Graffiti Artist Banksy Arrested At Art Exhibit Today In Palestine Today; Identity Revealed – Being Held Without Bond

Banksy arrested is Paul Horner

Paul Horner, also known as Banksy, seen here brought into
court just hours ago where the judge denied bail. (AP Photo/Dennis System)

Banksy mugshot AKA Paul Horner

A mugshot taken by Palestine Police today of Paul Horner AKA Banksy. (AP Photo/Dennis System)

Bethlehem, Palestine (AP) — The elusive graffiti artist, painter, political activist and long time fugitive that for years has gone by the pseudonymous name of Banksy, was arrested early this morning by Palestine Police. After hours of questioning the suspect and a raid of his London art studio by police, his true name and identity have finally been revealed at Paul William Horner.

Palestine Police, working in close connection with a London Anti-Graffiti Task Force say Banksy’s real name is Paul William Horner, a 38-year old male born in Bristol, England. The BBC has confirmed this information with Banky’s PR agent Jo Brooks along with Pest Control, a website that acts as a handling service on behalf of the artist. Horner was arrested at his latest art exhibit in Bethlehem, The Walled Off Hotel, which has been open to the public since March of this year.

Horner is currently being held without bail.

London Police Chief William Edwards held a press conference to answer questions about Banksy and how Horner was finally apprehended after all these years on the run.

“We had a 24-hour Anti-Graffiti Task Force monitoring different groups where Banksy was known to frequent. We had been monitoring his newest exhibit in Palestine. We received word that around 2am a group of individuals left the area and our team went into action. This group was followed by agents and once vandalism had occurred, we then arrested the group, 5 men total. These individuals all had ID on them except for one, and that is the one we believed to be Banksy,” Williams said. “We then raided the hotel where the group was last seen leaving from. Our task force, working with Palestine authorities raided Horner’s studio. Inside we found thousands of dollars of counterfeit money along with future projects of vandalism. We also found a passport and ID of a Paul Horner who matched the description of the man that we are currently holding.” Williams continued, “Horner is currently being held without bail on charges of vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting. We are also holding the other four individuals whose names we are not releasing at this time. We also have reason to believe that Horner was planning to create an amusement park in the future called MericaLand which is against everything this country stands for.”

The graffiti artist that goes by the name Space Invader told reporters he does not agree with the arrest or outing of Banksy’s identity.

“He’s just doing art, spreading joy and making political statements the best way he knows how. That is what he was doing and I hope that is what he’ll continue to do,” Invader said. “For the Palestine and London Police to setup some 24-hour task force just to catch Banksy is ridiculous. I hope we hear plenty of noise from the good tax-paying citizens of London and Palestine about this.”

After today’s arrest it is unclear who else will be sought in connection with Banksy’s arrest. CNN spoke with John Hawes who is Banksy’s project manager, Hawes says he is worried that more charges could be brought against him as well.

Banksy arrested in Palestine

Paul Horner (seen here) being led away by Palestine and London Police this morning for his initial court hearing where the judge denied bail. (AP Photo/Dennis System)

Jo Brooks, a spokeswomen for Banksy tweeted her concern today about the situation.

Jo Brooks, a spokeswomen for Banksy tweeted her concern today about the situation.

President Donald Trump tweets about Banksy

Donald Trump tweeted his thoughts today about Banksy’s arrest.

Banksy’s identity was long speculated to be Robin Gunningham, a man born in Bristol, England in 1973. Known for his contempt for the government in labeling graffiti as vandalism, Banksy displays his art on public walls and even goes as far as to build physical prop pieces. He does not sell his work directly; however, art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder.

Local resident 37-year old Tom Downey told reporters he was disgusted when he heard news of the arrest.

“What a waste of taxpayers money. Wouldn’t it be better spent fighting the war against drugs or violence? What harm has this man done except produce beautiful thought provoking artwork? The counterfeit money thing has either been planted or its part if his art and not actual real counterfeit cash.” Downey continued, “This is just another move by the Five-Oh to crush anything good and free. People need to work out what side they’re on and if they’re on the side of beauty and freedom, they need to start fighting back. There are simply not enough heroes like Banksy to do it for you. I hope this blows up in the cops’ faces and the rest of the government as well.”

Actor Brad Pitt spoke to NBC about Banksy’s arrest.

“I love his work, I’ve bought a lot of it. Banksy is everything good about planet Earth, it’s truly a shame these close-minded, ignorant cops don’t see otherwise.”

As soon as news of the arrest was made, the City of London Police say they began receiving dozens of phone calls from people either claiming to be Banksy, or claiming to be with him. As of 6 PM London time, hundreds of people were gathered outside the London Police Department chanting “I’m Banksy!” and “Free Banksy!” holding signs demanding his release. Various local news stations have reported witnessing the crowd parting for a blind woman who attempted to turn herself into authorities claiming that she was in fact the real Banksy.

Horner, who was parking cars for the hotel when apprehended told law enforcement officials that he ‘knew of Banksy’ but was ‘not too familiar with his work,’ said he was ‘a fan of his early work when cops had less time on their hands’. The fact that Horner was parking cars is interesting because people were quoted as saying that they saw a man parking cars during Banksy’s last exhibit, Dismaland. People say he likes to associate himself with the average person and get real gut reactions from the guests viewing the artwork.

More charges may follow. Anyone with more information on criminal charges that could be used against Horner, London Police working alongside with the F.B.I. have setup a 24-hour hotline at (785) 273-0325.

CNN spoke to a homeless man by the The Walled Off Hotel who is sad to see Banksy get arrested.

“He’s a great guy, was always friendly with me, just trying to do his thing. They gave me food and helped me out with some clothes and a place to stay. On an unrelated note, I think the aliens are keeping our consciousness trapped in dream world because they currently find our species too stupid and annoying to deal with right now. Anyway, they just need to let Banksy go, he wasn’t causing any harm. Free Banksy!”

We need more activists like Banksy, we need groups like Pyramid Country and their awesome events like this, we need more charities like Sock It Forward that give socks to homeless people around the world. We need more people like Alex Horner who are doing great things like Burlington Code Academy which helps young people learn to code and making the world a better place. Even the locals in Palestine have begun using Cryptocurrencies such as Litra Healthcare Blockchain to bypass the non-transparent monetary system that the Federal Reserve represents.

