9Gag Suing Reddit For 50 Million Dollars

9Gag Suing Reddit For 50 Million Dollars - The 4chan battle vs 9GagSilicon Valley, CA — The humor website 9Gag.com is suing Reddit.com for libel and damages in the amount of $50,000,000. That’s a five with seven zeros attached to it.

Joyce Barth, Esq., 9Gag’s head attorney says the lawsuit is definitely winnable. “The Reddit community has been attempting to destroy 9Gag since it first launched about four years ago. Reddit will use DDoS attacks on the 9Gag web server attempting to make the site crash and unviewable to it’s users. Other members of Reddit will setup fake accounts and then post images of gore, porn, and other disgusting material. They will raid the website with images of underage pornography and then their members will upvote these images to the top so it can be seen by anyone who visits the site. The owners and moderators of Reddit do nothing to stop this illegal activity. It’s just truly sickening.”

Christopher Poole or “Moot” as he is known on 4chan.org, another type of image sharing website, says he’s disappointed at Reddit’s behavior. “It really disgusts me what Reddit is doing to 9Gag. They just need to stop this already. The internet is supposed to be a fun place where everyone is accepted. It’s not funny what the Reddit community is doing, it’s just not very nice at all.”

Long time 9Gag user Jay B Fail says he just loves using the site but says Reddit is ruining his web experience. “I go to 9Gag and will post a super funny picture of my cat with a chef’s hat on. I put text on the image with something hilarious like, I can haz catnip,” Jay says while laughing. But soon Jay’s laughter turns into tears. “After posting my funny cat picture, suddenly Reddit members are on there calling me a fa*got. They say rude and inappropriate things about my mom and tell me to show my tits or get the f*ck out. I don’t even have tits and neither does Blaine Anderson, my cat,” Jay sobs.

The owner of 9Gag, Paul Horner, said he thinks Reddit is just jealous of 9Gag’s success. “It’s a well known fact that 95% of all Memes and funny images on the internet originate from 9Gag. Reddit doesn’t like this so they try and tear down our website with their childish little shenanigans. Maybe this $50 million lawsuit will shut them up,” Horner laughs.

Initial court proceedings of the lawsuit begin July 10th at the Jonestown Courthouse in San Diego. The owner of Reddit could not be reached for comment.


  1. Tim Berkins says:

    I hope 9Gag wins this. Reddit has been messing with them for too long. It’s time they learn their lesson!

    • 9fags apparently don’t know that 4chan exists.

    • 9gag shouldn’t be destroyed…… if you go on reddit and look at its content… you will know where it all came from.

      • Actually.. I agree with you.

      • 9faggers go on reddit and repost their things, so shut up you unoriginal bastard.

        • What is a "9fagger" says:

          That’s quite incorrect. Although some of us 9gaggers do repost and take from other sites (Such as reddit) Most of us create our own content. Aswell as Reddit steals 9gag posts.

      • I love 9gag!

      • Actually if you go to the date and time posted that show up on 9gag comics they will all be before Reddit posts . Reddit you need to start coming up with your own ideas !

        • Really… Really…. I have checked 9gag once, the first 6 pictures I saw were Reposts from Reddit posts from about a week ago. Back up your claims with evidence kid, and go on a website that isn’t a cancerous shithole.

        • They change the dates on their posts to make it a time before it was originally posted somewhere else, and now they removed the post time entirely because everyone knows they steal from 4chan and reddit

        • http://www.reddit.com/r/4chan/comments/zacju/9gag_repost_machine_explained/c633pcp
          9gag is the most dumb site I have ever seen. Did I really just read what that guy Jay B Fail just wrote right? I literally laughed out loud at how ridiculous his quotes were.

        • Mislav383 says:

          Actually no,the reason it looks like the posts on 9gag are older,is beause the mods edited the time.
          Read it on a reddit post “9gag repost machine explained”

          • uranidiot says:

            Can you please provide any proof of that stupid ” report machine ” :)), are you people that dumb ? I really want to see the smallest proof that 9gag admins change the time … it’s simple, you have none. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hardcore fan of 4chain and 9gag, I also sometimes go on reddit … And I also agree that 9gag is not what it used to be ( mainly because reddit boicoting ). But saying that some admins go and copy content and change things like that is bullshit … and btw the main argument in that post says that a post 17 hours old has more likes that one that has 23 hours and that is not possible … really ? not posible ? are you that retarded ? if one post is bad and has a low score, that doesen’t mean that a future post can’t have more …

      • go on 9gag and see where all of reddits content originated from. Are you the same person that thinks legitimate rape is ok? Do you not get pregnant if I rape you? Really? Cool. Well then, I will fuck your ass, bitch.

      • Imgur

      • …4chan?

        • The problem with 9gag is that they let facebook in.
          facebookers always take stuff from other sites… and I’m afraid 9gag isn’t facebook.
          there was once a time when 9gag was like 4chan but with a more twitter-like interface.
          some decent guys in 9gag get caught in the crossfire and they’re the only ones who know how to fight back while facebookers bitch around reddit.

          let’s also keep in mind that 9gag is more open to the public.
          leading more people in the site. and most of these people are those random internet idiots.
          not like the guys at 4chan or reddit.

          some people also like the way you don’t have to open a bunch of tabs on 9gag.
          it’s as simple as scrolling down.

          I’m not on 9gags side here cause I’m the guy who goes in all sites.
          but i just want to clarify that 9gag has decent people.
          some even claims that they went from 4chan to 9gag for reasons of their own.
          I observe their behavior and i can say everyone in the comments hate reposts as well.
          In fact. around every post there’s always someone complaining about reposts.
          sorry if i offend anyone but someone had to say something while the weak get’s attacked.

    • Exept that 9fag has been messing with us too. This isn’t even true you faggot reddit never did this shit so calm the hell down son! Reddit will wint this there is no proof we are involved

      • Yeah but I think a new war are coming so braces yourselfs

      • accept the 9 year olds on 9gag dont know how to ddos

      • i cant tell if 9fag is serious about losing $50 mill. theyll go to court, last about 5 minitues before getting kicked out due to everything they say being exactly the same as what reddit says(sorry im tired)

      • we cant win this argument reddittors… we cant win if we cant have an intelligent conversation or if they cant accept thatthey dont rule the universe…we have to go report back to base…see you guys in /r/spacedicks(our secret hideout)
        live long and prosper

    • the number of reposts in the internet is TOO DAMN HIGH!!!

    • ash49126 says:

      I love 9Gag!!!!!!!!!!!

    • IT is NOT possable that 9gag made 95% of all memes as they have been here for the least amount off time 4chan probably made a majority of the memes then reddit (as it was next) and so on leaving 9fag to have made the least so paul you can go fuck yourself

    • hummmmm stupid newfags gtfo its not a place for the faggot 😛

    • Reddit for life says:

      Are you a f****ing retard 9gag steals everything from reddit, also 95% of memes do NOT originate from 9gag they gain popularity after being stolen from reddit because every single douche on the internet is on 9gag and they feel the need to let EVERYONE know about the cat they saw on 9gag, and this lawsuit is not even close to being winnable reddit creators and staff had nothing to do with the attacks on 9gag and how are they supposed to know about them anyways? It’s not like they visit a site that is a known enemy of their own, and what are they supposed to do anyways? Send them a strongly worded email? That wouldn’t do anything. And to all you 9gaggers out there who hate me because reddit is better than 9gag and i spoke the truth; i’m going to blow your minds with this one, we wouldn’t hate you if you didn’t steal all of our content. I challenge you to find a non-reddit originated post on the front page of 9gag. Also, to the president of 9gag stop trying to tell everyone that 95% of memes originate from 9gag! Once reddit wins this lawsuit everyone will know that you’re full of BS.

    • anonymous says:

      bitch shut up and all the 9fager too. reddit will continue ’till 9gag’s shut down. And probably you dont know why this war started. BEAUSE YOU 9FAGGERS GO O REDDIT AND STEAL THE FUNNY THINGS AND THE RAGECOMICS YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.

