My brother and I ended up doing way too many drugs… just for some chick

Growing up for me was different than for most people I would have to say. I had an older brother who was kind of a douchebag and he was always taking drugs so it would really piss me off sometimes. We started a business together when we both got older and he would always try to act like the boss of me. He was still doing drugs so I would have to work twice as hard just so the business could stay afloat. We also both liked the same girl and he was always trying to get me to help him hook up with her, which really bothered me. I helped him anyway since she was out of both our leagues so it didn’t really matter anyway.

One day I come into work and he’s already high as f*ck, talking about how bad he wants to get with this girl, calling her his little princess and telling me the things that he would do to her. I can’t control myself, I snap and tell him to respect her and that he needs to start working more and stay off the drugs. Well, he flips the f*ck out, telling me to get out of his sight before something bad happens. Then about 30 minutes later he comes stumbling into my office and has a big handful of mushrooms which he tells me to eat or he’s going to f*ck me up. He says he needs someone else to be on his “same level”. I don’t have any other options than to take the drugs, which I’ve never done before.

20 minutes later we get a call to go fix a sink. I’m not really feeling anything, but suddenly when we get to this house, I begin to feel the mushrooms kicking in hard. I’m laughing and can’t control myself. We start to fix this sink, and I feel like I’m falling into it. I can’t stand up and I grab my brother to stop the fall, but it doesn’t work. I pull my brother in with me and we’re suddenly traveling through this pipe. Was I tripping from the mushrooms or was this really happening I thought? My mind is blown when I find out we’re on level 1-1 and I have to help my brother Mario save the princess.


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  2. Jim Jenkins says:

    I’m hard.

  3. Epic craziness!

  4. that girl isn’t that cat in the picture, is it?

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