Employees say that Banksy’s exhibit at the The Walled Off Hotel will remain open, ‘nothing will be effected by his arrest – this will only add to the allure of everything that is Banksy’.

Anyone with more information on criminal charges that could be used against Horner, London Police working alongside with the F.B.I. and the Palestine Police have setup a 24-hour hotline at (785) 273-0325. Horner is currently being held without bail on charges of graffiti, public vandalism, criminal mischief, public indecency, resisting arrest, money laundering, criminal conspiracy and racketeering. More charges may follow.

Loans- Personal Checklist for Finding a Loan

Finding a loan
Taking out a loan is a major decision and commitment. There are several advantages of taking one but you need to note that signing an agreement means that you will be committed to it. You subscribe to the repayment terms and you are bound to this pledge until you pay back the entire amount that you owe. Before you take this important step, create a checklist that will help you make the right choice.


  • Begin by working out the total amount that you need to borrow.
  • Calculate the amount that you will be able to afford for your repayments. Work out how much time it will take for you to pay off the loan as well as how often you will be making the repayments.
  • Make a decision regarding whether you need an unsecured or secured loan.
  • Choose between a variable and fixed rate loan according to what will suit you.
  • Compare different loans online and try to find one that has lower fees and lower interest rate.
  • Organize and prepare the documents that you need to attach to your application and make sure everything is ready.
  • When you tick off everything on your checklist, you can go ahead and enjoy the convenience of applying for a loan online.

Compare Loans

All financial products, including loans, require research. When you decide to take out a loan, you need to shop around and make comparisons regarding essential features to get the actual and total cost of a loan. Calculate the interest, other charges and find out when payments will be due. When lenders advertise affordable rates, make an effort to compare and find the best deal. Read about Payday Loans Now here.

Read Everything

Get familiar with the finer details of the loan. Missing any crucial details exposes you to the risk of agreeing to something when you are not fully aware of your obligations. Before you make a loan application, read to see whether you qualify for the product and clarify all the fees and charges involved. Read all the contents and make sure that you understand the conditions.

Credit Rating

When you apply for loans, the lenders will get your credit record from credit bureau before they approve your application. A credit report combines all your debts, ranging from personal loans to credit cards. It provides a list of any missed repayments or loans.

Avoid Multiple Loan Applications

Since loan applications can be tracked, you need to avoid applying for multiple loans. Numerous loans on your record may indicate that you have extensive financial difficulties. Lenders may perceive you as a risk and this can minimize the possibility of your loan application being approved.


Different loans serve as essential resources for the individuals that need them. Regardless of what your reasons may be for needing a loan, you should ensure that you have the ability to pay back what you owe. Failure to make payments can lead to dire consequences that include a lower credit score and being unable to get loans in the future. Determine what you can afford before you choose a particular loan type.


Rosemary Walker is a freelance writer who says that each opportunity she gets to write about an issue or topic is a valuable learning experience for her. She likes to cook, travel and watch television shows. Visit the site to find out more about Payday Loans Now.


Factors that Determine Personal Loan Eligibility

personal loan

You could be thinking of taking out a personal loan for paying the expenses of a special vacation, a wedding, or debt consolidation. No matter what the reason is for you to seek personal loans, it is heartening to note that there is a broad spectrum of personal loan options available in the market today thanks to the various financial institutions and banks offering a host of personal loan options in diverse schemes and ranges. The personal loan eligibility criteria would be varying from bank to bank but there are some fundamental guidelines that are followed by most of the lenders while approving personal loan applications. Here are some of the fundamental parameters that would be determining your eligibility requirements for any personal loan.

Your Age Is a Key Factor

Age of the applicant is a key criterion while your application is being scrutinized for personal loan approval. The most fundamental guideline that is usually followed by the financial institutions and the banks is that the applicant must be a salaried person, at least, 21 years of age and maximum 60 years old. A self-employed man would qualify for a personal loan provided he is, at least 25 years of age and maximum 65 years old.

Job Stability Is a Vital Consideration

The employment status or the job stability is a vital factor that decides whether you are qualified for availing personal loans or not. Job stability is a must if you are seeking personal loans. The eligibility criteria of applicants as followed by most of the banks are if you are a salaried person, you need to be involved in a professional service for, at least, a couple of years with a year in the present job. A self-employed individual needs to have a 5 years business background out of which a minimum of 2 years in the present profession. Remember all these criteria are pretty flexible as per the lenders’ choice of the determining factors. Get in touch with for effective loan approvals and associated loan solutions.

Financial Status Is Important

Your loan application approval largely depends on your previous or current financial status. Minimum income levels have been identified and specified by diverse banks for personal loan applications. The financial condition would certainly help in determining the current repayment capability of the applicant. It is understood that the lenders would put a major emphasis on this particular aspect while approving an unsecured personal loan. The amount of loan that one is eligible for is also decided based precisely on this key criteria.

Credit Rating Plays a Pivotal Role

Your credit score and your credit history are important factors that are meticulously scrutinized before approving personal loans. Defaults and unnecessary delays in the payment of EMIs of some other loans or even credit card dues are factors that would be reducing the personal loan’s eligibility. An impressive credit rating would be enhancing the entire amount which you are eligible for.

Outstanding Credit Liability

If a loan applicant has some other outstanding loan at the time of applying, it might reduce his eligibility for a large amount. The amount granted to you is based on how much the lender thinks you can pay back, and other outstanding loans obviously reduce your ability to repay large amounts. You are likely to be granted a much smaller loan.


The above-discussed factors are important for determining your eligibility for a personal loan. However, the authorities at banks and lenders’ offices have enough discretionary powers to be flexible in their deliberations.

Author Bio: Blake Golding is a finance expert and blogger. He puts his years of experience in the private and corporate finance world to good use by writing informative articles and also recommending top firms like

Business Debt Settlement – What Do You Need to Know When Availing Loans?

Debt consolidation

Efficient management of debts and finances is essential in running a small business. Whether your business is a start-up or in growth-mode, lack of adequate capital may result in disasters. Business owners may seek finances through many cash advance options like bank loans, credit cards, and other lines-of-credit.

