Stop The war On Heterosexual Marriage In America!

Hey guys, it’s time to talk serious for a moment. The war on heterosexual marriage in America must stop! We’ve come so far as a nation, but now is the time to rise up and right this wrong.

Less than 50 years ago woman and African Americans had little to zero rights, couldn’t even vote. But now they have all the same rights and privileges that every other American in this country has.

Now is the time to fix the atrociousness that the government and states have become when it comes to heterosexuals in this country. It is time we stop being bigots, stop the hate, and just let them be. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s sexual preference, that doesn’t mean you should have a say over it. If a man wants to marry a female, then that man should be able to marry that female. If a woman wants to marry a man, then she should have the exact same rights!

Everyone needs to stop using the bible as a tool for your agenda of hate towards heterosexuals. The bible never once mentions the word “married” or “marriage”. But just because it does not say that, it does not mean that god would not want men and woman to get married. God loves you all, and I think if he or she was around today, they would love to see a man and woman have the rights to get married, even if the bible does not approve of it.

It’s time to set a precedent for the future generations of this great country. Let’s be on the right side of history! Let’s come together and stop the war on heterosexual marriage today!

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