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    Jimmy Rustling
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    Post your party that Bill Murray can crash in San Diego, California – August 5th



    Party with the Baby Boomers in Wine Country Temecula California (close to San Diego). We have plenty of wine here!!! Atleast 40 winery’s…….need a cane or walker think we can get that to..
    You would make alot of Old people happy !!!!!



    August 5th is our Karaoke Host, Kramer’s Birthday. He recently found out that his cancer is in FULL REMISSION! Seeing his favorite actor, Bill Murray would make his birthday all the more special. Please crash our party!




    Dear Bill,

    You have perfect timing. I promise a great night if you crash my birthday karaoke party! We live in a big funky old house in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego. Our lounge/practice space where we sing karaoke has nice lighting, gold walls and a sunset mural decor. In our lounge, we have  three mics that are run through P.A. and mixing board. On and off for years, our friends and us get together drink and sing bad harmonies to rock ballads and the oldies. Bill, you your sultry lounge stylings will fit right in! I have a guest bedroom with a temper-pedic mattress that you are welcome to. Also, I want to convey that we have been around, and while a guest in our home you will not be harassed/badgered/ or pestered! We live in the fun and lively South Park area of San Diego, a 1/2 block from our house there are many bars and restaurants and coffee shops. Please come by. I would be happy to send pics of us singing karaoke, the guest bedroom, our patio etc. Also let me know if there is a particular wine or booze you would prefer.

    Thanks Bill, You rule.


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    August 5th in San Diego come to the Carriage House Karaoke Lounge for our host’s Birthday Party! Bill is his favorite actor and would LOVE to see him and sing a few songs! We’ll have your banner ready and waiting!

    - Amy McCain



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