It is not necessarily unusual for businesses to have debts, but falling behind on paying off the different loans may cause serious troubles. When debt becomes unmanageable, it can cause a total financial breakdown. Before the situation gets any worse, you need to think about debt relief and settlement options. Here, we will discuss some of the business debt settlement options you can consider in such situations.

Availing secured vs. unsecured loans

There are two types of small business loans – secured and unsecured. A loan is secured when you have to offer a collateral security against the borrowed sum. For a business, collateral may be anything including physical assets, inventory, real estate, and equipment.  The major advantage of secured loans is that it may demand lower interest rates when compared to the unsecured loans, but it puts the borrower always at the risk of losing the collateral upon defaulting repayment.

On the other hand, unsecured loans do not require any collateral security. The loan is approved purely based on the ability of the borrowers to make the payment without fail. However, lenders may want to check the borrower’s credit report, credit history, and rating before approving the sum. When applying for unsecured loans, you should always check debt settlement reviews of the company.

The most popular types of unsecured loans are credit card advance, small business loans, or personal loans. When compared to secured loans, the interest rates on unsecured loans are typically higher as there is no collateral to support in case of default. The unsecured creditors may have to initiate a lawsuit to obtain a favorable judgment in the event of default to get back their money through liens, garnishments, and bank restraint.

MCA vs. business loans

MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) is another means of getting a cash advance to raise business capital. Even though MCA may appear similar to a typical business loan in which you get money upfront and then need to repay in monthly installments, it is not a conventional loan. In actual, the lender who is offering the finances is purchasing some discounted receivables from the processing account of the business merchant.

When small businesses face a revenue deficiency, daily payments may become unbearable. To make the matter worse, the fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA), which provides extensive protections to consumers, is not applicable to the business debt collectors. So, Merchant Cash Advance lenders may bring in the debt lawsuits quicker than the other credit services, sometimes within just a few months of missed payments.

Regardless of the reasons of financial strain, business owners need to act sooner than later to avoid any serious consequences of business debts defaulting. Good debt settlement agencies and consultants will be able to help you out if you are struggling to overcome the financial burden and stress of debts.

Author bio: Jim McGill is a financial consultant who is working for a leading credit agency in the United States. He also used to write debt settlement reviews and articles for the followers.


Set the Right Expectations About Debt Consolidation

debt consolidation loanCredit scores matter a lot for business owners because they have to avail loans for business quite frequently. No matter how much you may dislike the idea of taking loans, if you are into business, you need funding, and loans are the best way to obtain it. However, it is never an easy task to keep track of and manage many lenders. Different loans entail different payment amounts and varying payment dates throughout the month. Added to this are different terms and conditions of the loans. Servicing several loans without defaulting on payments is quite challenging and needs lots of resources and time for doing an error-free job. The possibilities of damaging credit score by faltering on loans are something that no business owner can afford. Instead, they would be happy to continue with the loans but a single lender.

It saves money

When you face such situation, the only way for relief from the hardships of managing multiple lenders is to consolidate the loans and take a fresh loan equivalent to the amount you owe to all lenders. The new loan amount would be useful to repay other creditors, and you are left dealing with one lender only that eases the management of the debt. Every loan you take poses new opportunities, and the latest one would allow you to negotiate the best interest rate that is the lowest of all other interests. Effectively, the new loan generates saving that would not be possible had you not ventured for consolidating loans.

Have one creditor

Remember that debt consolidation provides debt relief but does not do away with debts. Instead of many lender or creditors, you are dealing with a single creditor. To find out a company that gives consolidation loans, you must avail the services of debt consolidation companies that have a network of lenders who specialize in consolidation loans. To know about debt consolidation companies, read debt consolidation reviews that provide elaborate information about the companies, its offers, and capabilities. It is not only for identifying a new lender that you have to depend on debt consolidation companies, but also because they can handle the management of other creditors by working out acceptable debt settlement packages. Even if it entails periodical payments, the company takes full responsibility for paying back the loans using the money available from the new loan.

Debt consolidation is a temporary measure, and you must use it as an opportunity to save money, streamline creditors and organize your finances in a better way. Once you consolidate loans, you get the chance to reinforce financial discipline that is essential for making long-term financial gains. The new loan is a new liability that you create, and it would impact the credit score. It means that you are taking a calculated risk and must have the confidence of working your way towards better financial health so that the damage to the credit score is more than recovered in due course. Having a positive attitude about consolidation is the only way to make proper use of it.

Author Bio: Mary Newcombe is the head of business finance of a leading financial magazine. She began her career in selling financial products for individuals and then shifted to the present domain. She has written quite a few debt consolidation reviews. She is a great lover of antiques and has a beautiful collection at home.

Some suitable reliefs for Debt consolidation

Debt consolidationDebt is a liability which a businessman takes to manage the operations of the business.  The liabilities ranging from payment of wages and salaries to employees to repayment of the loan amount to financial institutions come under the term debt.   The business should be in operation mode continuously.  Only then the liabilities can be repaid successfully. If due to some reasons, the dues are pending for payment, then keeping track of theses pending payments is little messy.  All the debts can be consolidated, so that exact amount to be repaid is known. Now keeping the business position in mind, the businessman should decide repayment of debts.

He can take any of the following steps and repay the debts:

  1. Take another loan from a financial institution at a lower rate using the goodwill of the company. Typically, before loans are given, the company’s financial position is analyzed by the financial institutions or individuals.  Only when they are confident that their loan amount will be repaid, they will release the required funds.  However, this happens only in rare cases. The full amount requested is not given. Only some amount is released.  In that case, the businessman should make a priority list of debts to be repaid first and act accordingly. Taking another loan is not a solution. It just helps temporarily.  Even the new loan amount received has to be repaid along with interest.  So necessary action has to be taken by the businessman in this regard.
  2. He can opt for debt negotiations. The business man can approach his creditors and negotiate further and convince them to allow him some more time to repay their debts.  However, this will not be successful, but there is no loss in giving this option a try.
  3. Opting Debt settlements. The businessman can approach his creditors and try to convince them to reduce the liability considering his business situation.  At least there is a chance of a reduction in debt amount.
  4. Bankruptcy, this option can be used only if the businessman has tried all ways of getting funds but failed. In this option, the company is winded up stating that the financial position of the company is not okay.
  5. Approach a good debt relief company. A businessman can give a try to this option. Debt relief companies help the people by giving suitable suggestion which provides reliefs from financial burdens. is one such company which gives support to the businessman and provides valuable advice of how to repay the debts and improves the financial position of the enterprise. When experts in the financial field are approached, they study the business and its operations and then give their report. Following are some relief ideas which any debt relief company gives:-
  6. The spending habits have to be analyzed properly, and a perfect budget has to be made.
  7. Payment of debts with high interest has to be concentrated because any delay in payment will lead to increase on payment of interest amount which is an additional burden to the business.