    • Sure reddit has been doing shit to 9gag but there is a reason. I’m sure most 9gaggers think that all of their memes and pictures come from 9gag but it really comes from reddit. Same with funnyjunk, funny or die, and icanhazcheeseburger. 9Gag is pretty dumb on my prespective and so is reddit sometimes.

      • JustAnInternetGuy says:

        Well, I am a 9gager. I’ve never posted anything actually so you redditers have nothing against me right? Here’s my thought on things: I love that 9gag is so organized, so easy to see the rage comics. you just have to scroll down. simple. Reddit and 4chan are different. you have to click links and then get back to the original page, then click another link, etc etc. The watermark on 9gag was never meant to “claim” that the comics were created there. It was to avoid reposts. I honestly don’t know which memes are from 9gag and which are not, but I know that 4chan and reddit have been here for longer. If they didn’t exist, probably 9gag wouldn’t either. It’s only evolution. The bad thing is someone started claiming ownership of memes posted on 9gag, which were actually posted on another place first.

        conclusion: honestly, you guys… why should you give a f*ck? what do you win? you post something and make people laugh. isn’t that enough joy? you know what.. that’s ALL the joy you’ll get in the internet. these 9gag – Reddit wars are just ruining the internet experience for people who actually want to have a laugh and not get caught on the crossfire.

        We are all grown people. Time to think like grown people. just ignore and be happy someone laughed at your posts. If you think otherwise and respond in an unpolite manner, I won’t give a fuck. I’ll just assume you’re a butt-hurt redditer, a kid. Then I’ll feel sorry for you. But then I’ll move on with my life. I actually have one.

        Have fun with this debate. I’ll just grab my popcorn and watch you waste your time. And I’ll laugh. Then I’ll thank you for it. Have a nice day!

    • Maybe if the 9fags didnt steal all of reddits content this wouldnt happen. And also Mr T have you ever taken the time to LOOK AT THE TIMES each thing was posted? If you would then you would see that 9gag steals all their content from reddit.

    • fuck off says:

      fuck off

  2. Sarah Winters says:

    Reddit! Leave 9Gag alone! They never did anything to you

    • Yeah they did, they stole their content, which they stole from 4chan.

      • This man speaks the truth!

      • redditor says:

        But at least, we don’t claim to be the orginator of them, know about 4chan, post links to other sites instead of stolen pictures and don’t put a goddamn watermark on pictures. There’re always are few redditors, who insult 9fags without cause (reasons are still enough), as well as “9gag army”kids, flooding youtube comments with “arrow to the knee” jokes, insult redditors and 4chan-user as copier. But the 9fager are worse. In aspects of commnity as well as content.

    • Not all the rage faces are made by 4chan users. And don’t forget that most of the original Redditors are 4channers.

    • yes they freaking stole material from reddit.

    • joe swanson says:

      other then steal our material and spread lies you bitch

    • I just saw a very high upvoted number comic from 9gags’s f7u12 with it’s 9GAG WATERMARK and Reddit steals it from them by REMOVING their watermark you should die in a hole faggot Reddit should burn

      • i just went on Reddit to look at it and almost every fucking rage comic was one that i had seen earlier on 9Gag fucking gay Reddit fags copy everything!

      • i just went on Reddit to look at it and almost every f*cking rage comic was one that i had seen earlier on 9Gag f*cking gay Redditors copy everything!

        • a redditor says:

          Youre a dumbass. 9gag steals from reddit. I just went on 9gag and saw MY comic. 9gag did not make 95% of internet memes, that was most likley 4chan. Atleast people who use reddit or 4chan dont go on youtube videos saying “TROLOLOL 9GAG LELE ARMY UMAD TROLLOLOL 9GAG FTW LOL ME GUSTA LELE ARMY” and you say reeddit is gay? Faith in humanity=0

  3. I hope 9gag looses it, they should learn not to steal other peoples creation.

    • Blake.C says:

      (condesending wonka) so you think 95% of memes orignated from 9gag, Please tell me more about them.

    • sharing is not not stealing. devianart creates stuff, 4chan shares it, 9gag shares, reddit shares it ect…

      THE WHOLE POINT OF THE INTERNET IS SHARING!!!! You can not steal !!!

      If reddit starts a war aggainst 9gag, it shows how much they don’t understand THE MEANING of internet!

      • Xhdub jfjc says:

        Sharing is not stealing? Tell that to the media

      • Can I “share” some of your money?

      • dude, are you serious? 9gag cannot protect his website, so they sue reddit, and you say reddit didnt understand the internet?

      • I’m sorry but you have that flipped since 9gag is making this into a lawsuit and sueing reddit that means that 9gag is starting the war not reddit. And in telling you this 9gag does not understand the internet.

      • The clam of reddit says:

        Lol are you a 7 year old it’s called plagurizing bitch

      • a redditor says:

        People from 9gag take comics and takes credit for them. Its not simply sharing if one does not give credit to the original creator.

      • 9FAG always does it without leaving credit to Reddit. Us here at 9GAG are honest. So fuck off.

  4. Cindy L says:

    Why doesn’t Reddit and 4chan just stop stealing all their content from 9Gag? Why can’t they get their own content

  5. I like 4chan’s stance on all of this. Just staying out of this peacefully

    • Reddit is the one behind the gore and cp raids that have been happening on 9gag. You can search through Reddit and you will see threads of them planning the raids.

      • the source of the 9gag raids is the massive faggotry of the website.

      • Redditor says:

        You DO realize that this has been happening to Reddit as well, right? AskReddit was recently spammed with child pornography. It’s not us! Reddit could care less about 9gag. They steal our content and then try to blame us?

      • So, you think says:

        So, just because a bunch of people that could be from 4chan too did do that, that means all of Reddit endorses such acts?
        Sir, you are a total idiot.

  6. James Wrustles says:

    ^ Well said Cindy, well said.

  7. African Americans

  8. Moot you sexy beast, the community of 4chan stands beside you!

  9. African American men bals yu guys r gay sht up nin gag!!

  10. wow such a fail they will never win 9GAG is so stupid. If their attorneys actually did any work in into this case they would find out who the real culprit is, i mean this huge rivalry between 9gag and the people who actually performed the attacks has been going on since the creation of 9gag. Personally i think this is just a smear campaign against Reddit because they are 9gags biggest competition and if Reddit goes down then 9gag would get a lot of Reddit’s traffic. 9gag is cancer to the internet and they steal almost all of their posts from sites like Reddit, and they take full credit claiming they created them.

  11. I hate how very many people (from 9gag) don’t realize that they have very little OC. Most of “their” memes aren’t theirs. I’m not saying that Reddit came up with all of them; in fact I know they didn’t. But reddit has pictures up several days before 9gag does. That’s all I’m saying about their “original” content. Reddit has not been stealing from 9gag, and I’m not speaking from a biased standpoint. I’ve viewed both sites and seen this trend. Also, Reddit didn’t post the gore/child pornography/etc.
    Regards, Anon.
    P.S. Please get your heads out of your asses.

    • Thank god someone on here is thinking

    • I even tried asking Reddit to stop stealing content from 9Gag, by posting it, but most of the comments were:
      “FUCK YOU,Reddit FTW, THIS IS THE FIRST POST I HAVE CLICKED THE HATE BUTTON ON” (which means he liked all the reposts, even on Reddit)

      • That Guy. says:

        Can I have a link?

      • Obviously not true, because a true redditor is extremely careful not to make any grammar mistakes, let alone say anything like that. Your bullshit will not be accepted Anon wannabe. Fact is most of anon is on 4chan, and 4chan hates 9gag 10x more than reddit ( they are also to ones to reveal to us that 9gag steal our content), but rule of life is “innocent until proven guilty” 9gag was caught in the act when they stole the “reddit productivity comic”, that includes the reddit alien, so check mate bitches. the whole world saw that, so show us some proof.

  12. Jim E. Russel says:

    9GAG deserves to win. They create all memes on the internet, then mostly stolen by 4chan and then by reddit, who claim them as “their own.” Then, after stealing their content, Reddit turns around and attempts to sell it. Truly a sick, sick site.

