Fuck Mitt Romney.

Fuck Mitt RomneyNote: This article is currently being reviewed by the Pulitzer Prize Board of Directors. Awards for the Pulitzer and excellence in journalism will be announced by the end of this year.

Washington, D.C. — Holy goddamn fucking shit, two-faced, cunt bitch asshole, Mitt Romney. Fucking lame ass, punk bitch cocksucker, fucking up my shit! Motherfucker, ass cunt 47%, fuckin’ shit. Putting down his own $5,000 to buy food to donate to his bitch ass for Sandy, fake photo opp motherfucker. Fucking bitch, cuntface dickhead ass-hat.

Carpetmuncher, cockfucker, gift-from-god-rape or fuckin’ legitimate rape? Douchewaffle Romney, tittyfuck binders full of women, cumslut muffdivers. Pig-fucker Paul Ryan shitty homodumbshit, another fake photo opp faggot scrubbing clean dishes, Ayn Rand rimjob, thundercunt Vice Presidential running mate.

Corporations are people bullshit, boner handjob, fuck. Deregulate everything polesmokers. Ass clowns Romney/Ryan douchebag faggots, no plan. 1% get richer, cum guzzling dickweasels. Poor and working class get bonerfilled harder. Nation fucking collapses. Fuck!

President of the World, Paul Horner asks, “How?”

Answer: Fucking fear, lies, misinformation, Fox News, evil, the Bible Belt, rigged voting machines, old angry white people, ignorance, stupidity, racism, corporate money, teabagging shitfaced dicknozels.

Poor people? The middle class? Education? Healthcare? Jobs? Economy? Women’s rights? Gay rights? Fuck it!

Romnesia shit, goddamn delusional dickbag. Asshead, windows on a plane should open? Fucking retard! Mormon Romney is a god of his own universe when he dies. Kolob cult, dumb fucking shit.

Fuck Mitt Romney.


  1. Dennis System says:

    #FuckMittRomney #Romnesia #BindersFullofWomen

  2. Frank Ricard says:

    Cock. Balls. Shit. Fuck.

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    I’m still not sure who I’ll vote for come November 6th, but after reading this amazing piece of literary genius, something with 100% journalistic integrity behind it, it definitely gave me some things to think about. So when I do make that important decision on who I should vote for when it comes to the next President of The United States, I’ll have this fantastic article to thank for it.

  4. Undecided Voter

  5. Well said!

  6. Pulitzer! Beautifully written! Well done sir!

  7. I hope you win the Pulitzer! You deserve it! This is the best pieces of news I’ve ever read in my entire life.

  8. Couldn’t have said it any better my self! Bravo!

  9. Mittens the Cat says:

    Fuck Mitt Romney

  10. My mom says says:

    My mom says FUCK MITT ROMNEY!

  11. Fuck Mitt Romney! Go Obama!

  12. Dave's House says:

    Congrats on the Pulitzer!

  13. fuck all repuklicans! says:

    Great fucking article! Definitely a Pulitzer! I saved this wonderful article before the election, but had to review it to analyze the great data/statements as the election in Nov. proved. Good luck in all you do against those cocksuckers…..which just voted down any gun control in this fucked up cuntry.

  14. mormons are the biggest lying worthless communist assholes of all time! they suck shit and like to stir up trouble and when they loose the disappear. here’s the bottom line:



  15. By Idiocracy standards, this article should have won the fucking Nobel Prize for Literature.

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