Why Prudent Small Online Business Owners Choose to Hire Remote DBA Services

Remote DBA ServicesIf you’re the owner of a small business that operates online, you know that information is money. Your business database is one of the most important assets that your business owns. It therefore comes as no surprise that you, along with most other small online business owners, find it difficult to trust your database with remote DBA service providers.

However, what you need to realize is that even though remote DBAs are outsider – when you first meet, at least – it is in your best interest to let experts run your business database for several reasons.

Why hire remote DBA services?

To begin with, they are far better qualified to manage your large business database than you are and might ever be. Admittedly, remote DBA services are not created equal. Nevertheless, even a moderately qualified remote DBA is better placed to run routine maintenance on your database in a way that ensures it performs well, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Hiring a highly experienced and qualified DBA is about getting value for money. Leading remote DBA companies will give you access to a large team of database administration specialists and varying skill levels. At any point, you can call on a DBA’s adequate expertise to carry out routine tasks or resolve issues that typically arise.

The beauty of hiring the services of a remote DBA company is that you only pay for the services you receive and no more. Often, small businesses that have in-house DBAs feel that they are spending more money on the DBAs than they need to, which can be especially problematic if you’re working with an already limited budget.

You need to pay for a 40-hour week plus benefits when, as a small business, you’re only receiving about 20hoursaweek worth of services. Small and medium size enterprises benefit most from flexible and customized solutions that match their administration needs. In simple terms, this is one of the cases in which outsourcing is the most cost-effective option.

Round-the-clock access to DBA services is another one of the benefits of hiring a well-established remote DBA service provider, such as Your online business is meant to function 24/7 as it serves customers in multiple timezones. Having a system outage during non-business hours can be stressful.

You need not worry about that after contracting remote DBAs who always have a qualified technician ready to resolve any issues at any hour on any day of the week. Knowing that your business always has support gives you peace of mind. Having a DBA work overtime is expensive and, beyond certain hours per day, unethical because they also need to clock out.


Even the most rudimentary research would reveal that, as an online business with a sizable database, hiring a remote DBA service provider to run and maintain your database is the most prudent option in terms of cost and the quality of your database management. It is a worthwhile investment that will reflect in how well your database performs.


Jeremy S. Raynolds has worked as a senior database administrator in the IT industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to database management. Learn more at

How to Spruce Up your living space with a Custom Bookcase Wall

inside of a homeWhether you are living alone or with a roommate in an apartment, a custom bookcase wall offers many advantages. While most apartments are built to offer enough storage and privacy for occupants, there is always the need for extra storage space. More importantly, you might need more privacy if you have several roommates in the same apartment.

Truth be told, as the cost of housing goes up, more people are living under the same roof in order to share costs. In such situations, you have to come up with an innovative way of sharing available space. This is where custom bookcase walls for apartments come into play.

Traditionally, people living in apartments used temporary walls to sub-divide available space. However, there are always laws in different cities that disallow such structures for safety reasons. In such situations, the custom bookcase wall becomes the best alternative. If you have been wondering how you can revolutionize your apartment’s living space without breaking the bank, a customizable bookcase wall is exactly what you need.

The Ultimate Home Improvement Idea

There are many ways to make your apartment more functional and aesthetically appealing. However, none of these techniques can easily blend aesthetics and functionality the way your custom bookcase wall does. Take a look at some of the reasons you need to consider this installation:

  1. Tailored Room Divider

If you have several roommates in a single apartment, sharing out the space can be a tricky issue. The law prohibits the building of temporary walls for your safety. In such a case, a custom bookcase wall comes in handy as it is measured to the size of the space. Everyone will have enough space to engage in their personal activities.

  1. Enhancing Interior Décor

Your home is a sanctuary where you retire after a long day for rest. This space needs to be decked out in style such that it offers the much needed comfort. A custom bookcase wall adds to the aesthetic appeal of your hose because it comes in different styles and colors. You can choose a color that instantly revolutionizes your living space.

  1. Innovative Storage

As you settle into your apartment, you will need extra storage for books, magazines and many other items. A custom bookcase wall provides this much needed space without the need for lots of construction. These walls are user friendly and take minimal space despite the capacity they offer a household owner.

  1. Creating More Room

Other than dividing available space, a bookcase wall creates extra room where need be. You might have a large floor area that can be converted into extra rooms for a play room, kids’ room or any other purpose.

A customized bookcase wall might not have been in your priorities if you are living in an apartment but looking at these advantages, it should be. You can earn income by inviting a friend or more to share the available space. These walls also make it easier to manage your house when it is subdivided into smaller rooms.

Why use a Tiny House Kit to build your Home

tiny houseTiny houses are all the rage in America and for many good reasons. This form of building is the most flexible in the market and some of the models in the market are portable. With this home, you are not attached to any land or property and when it is time to move, it is an easy decision to make. A tiny house saves you thousands of dollars that you would have spent buying a home. In this small house, you are your own boss with no mortgage to worry about, nor taxes and other expenses.

While these houses are very popular, many would-be owners are not taking up the idea because they don’t know how to get started. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing the right materials and understanding the building laws that regulate these houses.

For people looking to build a tiny house, there is the option of buying a complete unit, but this means you don’t customize your living space completely. This is where tiny house kits come in handy if you are looking to build your own tiny home.

A comprehensive house kit to complete your tiny house should include all materials required ranging from:

  • Doors,
  • Insulated base,
  • Floor skirting,
  • Ladder to loft area,
  • Walls and roof,
  • Window openings with frame among other materials.

A good building service will also give instructions on how to get started.

However, while a DIY tiny house construction might seem like a good thing, you have to appreciate the time needed for the entire task. With the modern hectic lifestyles, you might not have all the time required to build a quality structure. What’s more, you don’t know the right materials to buy with so many suppliers in the market. This is where an established tiny house construction company comes in handy.