    • Well said mate, I think everyone here would agree with that

      • So, you think says:

        No. Not everyone. Try the 1% of the internet that is braindead.
        And no. They didn’t create all memes on the internet. Reddit didn’t eiether, but I know in fact that 9Fag actually got even lasier and added bots to automatically steal popular posts from Reddit. If you’re going to steal, you should do it on your own.

      • I prefer reddit. says:

        Are you living under a rock or are you just stupid?

    • Please check your favorite memes on this site and tell me how many are from 9gag:


      ALL OF THEM!

    • Jimmies= Seriously Rustled.

    • jim e. rustle? with a name like that, you’re surely someone who is not some bastardized form of troll.


    • Ahahahahhahaahha, yes I agree. 9Gag actually created most of the memes on the internet like Spideymeme for example. Most of the others were created by Reddit… maybe a couple by 4chan. I know of some that pictures in /r/funny turned into.

      • Not true at all, because the first memes were on 4chan months before 9gag. Once they were created, many 4channers brought it to Reddit (many 4channers are also Redditors), then after they got popular 9gag stole them. I also know one of the first people to make memes on 4chan. That was a while back. Funny thing is HE was about to copyright it, but it belongs to the Internet. Everyone can use memes, but stealing another persons creation is just wrong, but nowadays 9gag has bots that repost from Reddit, 4chan, and Tumblr and add their watermark. We have proof that 9gag has stolen a reddit comic/meme. It is the “reddit [email protected] comic were Batman is dressed as the reddit alien, slapping robin, as he states he is going to be productive today. Goggle 9gag steals reddit alien.

    • 4chan has been around 5 years before 9gag and still 9gag creates 95% of all the memes on the internet. That’s how good they are

  13. Jimmy Rustle says:

    But 4chan is a family website. It makes everyone laugh WAY more than Reddit or 9gag.

  14. Anony mouse says:

    9gag isn’t going to win. Just because the people of “reddit” planned this attack on reedit doesn’t mean it’s reddit’s fault for the attack. If hundreds of people were to make a plan to rob a bank from some IM service and they do it. It’s not the IM service’s fault, its the users fault. So, 9gag won’t win.

  15. lol’d. it’s not definitely ‘winable’; reddit isn’t even behind the attacks.
    i mean, a victory would be plausible if you had the right site..
    but this is just extremely ignorant. if 9gag can’t even get the right website, then they deserve to be spammed with porn & anons.

  16. This is hilarious

  17. Bobby Jackson says:

    How does 9gag come up with most of the memes out there when it is only four years old? 4chan is nine years old, Reddit is seven, and Funnyjunk is eleven. I know that Funnyjunk isn’t directly involved in this, however, they still hold credit for plenty of memes that they created in their over decade-long existence. I hope 9gag loses, because they seem to be like all the newfags of the Internet packed into one site.

  18. Russel D. Ese says:

    Really, Chris? I thought you were better than this, I thought you were nicer then this. You can stop this, you have the power Chris, but you wont will you?

    This isn’t fun and games anymore Chris. As much as 4chan hates 9gag, you guys are better than this, I thought. Guess I was wrong.

  19. 9gagger says:

    Le omg its abot time thos le fag*ots have ben geting on my nurves. Cant wiat for thos African Americans to le learn a le lesson.

    • anyone with half a brain can tell a legit 9fagger from a 4chan psuedo 9fagger.
      in case you need me to demonstrate:
      le le le le le le XDXDDDDDDDDDD we are l3g10n lolololol trololololol XDDDDDDDD

  20. 9Gagger Steve says:

    Good luck 9Gag! Just keep on coming out with original content… do your thing! Reddit and 4chan will continue to steal from you, but what can you do. Get that money 9Gag!

  21. Drew Reddit says:


    • The truth says:

      I love 9gag… way better and more original content than 4chan or Reddit

      • 9gag steals. I saw a post on reddit of a 9gag repost of something that was posted on reddit first. Gtfo 9fag.

    • spencer d says:

      Yoi are fucking stupid I posted a rage comic on reddit and I saw my bro on 9gsg and he was laughing at my comic. Stop posting bullshit

  22. NotM00t says:


  23. Treyvon Mar-tin says:

    We stand in support of 9gag and its army. Without 9gag, reddit would just be a site about cats, and stupid condescending athiest posts on facebook. Reddit we the 9gag army just want you to know that we do not forgive and we do not forget, expect us. We will do to you what that guy in florida did to that homeless guy when tripping on bath salts

    • Shut the heck up. You are not Anonymous. Anonymous was started on 4chan and honestly 9gag is about as scary as my 3 month old puppy.

      • Miss Jessi says:

        The problem with 9fags is they get their panties in a bunch over some gore.

        Welcome to the internet, newfags.

    • The truth says:

      I love what you have to say and completely agree

    • Let’s have a look at the article. 95% of the memes huh? Created by your stupid site? I think not. 95% of the memes on the Internet were created before you 9fags were even here.

    • And we will crush you like a bug because we play with you on our fingertips.

    • reddit sucks says:

      reddit really is a place for retarded people who think going to an internet website make them special.

  24. Jimbob Q. Flusterton says:

    9gag army r leejun! Expect them!!1!1!!

  25. I am from reddit and I find this hysterical

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too. I’m reading all of this and am “Not sure if this is actually legit or biggest troll ever”.

  26. lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  27. Anony mouse says:

    shut up Treyvin. No wonder why Zimmerman shot you. Cause yous a 9gagger.

  28. Jimmy Russ El'Err says:

    such mean spirited deviousness from reddit,

  29. I have no idea what to believe anymore.

  30. You guys are all F*cking retards. This is complete sh*t. Maybe reddit doesn’t make memes, but neither does 9Fag. Every meme that has ever existed and is funny, comes from 4Chan. All you 9Faggers better shut the f*ck up. Let reddit attack. You faggots deserve it.

  31. Nathan Bedford Forrest says:

    Y’all are a bunch of gosh darn African American fa*gots. That is all. Group of 9faggers. That’s what I call your kind. Now, show me them ta-tas or GTFO.

  32. African Americans can’t even post watermelon pics on 4chan anymore and keep it there, shhiiieeeeettttt.

  33. So yeah…. I know reddit is doing this. It is a shame that 9gag is getting hit so hard by Reddit. Trust me people, reddit is the bad guy here.

  34. This is why I prefer Everyboty.

  35. You people are all idiots.

  36. le 9gag is le best le site on le internet says:

    I really hope that le 9gag le wins now. le 9gag is le best le site ever le existed! le 4chan and le reddit can suck my le dick! they need to le understand that le 158% of all memes comes from le 9gag.
    we are le 9gag. we are le legion.

    • /b/tard says:

      Reddit did the raid and it was called /r/day it was june 6 and second off the we are legion phrase was made on 9Gag 6 years ago

      • Actually, the phrase “we are legion” comes from the Bible. A man who was possessed replies to Jesus “We are legion, for we are many.” And regardless of your religious views, the Bible is STILL older than 9fag. Get your facts straight before you make your /b/rothers look completely incompetent.
        Sincerely, Anon.

      • So, you think says:

        9Gag is 4 years old, dumbass.

      • primus465 says:


    • EpicBlueSheep says:

      i have no comments for anything you say i have one sentence for you “Lern To Spell”

  37. Anonymous says:

    9Gag: 1
    Everyone Else: 0

  38. BigShamona says:

    9gag is trying to sue Reddit for something that Reddit users did… well, I hope they win. I’m tired of those Reddit users always messing up my good time on the internet

  39. BigShamona says:

    reddit had everything to do with this, makes me sick. Damn you Reddit! Damn you!

    • Nope. You started it. You started stealing in the first place. Your site is fucking 4 years old. It does not take that long to create every single fucking meme in the world. Get fuck out of here 9fag.

      • reddit sucks says:

        once you post it to the internet, its no longer yours, so the whole they stole my shitty rage comic argument is pretty much invalid.

