Facebook News: Randi Zuckerberg Suing Brother Mark Zuckerberg For Lack Of Privacy Over Pictures Posted

Facebook keeps claiming it's privacy setting are secure, but now the sister of CEO Mark Zuckerberhg is suing Facebook for lack of privacy.

Facebook continues to claim its privacy settings are secure. All of that may change since the sister of CEO Mark Zuckerberg is suing Facebook for lack of privacy.

Silicon Valley, CA — After pictures of Mark Zuckerberg’s sister surfaced on the internet today, Randi Zuckerberg says she is suing her brother for lack of privacy on Facebook.

“I thought when I posted my pictures and personal information on Facebook no one could see that,” says Zuckerberg. “Well, I guess I was wrong. I can’t even trust my own brother.” Zuckerberg continued, “When you post something on the internet you should be able to feel that your pictures or information is safe from creeps. Well, I guess not even on my brother’s fun little website.”

Mark Zuckerberg told reporters he was offended by his sister and her comments. “If she wants to go to war over this, then bring it,” Zuckerberg said. “I’m Facebook. She’s my sister. You do the math on that one.”

Privacy issues have been a big issue lately with Facebook says New York Times editor Paul Horner. “Facebook is selling your personal and private information. They own you,” says Horner. “Then the sister of the guy who owns Facebook sues his own brother for privacy issues because he can’t keep her pictures and personal information safe? All I can say is grab a bucket of popcorn and watch the train wreck unfold.”

At this time it is still unclear what amount of money or damages Randi Zuckerberg is suing for. Facebook has yet to release a statement.

One of the pictures by Randi Zuckerberg that was supposed to remain unseen:
Facebook: Randi Zuckerberg Suing Brother Mark Zuckerberg For Lack Of Privacy Over Pictures Posted

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  1. I hope she gets her payday. Facebook is about collecting your private information to sell and that’s it

  2. F*ck this b*tch. She knows what she’s doing when she’s posting pictures on the internet. She just wants that payday!

  3. She should take all his money. He’s a lamo nerd anyway

  4. Dennis System says:

    Randi, get that money! Then start your own Facebook!

  5. It is so OBVIOUS that she just wants the MONEY !

    What a crappy photo to worry about having `surfaced on the internet’… thought it would have at least been a gstring or thong-shot…

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