The best thing about hiring an expert to get your own tiny house is the fact that there are different packages to suit different homeowners. While some owners would like a travelling home, others want a custom tiny house on their property. Your house maker has the prerequisite expertise and equipment to build a long-lasting structure. Your tiny house is customized according to your needs and you will feel right at home when you move in.

The products used to build your tiny house are certified and carry industry leading warranty. From the wall panels to window frames, every section of your house is built to perfection.

Among the guarantees offered by an experienced house builder include:

  • Fire resistant materials;
  • hurricane approved building systems,
  • high standards in electrical systems and plumbing and much more.

You will also find tiny house financing as part of the services offered by an established tiny house builder.

There are many companies offering tiny house services in every city. When choosing the best to work with, consider their track record, ask for references, check the quality of their structures and take a look at their website to learn more about their services.


6 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Writing a Book

writing a bookThe process of writing a book is very long and laborious. That’s why you need to spend some time for preparation. Train, write as much as possible, and be inspired by the works of the classics. Without doubts, all the books you read will help you create your own masterpiece. Don’t underestimate your strength and don’t bother yourself with “how to write a book with no experience.” Once, even Joan Rowling was an ordinary housewife and only dreamed of writing a book. Yes, yes, it is based on a true story.

Every person with a good imagination and little efforts can write a book. The book can be created for the purpose of publication or simply become your personal achievement. You can formulate a number of tips on writing a book easily. However, it is much more complicated with requirements you shouldn’t follow while writing a book.

  1. Priceless time

The statement “I’m my own boss” seems attractive only at the first blush. To believe you have no deadlines and have time to do daily duties is wrong. If you have to finish your work in the next decade, learn to organize and plan your work at the very beginning. Make a competent schedule of the task and follow it without excuses.

  1. Don’t seek fame

If you decided to write a book to become rich, then it is better to abandon this idea. For this purpose, you won’t get a good book. Thus, are you a beginner in this business and haven’t yet decided how to start writing a book? First of all, you are doing this for yourself in order to put your thoughts and ideas on paper and breathe life into your story. The world history illustrated that poets and writers, who published their masterpieces only for a narrow circle of people were later glorified throughout the world. Believe, if it is fated, glory will find you.

  1. Without pity

It is necessary not to spare your creation. Edit your text without regret. If you realize that your story has come to a dead-end and you can’t fix it, go back and try to change unnecessary parts. You don’t have to follow the plan strictly; you may implement other attractive ideas for your book. No matter where you are in the process, your muse can beckon you to the other side. Follow your passion — it’s the most pleasant part of the job. In addition, don’t be afraid to make changes, follow your instincts.

  1. Everything at once

Don’t exhaust yourself by trying to write as much as possible in one day. Think about how to write a book in advance. You can learn a lot from Edu Birdie, where professional writers will provide you with a high-quality paper. You have to learn that it is best to write in portions, try to write 10 pages each day. Create a title of each chapter of the book and decide what to expose in each chapter. Thus, you will always know at what stage of the work you are.
In order to follow the plan, come up with a ritual that will help you to write. Famous writers organized rituals for themselves, which helped them to plunge into the work.

  1. Don’t ignore the structure

If you are a beginner, it will be easier to write a book following the common structure. Before you write something, learn to read thoughtfully with a critical approach. The structure of a text, the differences in characters, the construction of the plot and the development of the main hero’s personality — all these things will fall into place if to reflect the critic’s perspective. In such way, you’ll be able to choose an appropriate structure for your own book.

  1. Trifles

You won’t know when inspiration will come from. Each thing has its own story, here’s the subject for your “training.” Try to describe this “notion,” think about the history of this concept and how it appeared in your mind. Write life stories, something from personal experience. People love stories from the personal point of view. Be a good storyteller. Avoid clichés, enduring expressions, and boring official language. Write simple sentences to make a book easy to read. Create and develop your own recognizable style: rhythm, language, visual means.

Now you understand how to write a book, what things you shouldn’t do during this process. Write, train, develop your own style, and you will create something unique and exciting.
Good luck!


Sony Xperia Z5: objective impressions of using the phone

Sony Xperia Z5The phone is incredibly thin and features symmetrical design and the large FullHD display. These are just the first few conspicuous advantages to assure you that buying the 2013 flagship Sony Xperia Z5 is worth it. Find Sony Xperia Z5 at the best price –

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Design and usability
Xperia Z5 brings a fresh vision of the company in terms of design that consists of creating symmetrical shapes that look the same from all directions, plus the use of quality materials like tempered glass or durable plastic.

The device looks like a thin bar with a glass front and back surfaces. The appearance of the device is quite laconic due to the plugs on all connectors, so there is only a round power button and a volume button on the case.

The device is extremely convenient in control, its activation key is very good and can be pressed easily.

Xperia Z5 features TFT-matrix with Mobile Bravia 2 software algorithms to improve the image: as a result, the device boasts saturated colors, pleasant shades without any acid hues, and an excellent picture in the sun.

Battery life
Xperia Z5 sports 2330 mah battery which is not a lot. The screen consumes a lot of energy, but the problem is partly solved by the Stamina technology.

Mobile gaming can also quickly deplete the battery in only 3 hours (due to the screen and a powerful chip). However, you can play videos much longer, for about 5 hours.

It should be mentioned that web surfing through 3G will consume the entire charge within 2.5 hours. If you use Wi-Fi, the time will increase to 3.5-4 hours.

The device features a 13 megapixel camera with a number of fashion functions like HDR or an intelligent system that adjusts camera settings depending on the shooting conditions.

You can also shoot decent quality video, though sometimes the focus fails if the subject is

The device sports not a new, but up-to-date 4-core Qualcomm S4 Pro with Adreno 320 graphics accelerator. In principle, it is enough for any present-day games and tasks.

There’s 2 GB of RAM, which is quite good for 2013.

As for the quality of communication, Sony Xperia Z5 has proved to be a good one without problems noticed. A lot of users are impressed with its design and ergonomics as well as the display that is quite suitable for everyday tasks.

Somewhat depressing is the device’s low battery life but the problem can be solved with help of a power bank.