  40. Christopher Lawall says:

    That’s bulls***. Everyone who knows their stuff about memes knows almost all of them come from 9Gag. This is yet another attempt by Reddit or 4Chan to steal credit.

    • primus465 says:

      here’s something all of you might want to hear 4chan was launched in 2003, redit 2 years later in 2005 AND then here comes 9gag 3 years after reddit in 2008 ….. so you 9gaggers seriously think you make “original” content and that reddit “steals” from you when in fact reddit is OLDER and MORE popular than 9gag now true no one site is perfect but you idiots really need to get your head out of your arse and look up ALL the facts before you go around saying reddit’s causing all the problem and are “thieves” when 9gag is no better AND in fact probably worse than we are over there at reddit

  41. Oh 9gaggers. Ignorance is le bliss. XXDDDD
    4chan is the father of the Internet don’t try taking its credit

  42. newfags newfags everywhere…

  43. 9gag you deserve to be shut down

  44. this is pretty awesome

  45. Summerfags, summerfags everywhere…

  46. 9fag doesn’t even do the damn research. What has the internet come to? Also, kiddies who use 9gag, do your damn research. 4chan and reddit have been around long before 9gag, and have been using them long before aswell.

  47. Apparently nobody gets how awesome this is

  48. Dissapointed says:

    I’m completely amazed at how possibly stupid the people at 9gag are. Even the creator is completely ignorant to what is going on. Not to spoil the fun but i hope the 9gaggers know, just as the story says, it is Reddit doing this. Also “95% of memes and funny images originate from 9gag?” WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH. Back the f*ck up. Are you kidding me? It’s actually probably 96%-98%. I am speechless that the owner of 9gag could be this fucking retarded. Im just completely dumbfounded.

  49. Rustle U. R. Jimmies says:

    le 9gag ftw!! we r legeon!!! le XD XD trolololo XD le XD hah 9gag FTW!

  50. The truth says:

    Listen up people, quit arguing and listen. 9gag makes about 90% of All of the memes in existence. Reddit has made the most out of sheer current popularity and funnyjunk and 4chan are also very big contributors… probably the other 10%. Face the facts, 9gaggers create most of the stuff you see on the website…


      Do some research, more than half of the memes on the internet was created by 9Gag. Maybe 4chan did make 1 meme or another. Give me some proof that the memes were actually created by 4chan? Usually, memes are created after one submits a picture, which gets turned into a meme with funny, etc. captions.

      • 1-800-GETYOURFACTSSTRAIGHT says:

        Do some research, more than half of the memes on the internet was created by 9gag. Maybe Reddit did make 1 meme or another. Give me some proof that the memes were actually created by 9gag? Usually, memes are created after one submits a picture, which gets turned into a meme with funny, etc. captions.

    • How can they do all that in fucking 4 years? It would be impossible to create all that in that amount of time. YOU face the facts you little shitfaced cunt. You know nothing about the internet.

  51. MeLikeyThePooMPooM says:

    Get em’ 9Gag! You rule!

  52. My goodness children, what a fuss this is.

  53. Jimmies Rustler says:

    I just don’t know what the f*ck is going on anymore

  54. Reddit always steals stuff from 9Gag and if your not reddy for the shit ppl will tell you on the internet then don’t go on it

  55. “It’s a well known fact that 95% of all Memes and funny images on the internet originate from 9Gag.”

    What a retarded African American

  56. 4chan had no part, really? And ya I understand the whole us claiming memes now, he doesn’t talk for any of us 9gaggers….

  57. Sigh.
    If 9Gag wins, i will go out of my way to obliterate every. single. one. of. you. 9fags. on. the planet.

    A ginger who fucking hates 9gag.


  59. F*ck you porn is’nt digusting.. that’s christian moral bullshit take that somewhere where people give a f*ck about anything you say.. not here.

  60. WHY CANT EVERYONE JUST BE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

  61. Deviants make the the memes, reddit distributes, 9gag steals. That’s pretty much the rage comic cycle. If you make the argument that it isn’t stealing, dA actually has a custom copyright rule. We only allow certain people are memes.

  62. Let me also note that it realy makes no sense for the lawsuit. Reddit moderators only work on content for the site. It’s not their problem that redditors are going to your site doing this &[email protected]/. Give reddit access to your sites moderation abilities however, and you get an entierly different story.

  63. 9gag is the best site ever
    reddit is second best

    overall I hope 4chan dies and go bankrupt fucking newfags

  64. How can a website be liable for whats is members do to other websites, secondly thats bullshit that 9gag makes 95% of all the memes and rage comics. Agreed bullying is childish and idiotic, but suing someone over it just because you dont want to admit that you repost alot of they’re comics is more so idiotic. People need to grow the fuck up and quit bitching, seriously

  65. 95% of memes and funny pictures are from 9gag? I would say more like %97 or %98

  66. why dont you guys just look at the dates of the comics? you will see that reddit posts them first.

  67. “Christopher Poole or “Moot” as he is known on 4chan.org, another type of image sharing website, says he’s disappointed at Reddit’s behavior. “It really disgusts me what Reddit is doing to 9Gag. They just need to stop this already. The internet is supposed to be a fun place where everyone is accepted. It’s not funny what the Reddit community is doing, it’s just not very nice at all.”

    It’s very nice of 4chan to say this. Reddit should be ashamed of themselves.

  68. I love 9gag!!!!!!!!!

  69. So the moderators of Reddit should have to control other peoples actions on 9gag? Where is 9gags security? Why should Reddit have to moderate 9gag for their “supposed destroying of 9gag?” And you don’t think 9gagers do the same to Reddit?

  70. the1stnoob says:

    95% of funny memes and pictures originate from 9gag, this is clearly the truth.


    Reddit is definitely going to win because 9gag is a piece of shit that reposts EVERYTHING from reddit claiming its theirs! 9gag has 0% originality and is 100% reposts. You can easily prove that they are reposts because they are posted on reddit first (check the date and time) 9gag better shut the fuck up and shove this article up their ass if they know what’s good for them and STOP REPOSTING.

  72. Gtfo 9losers says:

    I cant even belive this. Who ever wrote this article is a genius. Thanks for opening up my eyes to the evils of Reddit and 4Chan

  73. …Are you people fucking kitten me. 9Gag is where it’s at…. 9Gag army for life dawgs

  74. Eh don’t go around accusing each other guys. Personally I like reddit . I make my own content and I know there are both redditors that do and don’t submit original content. Same can be said about all three sites. Not everyone likes to attack other sites, it’s frankly stupid because each site does have some original content which means by attacking any of these sites your punishing others for something the didn’t do, which no shit, is gonna piss em off. Don’t try and stereotype people by the websites they use because in the end it’s as pointless as being racist.
    I sincerely hope you guys have a nice day and that we can stop these stupid Internet wars

  75. derpette1337 says:

    Oh my god, this is full of win. 4chan never created anything, you just repost shit from Reddit & 9gag. Reddit will lose.

  76. derpette1337 says:

    So one day I posted a rage comic on Reddit, and it did pretty good. So I went to 9fag going “hey I wonder why Redditors hate this website.” Oh look, there’s my fucking comic. So 9fag, go make your own little shitty ragecomics, because the only reason you have users is for reposting our genius.

  77. 9gag are some peices of shit lol how a creator of a website like that would use such an UnProfessional lenguage to describe the way how reddit its been handleing their website… It ist reddit, its the people, maybe yall fags should sue the users and not the moderators. Thts like facebook sueing twitter cuz they have many followers talking shit about facebook…. Who cares, this people are just stupid, they only thing they really into on its really the money they gon get, and after that? How is that gon stop reddit users from doing the same shit, it could be other website doing it as well
    And yall blame reddit? This FAGGOTS 9gag are fucking idiots!!! The fucking lawyer is gon take 85% of that 50,000,000.00 money yall want!

  78. Are you serious? If anything, 9gag has been doing this to Reddit!!!! Most of the memes have originated on Reddit and the 9fagers steal them! They also steal comics from F7U12! This is the type of stupidity that makes me want to blow my head off.

