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    Post your parties that Bill Murray can crash in Portland, Oregon – August 10th


    Jimmy Rustling
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    If you’re a fan of the ‘Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour’, take a second and support something that Bill Murray supports. It’s the least you could do.
    Murray Murray supports this charity


    Jimmy Rustling
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    Alibi Tiki Lounge in Portland, Oregon

    Info: http://www.facebook.com/events/137790623026034/

    The party will be at The Alibi Tiki Lounge in Portland, Oregon on August 10th running from 9pm-2a!

    We’ll have a chair set up and reserved for Bill Murray, possibly a costume contest! And of course; Nightly Karaoke.

    The Alibi Tiki Lounge
    4024 N Interstate Ave
    Portland, OR

    Bill Murray party crashing tour in Portland Oregon

    Bill Murray party crashing tour in Portland Oregon

    Bill Murray party crashing tour in Portland Oregon

    Bill Murray party crashing tour in Portland Oregon

    Bill Murray party crashing tour in Portland Oregon


    Jimmy Rustling
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    My name is, BETTIE MAYHEM. I have a KARAOKE show in PORTLAND, OREGON. KAUSTIC KARAOKE would LOVE you to come and CRASH our party at: DUCKETT’S PUBLIC HOUSE (825 N. Killingsworth) in August. KAUSTIC KARAOKE’s moto: “You could be G.G. Allin on my stage. Just clean up your own poop, and don’t mess up my equipment.” …and, Oh yes, there will be KARAOKE, BOOZE, and a VEGETABLE TRAY… (plus, adoption papers. I’ve always wanted him to be my Uncle)

    bill murray, Oregon, party crashing, Portland


    Big Water

    Hey Bill,

    It’s River St Studios, Portland, Oregon! Looks like you’re coming to town in August? We are excited to have you and welcome you to Portland! River St Studios is two buildings that sit next to the Willamette River right downtown. Hidden amongst the trains, silos and tankers, it houses an amazingly talented group of artists. We would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at one of our famous ‘invitation only’ happy hours and offer you a place to crash. We have the best bar and grill in P-town in the most unusual location. Starts sometime late afternoon and goes…. fabulous food, fantastic cocktails and beverages, great conversation, yard games like ‘Throwling’, the new backyard sensational game, live music, karaoke,  and one of the best views from the heartbeat of the city are awaiting you. Mr. Murray, if you decide to accept this invitation, dinner is on us, hell, even cocktails are on us and your complimentary lodging for this luxury package will be provided by the infamous ‘Matt Foley Lounge’. Yes, that’s right Bill, The ‘Matt Foley Lounge’. You and your guests can be the VIPs of your own Chevy Van down by the river! This five star resort comes with an Oregon luau and plush accommodations right on the river downtown just feet from the Willamette River. Wow, kind of close to your hometown of Wilmette. We would definitely make you feel at home. Who’d have thunk it Bill, that there was such a Valhalla of places on Earth? But, here we are awaiting your confirmation to join us at one of the most amazing artistic places on the planet. You can still karaoke at the Alibi Lounge as well, it’s right up the street from us. And most importantly, you can definitely crash here. Google map us up and check out some of our info below. Come and break bread and bbq with us. Oh yeah!

    Much love and hope to see you soon,

    River St Studios

    Van down by the river



    So Bill, you can come to our house for a multi-generational party–kids, teens, 20 and 30′s hipsters and people your age.   We are all really cool people…REALLY. There will be LIVE karaoke, drinks, and lots of vegetables from our garden on a tray as well as other goodies and we have a pool too!  I really don’t want to put my address on this public forum and  your hotline number is kind of useless because it is the number for the Westboro Baptist Church!  I did leave them a message but I’m not sure they have your number to convey the message.  We’ll be having a rockin’ party so come on over.  And your own guest room to crash in after the festivities.  Pancakes served in the morning too.  Come to corner of SW 53rd and SW Orchid, walk down the street, You’ll hear the music and see the sign..If you aren’t Bill Murray, don’t bother, there really isn’t enough room in the pool.




    Karaoke From Hell, America’s original live karaoke band, is hosting our Bill Murray Appreciation party at the Star Theater. Come on down at 9PM on August 10th (Hey! That’s today!) and celebrate it with us by singing one of over 500 songs with a live band. Maybe order a sweet vermouth on the rocks. With a twist.

    The Star Theater is at 13 NW 6th Ave, here in Portland. Bill Murray can – and should – crash here.


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    Bill Murray in Portland Oregon

    1630 se Morrison st.
    Portland, OR 97214


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    Bill Murray portland party crashing tour

    1021 NE 69th AVE, Portland OR

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