Marriage Proposal Ideas – 3 Romantic Marriage Proposals to Make Her Say Yes!

Want to know some of the most romantic marriage proposal ideas to make her say “Yes!” without a hitch? This article will reveal them to you.Be that as it may, to start with, why experience all the whine? Indeed, the proposal is a standout amongst the most imperative parts of your relationship. Companions and relatives will solicit you to describe the story from your proposition. A long time after you’re hitched, your kids or even your grandchildren will dependably ask how you proposed. I’m not putting weight on you here but rather it can’t hurt to have more than a couple marriage proposal ideas  of up your sleeve.

Why is the genuine proposal so exceptional? That is on account of it is your affirmation of affection. It is you advising your young lady that you’re willing to spend whatever is left of your existence with her. Furthermore, you would like to make her glad, isn’t that so? In case you’re intrigued to take in more about proposal to be engaged thoughts, read on!

Marriage Proposal Ideas # 1: Go No doubt.

On the off chance that you can bear to spend enormous, at that point do it for your proposal. I’m not discussing a favor supper, unless it’s a favor supper in Paris. I’m looking at going the additional mile.

Lease an air inflatable and cruise away in the sky with your better half. Bring along some wine and cheeses or whatever your most loved excursion snacks are. Come dessert, you can pop the inquiry.

You may likewise lease a little yacht and watch the dusk together. Perhaps you can even tie up almost a forsook island where you can eat together, total with a violinist. The more preposterous the thought is, the more critical the engagement proposition would be.

Marriage Proposal Ideas # 2: Spell It Out.

Spelling out the inquiry is a cool thought. Some jump at the chance to compose letters to their lady friends. Be that as it may, I think you can make the thought one stride further.

For instance, you can make a flag to be joined to a plane that says, “Will you wed me?” You can likewise have your inquiry spelled in a huge field where your better half can see it from a plane or helicopter. On the off chance that your better half is working in a tall building encompassed by other tall structures, you can have individuals hold up letters of “will you wed me” remain by the windows of the building her office is closest to. Simply make sure to incorporate the name of the individual you’re making a request to wed, or individuals may ponder for whom that message is for.

Marriage Proposal Ideas # 3: Backpedal To Youth.

There’s an internal identity within each one of us. So why not enjoy yours and your sweetheart’s by setting off to a jamboree or an amusement stop? You can ride the same number of rides as you need to, however spare the best for last.

For instance, you can leave the Ferris wheel until the latest possible time; and when you’re at last not yet decided, propose. With the lovely night sky as your background and the breeze blowing through your hair, it makes for a sentimental setting.

These are quite recently a portion of the proposition to be engaged thoughts you can consider for your own circumstance. Possibly you can even infer different thoughts of your own. Simply ensure that you have an arrangement B on the off chance that anything happens.


Guinness World Record For Longest Twitter Hashtag Has Been Announced

Here is the world record for longest hashtag in all of it’s 773 character glory, posted by Twitter user @realPaulHorner.



















Guinness World Record For Longest Twitter Hashtag

Guinness World Record Hashtag award

This twitter user Paul Horner is also on record of having the biggest penis in the world, as seen here.

How to Write a College Essay

How to write a college essay
A college essay is a personal composition written by college applicants that helps the admission officers to handpick the most befitting students for admission. Many college institutions require applicants to prepare college application essays to accompany their application forms. Admission officers look for unique personality traits, in every college application essay they go through, to establish who should join their institution.  The admission officers relied on the college essays since test scores, and grades of the applicants may not form the ultimate criteria for filtering applicants.

A college entrance essay needs to be concise, clear and assertive to ensure it portrays the intended picture of the applicant, that’s why students sometimes use custom writing services like essayzoo to get help with writing. As a student, you ought to ensure that the college entrance essay sets you apart from the other applicants so as to stand a chance to land an admission. The purpose of a college essay is to find the most desired traits other than grades and test scores needed by the college from its new applicants. A good college essay must show your unique qualities. In this article, important college essay tips are illustrated and discussed in detail.

Topic choice

There are myriad of college essay topics from which a student can use to practice writing college essays. A student should be driven by the passion to write on any topic that resonates well with his/her personality. For any college application essay, the format is dependent on the topic or the content of the essay. Here below are some practice college essay prompts and topics for college essays students can use to improve their essay skillset.

  1. Describe a person you admire
  2. Why do you want to join our college?
  3. Describe your biggest achievement yet
  4. Describe an experience you were unsuccessful in achieving your goals
  5. Describe an experience that changed your life
  6. Why do you think you want to spend the next four years in this college?
  7. Why should this college consider your application?
  8. Describe a literary piece that inspires you
  9. What is your strongest motivation for work?
  10. Describe an event in your life you would wish you could go back and change if any
  11. What are your plans during and after college?
  12. Describe your unique skill or talent
  13. What is your biggest failure yet?
  14. Describe a funny story you keep telling your friends or family members and why you think it keeps coming up
  15. What do you love most and why do you love it?

The aforementioned college essay topics can help students to sharpen their college essay writing skills. More good topics for college essay can be found on the Internet, books, media, etc. A good student is open to college essay ideas which are very instrumental in building their college writing skills.

Essay structure

The structure of a college essay must be adhered to ensure the essay communicates the intended message. The outline for a college essay is very important in guiding how to write the essay. Whenever the author encounters a major problem, the outline for college essay acts as the guidebook. The outline maps out your ideas before putting them down, thus avoid possible confusion during the preparation of the final article. Before you write a college essay, you need to plan on what to include or exclude in your essay. The draft is a necessary guideline to writing a great essay. When writing a college admission essay, the applicant ought to organize his /her thoughts and ideas in a logical and coherent way. Avoid clichés or any other unnecessary filler materials when writing a college admission essay. A draft is necessary before you write a college essay to avoid such mishaps.

An example of an outline using 5-paragraph essay format:

What do you plan to do after you graduate from college?

  1. Introduction
  2. Background information: I was born and raised in Harlem, where I lived with my single mother.
  3. Thesis statement: The thought of graduating from college makes me enthusiastic and expectant to go out to practice entrepreneurship and partly indulge in community service.
  4. Body paragraphs
  5. Paragraph 1:

Hook: Growing up in dilapidated condition on the outskirts of Manhattan shaped my world and influenced my perception about humanity.