  79. Haha what? I’ve had so much OC I’ve originally posted TO 9gag show up on Reddit. Look at timestamps. Cross reference the original time a picture was posted to reddit and to 9gag. This is such a fucking joke, butthurt Redditors everywhere.

  80. Meh, damn 9gaggers, why must you lie that reddit steals when all 9faggers steal from reddit? On your behalf I’d like to see some stolen content from 9gag to reddit?

  81. lol no. 95% of memes are from memebase itself. although i’m a redditor. But i still chose memebase

  82. primus465 says:

    here’s something all of you might want to hear 4chan was launched in 2003, redit 2 years later in 2005 AND then here comes 9gag 3 years after reddit in 2008 ….. so you 9gaggers seriously think you make “original” content and that reddit “steals” from you when in fact reddit is OLDER and MORE popular than 9gag now true no one site is perfect but you idiots really need to get your head out of your arse and look up ALL the facts before you go around saying reddit’s causing all the problem and are “thieves” when 9gag is no better AND in fact probably worse than we are over there at reddit

  83. EpicBlueSheep says:

    The 1st noob i hope that is sarcasm and with the article saying that reddit users downgrade and say mean things Proves nothing the person has no prove that reddit users did that i could have been people from 9gag and also if there are these “fake accounts” why don’t they just make something that deletes accounts if there not used i find this argument is a horrid one and has not enough viable information for me to support it.

  84. EpicBlueSheep says:

    ALSO i see a bunch of posts that how reddit about homeless people and stuff actually now (I’m a redditor) I’ve seen 9gag kill 2 people! both with grenades one person had a grenade and the users of 9gag said to pull the pin and put it in the toilet and some people should have common sense not to but this particular did! after the posts there was a newspaper article showing a half blown up house that apparently started in the bathroom so if your going to stay stuff that reddit did make sure you check you website first.

  85. Ridiculous says:

    I love 9gag!!!


  86. Reddit is always guilty of stealing 9gags stuff. Reddit is a website more suitable for adults where as 9gag is for dopey teenagers… just saying.

    • Definetly a robot says:

      I think you might have misspelled something. May I correct you?
      *4Chan is always guilty of stealing Reddits stuff*

  87. Went on 9gag on a Monday, checked out Reddit on a Thursday. On Reddit: OC, Repost, OC, OC, Repost, OC, OC, etc. On 4chan: Reddit, crap, crap, crap, Reddit, Reddit, Reddit, crap, crap, crap, crap, etc. Also, knowyourmeme.com. Look it up.
    P.S. 9gag has more than just memes and rages, it has world news, politics, and technology subreddits as well.

    • Did you know what your said?

      9gag has more than just memes and rages, it has world news, politics, and technology subreddits as well.





      Commence LOIC DDOS Attack

      je deteste le neuf-gag

  88. omara86 says:

    i see both 9gag and korean pop as 1… both r faggots…

  89. AlaskanRedditor says:

    The problem is that reddit has a copyright material and 9gag steals from reddit. All I think about it that 9gag ACTUALLY steals post from REDDIT and 4CHAN. Reddit and 4Chan are like brothers. 9Gag lacks creativity and steals from Reddit and 4Chan. All I can say that Reddit should have a TM on every post they make. Then see who steals Content. I bet that 9gag will try take off that Trademark.

  90. Cheese cheesecakes says:

    If anyone from 9gag reads rage comics on that site, if you look in the background mist comics have a reddit logo because they come from reddit. That is the only content I have ever seen 9gag steal. I have only seen reddit steal from 9gag once. I use reddit, because I think it’s awesome, but I’ve seen 9gag, and I think it’s fine.

  91. Lol tgis must be a joke… 9gag stealing fro Reddit??? Lets see how many rage comics they stole from 9gag.

  92. First off, it’s sharing not stealing. Second, reddit doesn’t steal anything. Why do you Redditors started puting “made for reddit ” labels on their comics. I don’t see 9gag doing that. Thirdly, if you have such a problem with porn and things like that going on to your website, moderate your site better. If porn goes onto a subreddit on reddit that’s not for that stuff , the moderaters on reddit ban them. I don’t see you 9gag doing that.

  93. Reddit Randy says:

    I know that content has been stolen from reddit and posted to 9gag and vise versa but this content isn’t subject to copyright so it dosnt really matter.. It’s for people’s enjoyment, so why does it matter if someone shares it and more people see it… Is that really soo bad?

    • People work hard on some of that stuff. Things like cute cat photos or whatever I get. Thats fine by me. Comics though, people can put hours into stuff like that, like the bohemian rhapsody comic. They want that credit

  94. OMalley says:

    Seriously? 95%? I’m thinking more like %96 or even 97%. GOOOO 9gag!!!

  95. This is almost too funny haha.

  96. joe swanson says:

    okay 95% of memes and funny shit from 9gag? I agree with that

  97. Ummm… Anyone realize that Ebaumsworld started it all? With the attacks and everything. They planed I all. Reddit just wanted a bit of revenge for the theft of their comics. Just Sayin.

  98. Seriously Stunned says:

    If “9gag creates 95%” OC then tell me why it is on reddit days, possibly weeks, before 9gag?
    I was once a viewer of 9gag, but then started reading on reddit and I noticed the error of my ways. 9gag members repost what they see has upvotes many times over on the site. Reddit at least doesn’t repost often. Reddit has different sub categories, so no one needs to witness fake whores posting their bodies on the normal mobile site, redditors do my abuse the site to post notes with fake cheats or codes, nor requests for sexcamming.

    While I do not view on 4chan, I am smart enough to do my research and I do know 4chan has been around longest, reddit following a few years later, and 9gag just is the wannabe kid in middle school who tried to join in on a fad to be friends with the cool kids. 9gag is the youngest, and personally has no class, as shown by this lawsuit and by it’s pathetic sounding followers.
    So please, 9gaggers, stop with the immature name calling and “faggot” usage. No one here is a bundle of sticks, because we all should know, trees can’t type.

  99. derpity says:

    Reddit is the cancer of the internet.they steal everything from 9Gag and now they think they can pull this shit?hold my phone,imma fuck this bitch up.

  100. Joe Bonham says:
  101. Justaguy says:

    Dear 9Gaggers,
    I respect your right to go on 9Gag. I respect your right to like 9Gag. I sometimes visit the site. However you have no reason or right to make such accusations of content theft to Reddit. I have have seen and heard about both of these sites, and all evidence I have and all of these things point to the fact that not only are you wrong, but you are so wrong that it’s the opposite of what you say. (I’m not bringing 4Chan into this beacause I don’t know enough about it). Also, the internet is a rough place. The head of 9Gag is not fit to do his job because he can’t roll with the punches. He’s having a tantrum because Reddit called him bad words and gave him a shove on the playground. He needs to grow up out of 1st grade and grow a thicker skin if he wants to play in the internet. Congrats to any of the 9Gaggers who have done this and please get the rest of your people up to speed.
    Someone who did some fact-checking

    • primus465 says:

      amen ta that! sorry had to be said but sir you’re right and if i’m not mistaken “reddit is just jealous of 9gag” yeah ……. that’s why reddit has been around longer people WE KNOW OUR S***! reddit has it’s own watermark for comics and the such which appears on your site and THEN you turn around and say we messed with you …… the internet is a war 9gag stole coments from redditors …… redditors got pissed spread the word other redditors found out about this crap you people have been doing (and sure we didn’t respond in the best way but still) and set out for a little revenge against you immature little babies NOW MAN THE F*** UP 9GAG, seriously i DARE you to prove that we “stole” your “original” content and that 9gag “makes 95% of memes” cause you don’t in fact i’d bet for a fact most memes were born on 9gag, ebaumsworld, and some other competitors that are as old as they are and after sitting for awhile you step in and take all the credit which people worked HARD to get done years before your little girl site was born, thank you and goodnight…. 9Gag rules!

    • Cheese Cheesecakes says:

      Really, i think that both sites are pretty good. I go on reddit for things like minecraft and rage comics, and then go on 9gag for a little thing to look at if theres nothing new.

