Teacher Fired After Telling 1st Graders That Santa, Easter Bunny And Tooth Fairy Do Not Exist

Paul Horner teacher in DeQuincy Louisiana who told his class Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy don't exist.

Paul Horner seen here, has been missing since December 12th after he told his 1st grade class that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy do not exist.

DeQuincy, Louisiana — Parents have brought a class action lawsuit against the DeQuincy Elementary School in Louisiana over comments made by a first grade teacher back on December 12th. According to first graders, 45-year-old Paul Horner told his class that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy do not exist.

Principal Courtney Groves explained to reporters what happened that fateful day. “Besides Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy not existing, Horner also told the class that their parents lie to them because they don’t love them. Horner told the students that their whole life is a lie and they should go f*ck themselves,” Groves said. “Horner then jumped on his desk and climbed out through one of the panels in the ceiling. We have not been able to locate Mr. Horner since this incident.”

Eric Burns who is a parent of one of the first graders in Horner’s class said he’s disappointed in the school. “We trust the school and teachers to give them a good education. This is exactly what happens when you take god out of school. Teachers should be teaching about actual events that happened like Jesus walking on water and how the gays will burn in hell, and not all this evolution mumbo jumbo.”

Parent Susan Miller who is organizing the lawsuit against the school said her son will have emotional scars for life. “My little Billy can’t sleep at night,” Miller sobs. “He keeps thinking that he’s not getting any presents for Christmas. He also keeps telling both my husband and I that we should go f*ck ourselves and that the government uses fear to suppress and control society.”

This is not the first incident with Horner who has been employed at the DeQuincy Elementary School for only six months. In October of this year he was given a warning for being highly intoxicated while at work after he was caught by staff members urinating in the coffee maker. His random drug test in November came back positive for PCP, ecstasy, cocaine, embalming fluid and an unknown horse tranquilizer. He was put on administrative leave without pay but unfortunately the school could not find a replacement and Horner was given his job back.

For any information on Horner’s whereabouts please contact the DeQuincy Police Department at (785) 273-0325. As always you can remain anonymous.


  1. This is just wrong! I demand justice!

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    How could they keep this drug addict as a teacher. Obviously something was bound to happen

  3. Samantha Brown says:

    This is bullsh*t! How could they let this drug addict teach our children??!!

  4. I wish I had this teacher back in 1st grade. Good for him!

  5. Dennis System says:

    This guy should have been fired when he was intoxicated urinating in the coffee maker… but they let him back on???!!

  6. PCP, ecstasy, cocaine, embalming fluid and an unknown horse tranquilizer??? And they let the guy keep his job??!! WTF!

  7. Martha Simmons says:

    They don’t do background checks anymore in schools?? How did this loser get hired… and then keep his job??! What is this world coming to?

  8. Joshua Christianson says:

    This is what happens when you take God out of schools. And as the Gospel of Matthew says, “He who taketh my name from the world shall not be let into the kingdom of Heaven, and the wrath of the Almighty will be upon him.”

    I am appalled that this happened. We should put prayer back into schools. My congressman will be hearing about this, and this story better be on the news tomorrow. Merry CHRISTmas!

    • This has nothing to do with there being no prayer in schools. It’s about a school board that allowed a man to teach when he shouldn’t have been teaching. Students can pray on their own but the government cannot endorse one religion over another, unless you want your children praying to Allah, Buddha, sheva, Thor, Zeus etc…

      Ps the mas in christ”mas” refers to the catholic Mass of Christ so there’s no point to upper casing only Christ. Plus Christmas is a mash up of pagan rituals, Jesus if he was real was likely born in september according to scripture.

      I hope you enjoy your holidays! :)

  9. My child is in this class and I am actually glad he told him about these false characters. Now I don’t have to buy gifts. F*ck cooking and coloring eggs and then hiding them, only to forget one and stink up the whole house. Besides who in the h*ll actually likes boiled eggs? Was Easter invented to put a bunch of fat kids on a diet. And now that my son knows there is no tooth fairy, I don’t have to stay up late to try and sneak a quarter under his pillow. What the h*ll am keeping all these nasty teeth that he didn’t brush for anyways??!!! Anyhow thanks Mr. Horner. Little Johhny looks forward to being in your class again next year! Oh and Merry Christmas!

  10. And a happy Saturnalia to every soul!

  11. Gary Coleman says:

    That’s bullsh*t. I don’t care if it’s a dick thing to do. You can’t fire someone because they don’t believe in motherf*cking Santa Claus. What if he was Jewish, for f*ck’s sake?

    • I think it is more the fact that he told that to 1st grade kids…he can think whatever he wants, but don’t spoil kid’s beliefs…

    • Bill Johnson says:

      If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all, please. You’re such a ponker.

  12. “This is exactly what happens when you take god out of school. Teachers should be teaching about actual events that happened like Jesus walking on water and how the gays will burn in hell, and not all this evolution mumbo jumbo.” Eric Burns

    Exactly! How can God be in the classroom unless we put him there?? He can’t guide people himself – and God is a man, it says so in the Bible, so women are inferior, just like in the Bible too. Just believe it and stop asking questions! God love us all, so does Jesus.. but Jesus is God.. but anyway, both of them will make this evil man suffer for all eternity!! HAHAHAHA

  13. StPeteRickster says:

    Saw the title of this, and had originally stated that there was just as much proof for God as there is for any of the fictional characters he spilled the beans on.

    But after reading HOW he did it, he’s an AHole for doing it. Telling kids Truth for Truth’s sake has some merit, but that isn’t what he did here at all.

    BTW, The REASON you have people like this as teachers is that the job pays nothing, they keep cutting that pay, cutting the support for education. You think the teachers you retain with those facts in place are bad, you should check into who they let drive the buses.

    They HAVE to take who they can, no one wants to work for an industry that won’t have their back. Too often, when budgets get cut, this is where they start. Teaching kids and keeping them safe ought to be an automatic thing to fund fully, they are our future, yet under college teachers remain among the lowest paid of all professions and they often spend their own $ for necessities not provided for the children.

    You have to find exceptional people to want to work for that and doing that. Shouldn’t be surprised when lowlifes like this come around. The fact he failed that drug test (with FLYING COLORS, failed it) and they still took him back, should speak VOLUMES.

    That alone should tell you all you need to know. Pay Teachers what Legislators make, Believe me, you need the teachers MORE….

    What we do now is penny AND pound Foolish…

  14. Wow that stupid as*hole!

  15. Lmao, this guy is clearly the results of an entirely new level of awesome. I mean, I feel sorry for the kids, that’s so messed up, but DAMN– this guy is friggin’ amazing! Although, he probably ended up dying in the ceiling, never even having gotten out of it in the first place… If so, RIP Paul Horner… You were my hero for all of the 5 minutes that I enjoyed this article… I will remember you in my heart and soul for an eternity… Which is probably a good thing, because I’m likely going to forget all about having read this within the next day or so.

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