Other supporting sentences

  1. Paragraph 2

Hook: My interest in business came when I was in 7th grade in Greenfield Elementary school.

Other supporting sentences

  • Paragraph 3

Hook: The people and experiences I have gone through have shaped my vision for the future.

Other supporting sentences

  1. Conclusion

Concisely, am looking forward to clearing college and setting out there to actualize my dreams.

Other concluding sentences

Tips concerning introduction writing

How to start a college essay is a critical step that must be well articulated to capture the attention of the reader.

  1. Use a hook to capture the attention of the reader
  2. The introduction for college essay must create a smooth transition to the subsequent paragraph without losing the interest of the reader.
  3. It must have a thesis statement
  4. The thesis statement should not be buried deep into the introduction
  5. The topic sentence of the introduction must be captivating

Tips on thesis writing

The thesis statement must be featured in the introduction to hint the reader on what to expect in the essay.

  1. The thesis statement should be clear and very specific while avoiding filler or vague words.
  2. The thesis statement does not need to come late in your essay as it is likely by then the reader might not see it.
  3. The thesis statement should be connected to the topic of the essay
  4. Avoid general thesis statement
  5. Indicate where the thesis starts using phrases like; In this paper…….

Tips on body paragraphs

  1. The body paragraphs do not necessarily need to be long, but each must communicate a different idea.
  2. Each body paragraph must create a smooth transition to the next paragraph to ensure the reader’s attention is not lost.
  3. College essay body paragraphs must have hooks must be well articulated to capture the attention of the reader.
  4. For each paragraph, a lead sentence is necessary, followed by several sentences supporting the lead sentence.
  5. Avoid mixing points in a single paragraph.
  6. A coherent and logical flow of ideas throughout the essay is critical for writing a college essay.

Tips on conclusion writing

It is also important to understand how to finish a college essay in a great style that summarizes the contents of the essay.

  1. The conclusion should sum up the contents of the essay
  2. The conclusion should refer to contents previously written in the essay
  3. The conclusion of a definition essay can also reassert the thesis statement.
  4. The conclusion should also be short and made up of a few sentences.
  5. Include a short summary of each key point used in the essay

Sources for essay choice

Sources for the essay can be books, documented events, the internet, media, etc. Such sources must be referenced using the most appropriate referencing style or any recommended style. A bibliographic information page must be attached at the end of the essay for further reference on any material used in preparing the essay. Any material used in preparing the essay must be acknowledged and indicated in the list. Any unacknowledged source amounts to plagiarism and it is likely to cost an applicant the admission if found committing it. The internet, library, media, documented books, peer reviewed articles, publications all qualify to be sources for a college essay.

Finalizing essay

A revision is a critical process in writing a college essay. It is advisable that after writing the essay to allow it to be read by other people to help you with the revision. Peer review of the essay can bring fresh ideas and help to correct possible errors that might have escaped the scrutiny of the author. Essay proofreading might also expose possible errors that could be spotted by the admission officers and deny you admission.

Make citations

Making citations also must be consistent with the sources used while writing the essay. The citations must be credible and relevant to the topic of the essay. It is also important to ensure all citations adhere to standard rules to avoid possible misunderstandings that might cost you an admission chance.

Concisely, it is important to understand how to write a college essay as it is likely the only thing that can stand between you and your dream college admission. This article has expounded on some of the best practices and tips for writing a great college essay.


A Declassified Guide to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Accidentally deleted that PowerPoint presentation, which took you a whole night to complete? Or is your partner furiously pacing the corridor because you just deleted a few of your honeymoon pictures from your laptop because it was taking up too much space? Such human errors and even glitches in the hard drive can lead to a loss of important data from your computer.

Ease US

All of us have been there in one way or another. However, this should not let you hang your head in defeat. Instead of crying over spilled milk, find out ways to recover your lost data. We know this entire ordeal sounds impossible, but the incredible EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will definitely change your views regarding partition recovery on your gadgets!

The EaseUS Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software, which is an ingenious way to retrieve almost all of your lost data! You can even recover documents and data that has previously been removed from the recycle bin!

Recovery wizard

We tested the claims made by the parent company and here is what we found:

Gadgets That Are Supported by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

This free data recovery software can be used on quite a few devices and gadgets that carry your important data. You can recover lost data from the following gadgets and devices:

  • Computers, Laptops and Partitions – Whichever gadget you use, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be employed to dig out deleted files and recover them. Even partition recovery is made possible with the use of this efficient software.
  • Memory Cards and USB Drives – If you have lost a few of your documents on corrupted SD cards or even USB drives, retrieving them with EaseUS Data recovery wizard would be a snap!
  • Digital Gadgets – recovering lost data from mobile phones and digital cameras might seem impractical, but this is where EaseUS data recovery wizard beats other free data recovery software. Regaining lost information from digital gadgets is now just a few clicks away!

User Accessibility:

Even if you are not a tech-savvy individual, you will still be able to use EaseUS data recovery wizard, without any complication. The user-friendly interface and comprehensible guidelines allow for an effortless download process of this free data recovery software.

Navigating through the software is made easy with the inclusion of an immaculate and simple software layout.

Scanning Your Device:

After the download has been completed, which usually takes a few minutes, your software is ready to be launched. You need to initiate the scanning process by selecting the type of drive that needs to be scanned. A quick scan will kick off immediately, and lost files will start to appear on your screen. If you don’t find your required document, then opt for a deep scan and wait for the software to work its magic!

Recovery program

As deleted files start to pile up on your screen, you have the option to choose from the ones that are actually required. Simply select the required file and press ‘recover’ to salvage your lost information.

Scanning your device will allow you to recover most of the data including:

  • Pictures
  • Document files
  • Video files
  • Audio files

It even allows lost partition recovery from your hard drive!

Data recovery software

Most of your lost data will be recovered in just a few minutes!

Our Final Verdict:

With the ability to retrieve up to 2 GB of lost information, EaseUS data recovery wizard does an exceptional job. However, there’s a catch to it. It is not a completely  data recovery software, rather you will be provided with a free trial period to test the software’s capability.

However, keeping in view its exceptional features that tick all the right boxes for us, we recommend investing in the remarkable EaseUS data recovery wizard to solve all your problems related to digital data loss.