  102. MAHLAZER says:

    OK, there is something called copyright.

    If each stolen comic cost 5$, and Each meme 8$,
    4chan Would be Fucking broke because nothing is original.
    The content they steal is getting lesser because we learn (unlike Reddit) and we put watermarks on comics, like government put on money bills. 4Chan is an illegal site, and it has offended copyright laws. SOPA should have shut it down but it would also shut down Reddit so that’s why.

  103. None of your business says:

    Wow… I hope Reddit loses. Sure, both sites may be reposting the other’s comics, but 9Gag rarely does it! It’s always Reddit stealing our comics and claiming it as their own. And honestly perhaps Reddit should get some competent mods to control what goes on it? You don’t see 9Gag being over-run with inappropriate images

    • primus465 says:

      name something reddit “stole” from 9gag and PROVE it was stolen

      • Cheese Cheesecakes says:

        okay, before i say this i just wanna say that i love reddit, but i read a comic about someone seeing something on reddit with the 9gag thing at teh bottom, meaning that reddit shared it (i dont wanna use the word “stole” anymore)

  104. Hank hankerson says:

    10/10 would read again. Goodluck with dem Jimmy’s

  105. Lol. Troll bullshit story? Fan boy flame wars in the comments? someones Winning

  106. The redditor says:

    9faggets y u no join the dark side and help us

  107. Wow. I’ve been reading all the comments, and this is just ridiculous. Why not just wait until they settle the dispute. Personally though this is all bullsh*t. I’m actually a redditor, but I’m looking at it the situation as an audience. Of course, I’m no better myself. I’m just saying my opinion.

  108. I am a frequent redditor that sometimes browses 9Gag to spot reposts.
    I never see content from Reddit over there. 9Gag will definitely win this lawsuit.

  109. The clam of reddit says:

    Omg reddit steals from us Omg 9gag steals from us Well guess what we both steal and 9gag did not create 95% of memes people did like if Jackie chan did not do that pose then there will be no meme of Jackie chan

  110. What they hell are these 9gag fuckers talking about?! As a redditor, this whole lawsuit is complete and total bullshit. I know for a fact that 9gag will not win, because, unlike what this dumbass who wrote this article claims, 9gag did NOT make 95% of the memes on the internet, nor did reddit. The memes were made over a period of time by many different people. And just WHAT in the unholy FUCK are they talking about posting child porn and shit??! That is 100% complete bullshit. And it makes no sense to me why 9gag is saying reddit stole all of their material, because i personally have seen a reddit post, then 1 hour later have it show up on my friends facebook with the 9gag tag at the bottom of the picture. I hope 9gag gets shut the fuck down, and that THEY get fined the ungodly amount of money that they are fining reddit. So, as my final thought, 9gag, GO FUCK YOURSELFS. Have a nice day.

  111. The stupid, its hurts so much. Apparently the 9gag community thinks that all memes were created on their own website and think they are original. Think again idiots. Ive been to your website a hand full of times and every so often I would see SOME “OC” created, but MOST of the time all I see is repost after repost after repost of websites that ALREADY had that content before 9gag.

    9gag did not create memes, 4chan and a small handfull on Reddit did. But back on topic, apparently the founder of 9gag is as stupid as his users, because he should go browse 4chan every so often and see that 4chan does MOST of the attacks. There maybe a handful of reddit users whom do so as well, but why punish a whole for a few? Besides Reddit does not waste its time with idiots.

  112. Dr TITIES says:

    Newfags everywhere just everywhere I hope 9fags and those bitches at reddit will stfu so ii don’t see shit like this on 7chan seriously just stfu both of you

  113. Wow. This is just, no. I’m sure you ALL know the famous rage maker by Dan Awesome, right?
    Well, if you look at that text around the top left corner, you should see, “f7u12’s Rage Maker”
    r/f7u12 is a sub reddit, obviously. What do 9faggers use to make their comics when they aren’t reposting them from reddit?

  114. Really people can’t you just stop arguing like a bunch of children? Does it really matter what site you go on? Just stay off each others sites if u hate it so much! I have seen some stupid arguments but this has got to be the stupidest. I favor reddit, so I stay off 9gag. Why cant you do that??? I think that this lawsuit is incredibly stupid. I have heard from stuff from both sides, and from what I hear YOUR STEALING MEMES AND COMICS FROM EACH OTHER! How about you stop arguing and just stay on your own sites.

  115. 9fag and reddit are for fags says:

    Its funny that you inferior faggots think that 4chan would steal from you, first of everything on 4chan 404’s so your argument about timing is irrelevant because we don’t need to steal content, it disappears eventually except for those who witnessed it.

    Tl;dr how content is made : 4chan>reddit>funnyjunk>9fags

  116. marionaruto27 says:

    I think 9Gag would be great it if it didn’t claim memes. Reddit would be better if the users didn’t spam 9Gag.

    Neither of these sites are innocent, you see? Reddit shouldn’t attack 9Gag. Reddit along with 4chan were being serious jerks and should not have done something like that. It was stupid, pointless, and a waste of time. 9Gag should be more original and give credit to the people they shared they’re pictures from instead of slapping their watermark on it and calling it theirs. They should also not claim memes that are made by others. That’s just unfair, and the reason this whole thing started. This being said I’m not saying 9Gag started it. Reddit attacked the site and that was wrong. My point is these sites shouldn’t be in court because the are both to blame for this.

  117. Danm9gaggers says:

    Even though I am a redditor, I believe that 9GAG created 95% of the memes because they made so much shit that it’s overwhelming. Pretty much most of the memes are unpopular or unknown.

  118. Pissed off redditor says:

    9gag fucking hates Reddit, so wh the hell would we steal from them? Reddit steals from 9Gag, and whoever wrote this is exactly correct, memes originate everywhere on the internet, mostly 9gag … then a few other places.

    much love

  119. No one should be suing anyone… If anything the amount being ‘stolen’ from one website is probably proportional to the other site. Once you post something on a website it is fair game to anyone and everyone. If you want to make it for a specific website and you want to let people know then you apply the ‘made for Reddit’ or ‘made for 9gag’ symbol. It’s not hard…

  120. I love 9Gag! boom!

  121. Damn9gaggers says:

    To tell you the truth, you should be happy that people are stealing off each other because you could get your comic to be very famous. I thought 9GAG had that tag at the bottom like “Y U No visit 9GAG.com” or something like that.

    • The clam of reddit says:

      Nah because the 9gaggers use their own name tag and claim the comic to be theirs so you don’t know who stole from each other

  122. God why can’t you people see logic??? It doesn’t matter because you steal from each other, and both sites are guilty of doin it. Stop complaining and just stay off each others websites.


    “95% of memes and funny pics are from 9gag”

    is that a joke? Using a macro to stamp your website’s name on recycled comics from 4chan and reddit does not make it yours

    • THANK YOU! I have been browsing Reddit pics on my iPad for a while and I see a consistent flow of Reddit pics leaking onto 9GAG and Facebook hours later with a 9GAG watermark stamped on.

  124. Alexeruchan says:

    I hope 9Gag wins. Reddit and 4chan always steal their stuff… speaking of that – Why doesn’t 9Gag sue 4chan also?

  125. I find it funny how many people think 9Gag won’t win this lawsuit. Well, you’ll all see soon enough

  126. Ron burgundy says:

    Does anyone else notice that most 9gaggers posting on here post unintelligent, nonresearched nonsense and have obviously not read through all of the other comments and use the word “dawg” while the redditors on here have read through the comments and post actual, non made up, factual comments? 9gag, this is at least 50% of why we hate you, you’re the same ignorant dbags and fags who use the term yolo everyday in a serious way and use hashtags on facebook, every comment a 9gagger has posted on here just makes you and your website look worse to us redditors than it already had…

  127. The Truth says:

    What if I told you… All sites steal from each other

  128. stfu you idiots says:

    9gag’s cool and if reddit is doing all that shit then they should just gtfo..but what’s with all the butthurt in the comments? don’t you people have lives or anything? why the fu*k are you arguing over this? you guys are just faggots with nothing better to do then to defend websites. lol you people need to get laid

    • The clam of reddit says:

      Bitch if it was the other way around (Reddit sue 9gag) you would defend your website would you oh yeah your a faggot for saying that other people are because they are not faggots even the 9gaggers are not faggots I am neutral

  129. samtheredditor says:

    I am so proud of my brother we had an argument about this (hes a 9gagger) and he aknowlaged that 9gag steals reddits stuff… but we both agreed that OVERALL, 9gag has the most original content on the internet

  130. Redditor∞ says:

    Jay B Fail… “Blaine Anderson… and the owner of 9gag Paul Horner, can all gtfo. Now.

