

  23. killer of killers says:

    the thing ppl tend to forget is say conservitivly 75 percent of ppl “that cant find friends” are usually just unlikeable ppl they usually have some personality trait that makes ppl just not like them.. whos fault is that ? i mean if u wanna be friends with a church group you cant sware like a sailor if u wanna be friends with pot heads u cant talk about how dumb and unproductive pot heads are lol do you ppl that feel bad for her get it if you want friends you have to be LIKEABLE and a crazy bitch wearing a cow suit threatening ppl isnt vary likeable i wish i would have been the first person she tried to kill bc it would have ended right there any person knocks on my door with a cow suit on ans its not halloween your gunna get shot its vary simple, and im not joe biden i have more then a double barel shotgun lol ( although that would be a weapon that would work agaisnt a cow just fine ) lol …. so let this be a warning i dont care if you man women black white tan yellow purple skinny or fat u come to my house in a cow suite im answering the door with my gun lol if u hand me a peta flyer fine but if you try to come in my house uninvited,,, well ill just say the corener of my town will have plunty of beef pattys

  24. So did she kill 5 people on the same day….or did 3 more have to die with all that damned evidence (calling cards!!!) on them before the Keystone cops got a clue. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

  25. Menelik Charles says:

    I kind of like cows.

  26. The Facebook Murda Bitch™

  27. The Facebook Murda B***h™ (if the profane word is not permitted)

  28. Kerry Berger says:

    Now, this sounds to me to be a fascinating serial killer case. I hope there will be more news regarding this case. I’m curious to know who were the victims and how she was able to track them down.

  29. TheGhostofBelleStarr says:

    oh did she use a gun ? I guess she didn’t or Joe Biden and Obama would be all over this huh..oh wait she’s black too

  30. She’s in a cow costume because she has to much “beef” going on wit te ppl who don’t accept her request!

  31. 1.She dress like a cow” let me moo to my next point”
    2.How did she know were they live

  32. Michael Smith says:

    i have ocean front property in Idaho i want to sale you…smdh

  33. Mr. Not Gullible says:

    I love cows!

  34. I just looked her up on facebook and sent her a friend request. I never turn down a friend request, and all my ‘friends’ have to put up with the crazy shit I post.

  35. If Harlem Shake was a serial killer.

  36. I think I like the real story more about her dressing up in a cow uniform, urinating, and telling children to pull her utters more then the Facebook article… jus sayin

  37. That one guy says:

    She is fugly as hell

  38. That one guy says:

    no wonder no one wanted to add her ass on face book! LAwls

  39. I like that song Hey Soul Sister


  41. I wonder how many people are going to wear cow costumes and black wigs/dark face paint for this coming Halloween, and claim to be dressed not as cows, but as either Michelle Allen or Lashawndra?

  42. Don’t cover my comments with that song Hey Soul Sister. I think the artificial synthetics are trying to reduce soul sisters images to nothingness again. Thats that Same worn out cliche’ over and over again. Get a life. Your time with that excrement has completed its cycle. The stars tell the story. Check it out. As above so below!

  43. Man, I wish I got around HALF as much as Paul Horner…they guy must have all of the frequent flier miles ever issued…

  44. This is “Booger” Michelle from Middletown Ohio,
    She is just an addict who is pretty crazy but harmless.

  45. what shit! make a frikkin big deal when people don’t accept your friend request?! come on man, it’s FACEBOOK! i’ve gone through rejection so many times, it can hurt at times – but it’s something it shouldn’t be made that big a deal of! wtf… what’s wrong with this lady?

  46. oh lawd

  47. Beau Regard says:

    This is Udderly ridiculous!!

  48. Simeon Drakich says:

    Thinking I just became lactose intolerant.

  49. I would hang out with Lashawndra Harris. I’m buying a cow outfit right now.

  50. wmweeza says:

    Why isn’t this a bigger story… being murdered with Facebook as a medium for that, don’t you think it should be a huge deal in the media AND on facebook?

  51. diggits says:

    I wonder how she found the victims addresses

  52. So did they catch the right woman? its hard to tell because they all look the same.

  53. Hang the bitch

  54. She makes black women look bad I hate women like her because then I am judged because of stupid asshole like her! Sure there are white women who kill but no one cares about them. But this women will forever make some people hate black women! I hate her!

  55. Curtis Choice says:

    I would seriously Fuck an animal before her

  56. I LIKE COWS!!!!

  57. even that one? thats pretty scary

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