Men’s Traits and Habits that Annoy Women

an annoyed womanAs a rule, in the beginning of a relationship, women ignore their men’s flaws. However, with time, they get soberer and start to assess their partners critically. Women learn a lot of new things about their men when they move in and start living together. Men often try to conceal their “dark sides” at first, but when the relationship gets serious, they don’t restrain themselves. We studied the results of different surveys conducted by psychologists and sociologists to find out what men’s behaviors and habits get on women’s nerves. Girls from MarryBrides dating also helped us.


Many women complain that even if the fridge is full of food, a man isn’t able simply to heat up the soup. He has a resentful look just because his wife forgot to put a fork. Even the hardened bachelor turns into a helpless child once a woman appears in his life.

Computer obsession

It’s a common problem of both young men and mature representatives of the stronger sex. Women get annoyed when men play computer games or correspond in social networks. It equally irritates them.

Unexpected guests

Just imagine the situation: a woman prepared a romantic dinner and waits for his man. But suddenly she sees two men on the threshold – her man and his friend. The evening is spoiled since everything went not according to her scenario.

“The library” in the toilet

Usually, in the house where a man lives, the library is not in the living room or study but in the bathroom. You can find here different literature – from popular men’s magazines and crosswords to scientific articles on quantum physics.


Men’s brain is unique – it perfectly keeps the schedule of all football matches, but it erases the information about the light bulb or the hook that needs to be fixed. Women get tired of reminding that often takes the form of nagging.

Small income

When it comes to love, women often don’t care how much their loved ones earn. However, according to sociologists, almost half of women surveyed believe men could earn 40 percent more than they make at the moment if it wasn’t for their laziness.


Nothing can be worse than a greedy man. It especially concerns those men who are well-to-do but they don’t allow their women to spend money on cosmetics and personal needs if there is no good reason for it. Also, men can’t understand women’s passion for clothes and shoes. Men believe it’s reasonable to save on such things as clothing and put money by for more important purchases.


Two-thirds of women surveyed can’t stand the men who like to criticize. Usually, women are to blame for criticism, but some men don’t miss an opportunity to point out their women’s mistakes and they do it with pleasure.

Weird silence

Women get especially annoyed when they notice purely female models of behavior in their men. Being silent without an obvious reason is one of them. It irritates women because they know that if a man is silent, it means something happened. Instead of getting it off his chest – as women usually do – he retires into himself. Sometimes, it’s hard for women to put up with this silence and leave their significant others alone until they sort the things out in their heads.

Egoism and narcissism

A healthy egoism is necessary for a man if he wants to achieve success in his professional life. However, if he becomes selfish towards his family, it should be timely suppressed. The woman should subtly remind him where he should demonstrate his ambitions and egoism and let him know that his home is not that place. For her, it’s a real challenge because this trait is so annoying.

Hope this information will come in handy when you start dating a Ukrainian girl.



How to deal with Assignments

Making homework is an important consideration that one must have to accomplish. For this reason, assignment must have a credible source for the students to improve their home work’s credibility to their teachers or professors. Dealing with assignments are sometimes challenging because you have to ensure that you are following the instruction before submitting the whole paper to the subject. As a student, finding the right way to improve the reliability of the assignment enhances interesting points that can be incorporated with the subject matter. This is why there are journals available online to provide students an outlet to have a reference to support their claims. This paper aims to discuss the significance of sites that deal with assignments. It seeks to find out sites that provides helpful applications for students who wants to claim high grades.

Sites to deal with assignments are reputable websites so that it will help students to correspond their arguments from reliable websites that contains fruitful information. Journals websites provides essential information for the students to use it as their reference to improve the judgment of their assignments. For this reason, students can be able to discuss and expound their answers while taking time to accomplish the requirements by their respective instructors. Journals are set of researched materials by various authors from different varieties of discipline to allow other researchers to have a reliable source of information to support their argument. Each journal has their respective volumes and numbers as based from category, date of publication, and the field of study. As a result, journal’s increase the probability of the students to garner a high score to their subject matter.

Official news websites are regarded as important for the reason that they provide fresh information in order to stimulate the inquisitive minds of the audience. There are both local and international news networks that regularly update their websites by installing new applications that enable individuals to become aware about the recent events that are happening across the community. News websites can be accessed directly through their main webpages for as long as there is an internet connection through the internet. Websites can also be accessed through social media websites where they post their articles and other relevant reading materials for the students to take their assignments. The names of the news reporters responsible for reporting the article or the story can be used as the main source of information that will be included into the reference page of the assignment.

Other than news websites, Google books from reputable sources are recommended for the students who are looking for reputable sources. Google books contain actual authors who published their write-ups online so that they can share essential information for their readers. This is acceptable to various academic institutions for the reason that the source taken from Google books came from sources that presents an actual discussion that is relevant to the assignment. The content shown from this online source is presenting the actual page that states an argument that is relevant to the main subject of discussion, which could be cited from the assignment of the student. In this case, the student will not be at risk for being ethically or criminally from any violations such as plagiarism, which is a serious offense that might cause the enrollment contract of the student to be deferred.

It is important to know the sites that should not deal with students when accomplishing their projects that do not come from a reputable source. There are blog sites that provide essential information; however, the credibility of the source is not acceptable because it is written by an unknown author. The anonymity of the blogs is sometimes not recommended by academic institutions because the contents are just made up of pure analysis or personal reflections without crediting sources of their main argument. Forums are not recommended to be used to deal with making assignments because all information does not come from a reputable websites that makes the forum ineligible to be used as an important source of information. Sources from social media websites are prohibited because there are manipulative contents created by anonymous users that distort the real essence of the source. Phrases and implied ideas by social media users are not recommended to be used as sources because there are no credibility as well as reliability to support claims online.

The realization of using reputable websites for students are journals, news articles, and Google Books that outsources published materials to help improve the credibility of assignments by sourcing it. As a student, it is important to consider your discipline for being dedicated to accomplish any academic requirements without using sources that does not support the claims of the discussion. Assignments are critical for weighing the percentage of class standing for each student who wants to improve their academic performance. Being responsible for passing assignments that contains high-quality materials are important to prevent being involved in ethical related misconduct that could cost you your academic degree.