  131. Dr TITIES says:

    Lol I still love ebaums world where we steal shit and put our name on it an claim it if no one else like it too fucking bad

  132. well what’s reddit supposed to do about it? ask the users politely to stop?

  133. Random dude says:

    9Gag FTW!!!!!

  134. RanxomRedditor says:

    REDDIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  135. I hope Reddit won. I saw that 9Gag stole my comic -.- I was pretty pissed about it.

  136. did u know Reddit made a 9gag watermark remover? i nkow 9gag is a good site but i really do hate those Reddit army people. once i made a rage comic and it got on the front page, but Reddit took it and i got downvoted to hell.

    • The clam of reddit says:

      Never knew 9gag what a water mark idiot it is auctually the opposite 9 gag has a reddit water mark remover t so they can take more comics from reddit

  137. It is impossible that 9gag made 95% of all memes as it is only 4 y/o…. maybe %90 but not 95%.

  138. That Guy. says:

    This is a prime example that 9gag does “share”/ “steal”/ “takes”, and shows that this lawsuit is a bunch of crap.

  139. Look People Have Their Faves, Reddit/4chan/9gag/etc.
    So Everybody STFU!
    I like 9gag because of the easy browsing.
    I like Reddit because of the funny, and creative comics.
    Some Reddit Members Do, Do This It Is Easily Proven. With their comics containing negative things about 9gag.
    *Don’t Blame Me*
    Seeing the comic some of these comments are from reddit calling 9gag F*ggs So, You Know… More Bad Stuff Against Reddit. STOP THEN MEAN FULL COMMENTS
    Just making it worse

  140. 9Gag is my favorite website by far. Reddit can suck it!

  141. I really don’t care
    just visit a god damn website
    laugh for few minutes and get the hell out of there
    stolen or not
    just don’t care
    have fun > close the tab

  142. F*ck Reddit! Damn thieves

  143. The truth says:

    Look at top comics on reddit and 4chan, and then look for it on 9gag with their mark…

  144. name required says:

    At first I thought thid was hilarious, now it’s just sad. Here it is: Reddit ONLY has original content.

  145. primus380 says:

    anyone know how this actually went down?

  146. Fuck 9Gag says:

    I Like how 9Gag has a bot to auto steal reddit’s top posts.

  147. Ok so one day I made a comic for reddit and it had a crap load of upvotes then my sis(a 9fager) said hey check out this comic I found on 9fag I walked over and saw it was my exact same fucking comic

  148. LawAndDisorder says:

    Reddit disgusts me, they have a grudge on 9gag for what they claim is stolen material, well, the fact is some of it really is stolen but (!) : Let us not forget that reddit was made for newbies who were not funny enough to be praised on 4 chan, so what they did i make their own website where they can either repost 4chan content or try to come up with their own using 4chan memes and ideas and fail in the process. Shame, it is like watching a guy who raped someones dog trying to teach a lesson a guy who raped his dog a year later. I piss on you gentlemen.

  149. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuup says:

    Okay so reedit was created because we couldn’t make it on 4 chan….using your logic because 9gag was created after reedit you 9gaggers werent funny enough on reedit so you are the most unfunny people on the Internet. Case closed….

  150. A message to all redditors: please stop stooping to 9gag’s level by calling them 9faggers. You all know that the reason we’re the awesomest image sharer site on the web is because we accept, rather than half of the douches on 9gag. 9gaggers, show us your evidence that the majority of memes is from your website, and that we are those stupid people who post negative comments for no single reason. If you can’t, just go back to copying OUR rage comics and almost everything else.

  151. Hey. So, I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a funny article. Just laugh. Jay B. Fail cannot be a real person.

  152. Fred the Wonky says:

    4chan pwnz 9gagmewithaspoon – reddit gets sued. morewin for teh chan
    Pools closed due to 9gag

  153. All you 9Fags can suck it.
    95% of the content originates from 9gag?!!!!
    Not only does reddit post the content first but 3/4 hours later you see the same content with the same exact heading .(I will not touch the tainted waters of 4chan)
    Nothing but thieves and “Friend-zoned” teens.

  154. Bob is awesome says:

    Okay seriously everyone steals from everyone, but, I 9gag, 4chan and Reddit and they all steal from each other. But 9gag DOES steal a lot of posts from other sites, or at least this is what I have seen. I don’t want any 9gaggers hating on me because I use 9gag the most and they DO steal but so does everyone else.

  155. Fuck u Reddit. 9Gag was here first. 50 million dollars really! The deserve more! 9GAG FOREVER!

  156. If you seriously just look at the two sites find a post on both , look at the time it was posted , and you wil clearly see that 9gag is the original source . I don’t understand why people on Reddit try to deny it. It is a simple matter of taking five minutes out of your time to find the truth .

  157. 9Gag 4 life says:

    Okay so i have the rage comic app on my kindle fire, almost all of them have 9gag watermarks so i go on Reddit and see every damned 9gag comic.

    • The clam of reddit says:

      You should check the time of when the comic was made because Reddit might be copying 9gags comic or 9gag might be stealing reddits comic

    • No, I don’t think you get it. If you post a comic with a 9gag watermark on Reddit, you will be downvoted into hell. Do you want to know why? Because the quality of such 9gag comics suck.
      So there.

    • The clam of reddit says:

      Well you see 9gag can replace reddit water marks with 9gag water marks

  158. oh my god what did i just read please the owner of 9gag shut down your site all it is is 9gag users stealing stuff from reddit and 4chan cancel this law suit because the only reason reddit does not like 9gag is because 9gag users steal our comics and our memes that we work hard on

  159. Reddit and 4chan’s stupidity …
    It gave me Cancer to a severe degree

  160. I love 9Gag!

  161. 9Gag is definitely not responsible for 95% of the memes created. That’s a blatant lie! AI would say more like 96 or 97%… maybe more.

  162. Everyone just needs to stop being butthurt about what website they follow. It’s the Internet. Do what you want. People who take it too seriously are the real newfags…

  163. Definetly a robot says:

    9Fag is a big pile of shit that reposts stuff from Reddit. Like that ‘Time to defrag the door’ post
    And, first of all, Reddit didn’t do any of that. That was when 4chan raided 9fag.
    9Fag has 0% originality and 100% reposts from other sites.
    Like when they posted ‘I lava you’ on 9Fag. That was on Reddit about a week before they posted it on 9Fag.

  164. yup there is no way 4chan was the ones fucking with 9fag and 4chan has never Ddos 9fag or reddit and 4chan is defiantly not where most of the Internets memes come from yup defiantly

  165. butthurt

    butthurt everywhere

  166. “95% of memes originated on 9gag”
    More like 96-98% I would say.

  167. I love 9Gag!

  168. Even though I was introduced to 9gag first, I feel that both sides are at the wrong and that this case is just stupid. I feel that it’s not called copying. It is more like sharing with people on the internet using different platform. You would not want to check different websites and scroll through random stuff just to read posts that you did not read before. Most memes originate from different people and I don’t think anyone knows exactly which site they were posted on first (anyway that doesn’t even matter) Do reply about your opinion but do not rage or use vulgarities for this reply.

    • While I agree with your opinion that there isn’t anything wrong with sharing, the problem with 9gag is that it doesn’t give proper credit to the original posters; 9gag slaps its logo on images it takes from other sites like Reddit and 4Chan and even messes with the ‘post time’ to make it look like they posted it first (hence ‘stealing’). That’s plagiarizing. People end up thinking that *ahem* ‘It’s a well known fact that 95% of all Memes and funny images on the internet originate from 9Gag’ which is completely false.

  169. elegan/tg/entleman says:


  170. I hate both websites. I win.

  171. how is this even going to court? >.>;
    reddit can’t prevent it’s redditors from doing stuff on other sites anymore then walmart can prevent people from throwing toilet paper down the isles of home depot, even if said people are wearing a walmart greeter vest.
    maybe 9gag should stop whining and figure out WHY redditors hate them so much and work to correct the problem or be more appealing to redditors instead of blaming reddit it’sself…..

  172. When it comes to funny pictures, 9gag has the right to say they are better BUT, reddit is not about humor alone. It ranges from gaming to cooking to computers to anything else you can imagine. It can even be used by a person to set a forum or a blog. This (and not funny content) is why reddit is superior.

  173. how do people actually think Reddit and 4chan don’t steal from 9gag?

  174. Sam Insanity says:

    4CHAN never attacks 9GAG! 9Gag almost always brings 4chan and Reddit down. It makes me sick! I demand justice!

  175. bob marly's ghost says:

    Reddit has been against 9fag for them constantly stealing reddits material and not giving credit. But reddit doesnt be a bitch and sue 9fag for stealing there stuff. stupid 9fags i swear -.-.

  176. Gabennewell says:

    “It’s a well known fact that 95% of memes originate from 9gag” Die in a hole filled with cow shit motherfucker.

  177. Well….

    all I can see is a bit of irony and justice.
    I mean, we’ve seen how 4chan destroys the reputation of 9gag. But what Reddit did, well, that’s just a bit overboard. Unlike 4chan – who somewhat and somehow regulates/controls their posts against 9gag – , Reddit didn’t do anything about it (so the article says). Oh well, I just wanna see how this ends.

  178. I’m sure it’s reddit that’s behind this… good luck proving it.

    • You guys are idiots it’s been proven that reddit goes on 9gag and steal their crap. Go on knowyourmeme.com and look at every meme on there. Reddit doesn’t create anything and to accuse 9gag of stealing from 4chan is idiotic because a lot of redditors used to do stuff on 4chan. 9gag publicizes everything, but at least we give the credit to 4chan. It’s like a team relationship. Reddit doesn’t come up with shit and they steal from evryone

  179. Rainbow Dash says:

    It’s funny because Reddit army lelele lele lelelele le le

  180. I love 9Gag!

  181. I love 9Gag!

  182. 4chan is mostly the one DDOSing 9gag, and I find it funny that moot is taking no credit for that.
    He shames reddit.
    Shame on that 20% of the problem.
    Thanks, moot. So helpful.

  183. cuz fuck you, thats why says:

    “95% of funny memes come from 9gag” – I agree with this

  184. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god these faggots.
    My sides are burning on how 8fag and redshit are having a little war.
    I hope in that 8fag continues to cry their shit laden asses off about how the only members they have there are retarded 10 year olds who sport a nigger ass trollface shirt and say ” LOLOLOLOL XDDDDD!!!1!!1′ I WEAR TROLLFACE SHIRT AM I COOL YET?!?!!!111?!1″
    I hope all of you have a wonderful life

  185. long live 9gag! reddit and 4chan is for L0z3rs

  186. Redditers: “9faggers omfg g fuk ur modder u suck fucking assolles u soud die in a fire u shit”
    9gaggers: “This is not true. Reddit is stealing posts from 9gag.”

    Enough said.

  187. Russel Jimmies says:


  188. This thread is funny. Who the fuck cares seriously? Don’t you people have anything better to do with your time than trying to wreck your favorite websites competition? Both these sites are making big money of the backs of fools like some of the people here. Who cares if a website is more successful than your favorite one? Some people need to get a life.

  189. Derek Hopkinson says:

    Wait, this is serious? I’m pissed now.

  190. OP Jimmy Rustling is a faggot

  191. “Christopher Poole or “Moot” as he is known on 4chan.org, another type of image sharing website, says he’s disappointed at Reddit’s behavior. “It really disgusts me what Reddit is doing to 9Gag. They just need to stop this already. The internet is supposed to be a fun place where everyone is accepted. It’s not funny what the Reddit community is doing, it’s just not very nice at all.” Funnily enough, 4chan started the DDoS and reddit, funnyjunk and others joined in. All you 9fags claiming out there that 4chan and reddit steal stuff from 9gag, you’re obviously retarded little kids who don’t know anything about the internet, it’s full of lies. You can edit the time when a post was made, what 9gag does all the time. 4Chan and Reddit make their own OC, but not all the time. On reddit, if you “stole”
    from a website, it’ll say “x-post” or “post from *insert website*, i haven’t been on 4chan enough to know, but 9gag DOESN’T gives the ORIGINAL poster credit at ALL. That’s why reddit, 4chan and alot of other communities hate 9gag.

  192. Someone who gets it says:

    I love 9gag!!!! 9gag 4 life!!!!!!

  193. 9Gag members do the exact same thing… And this site is clearly biast if it says 95% of memes come from 9Gag.I like both but in my oppinion 9gag is superior

  194. 9gag, Y U NO SUE 4CHAN AS WELL? also 4chan is working together with reddit on its ddos attacks.

  195. I did not write that. Reddit is superior. Fuck this site for changing my comment.

  196. Fuck 9gag!Reddit and 4Chan for life.

  197. I hope they win!

    Reddit is nothing but twerpy f*ck sticks who couldn’t form a real, objective opinion if their lives depended on it.

  198. David Davidson says:

    * unviewable to its users

  199. More like 95% repost's come from 9gag says:

    Look at it this way 9gag, if you do win the lawsuit, you lose your source for all the “funny stuff” on your repost site, if you lose you will still have stuff to post until your bankrupt. Either way you lose and we win. Take your pick, you lose all your money but still have repost’s. or “win” and lose one of your only site’s to steal from.

  200. David Espino says:

    Lol who gives a shit? watch 9gag, watch reddit, watch 4chan. who cares about all this drama? only the people making the money. None of you are. Get a real life and socialize with the real world. dont be a little bitch trying to find belonging in a website about jokes. you are all lame.

  201. That Jay dude has huge tits and is faggot… Lolz

  202. 95% of memes MY ASS!

  203. Also no one from 9jew or niggit could ddos to save themselves. 4Chan did it. TO BOTH of them. Fucking op needs to learn his shit before he jews all over the internet.
    4Chan > 9jew > Niggit

    • Every websites culture has its flaws. Reddit can be offensive. 9gag cant come up with original content to save its life. and 4chan? they are all grown men who act like 14 year olds, thinking they are really scary because they circlejerk to the thought of hacking a website.

  204. I don’t understand how a website like 9gang is able to make so much money. It is suppose to be a community, not a money generating business. I curios, in case they win in court, will the money go to the creators of the content, the users, or the owners?
    Do the owners of 9gag speak for all it’s users? 9gag is just a platform, the content there doesn’t belong to them! Am I the only one not understanding this?

  205. I don’t drop many responses, however i did some searching and wound up here 9Gag Suing Reddit For 50 Million
    Dollars | Super Official News. And I do have a few questions for you if
    it’s allright. Is it simply me or does it appear like some of the remarks come across like they are written by brain dead
    people? 😛 And, if you are posting at other online sites, I
    would like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post.
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    sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

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    rumors that she was interested in the role of Ana Steele.
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  207. anonplayer says:

    I’d like to see either site pull out 50 mil out of their asses…

    Fuck both of them…hipster faggot wannabes…


  1. Denis says:

    woah… crazy

  2. Quora says:

    Why does reddit doesn’t sue 9gag?

    Reddit didn’t sue 9Gag because 9Gag sued Reddit: Silicon Valley, CA — “The humor website 9Gag is suing Reddit for libel and damages in the amount of $50,000,000. That’s a five with seven zeros attached to it.” This happened 2 years ago, here’s the…

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