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    Jimmy Rustling
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    Post your party that Bill Murray can crash in Phoenix, Arizona – August 1st

    Bill Murrray party crashing tour for Phoenix Arizona August 1st


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    Hey Bill Murray, if you were going to attend a party in Phoenix on the 1st, this is the one to attend! The whole street, in the arts district of Phoenix, will be devoted to you! Your agent Paul Horner will be there along with a lot of good people, karaoke and plenty of alcohol!

    Things to expect at the Bill Murray Crashpad:
    :: Guests in strange Bill Murray attire
    ::THE Bill Murray Pleasuredome
    ::Caddyshack Mini Golf Course
    ::Bill Murray trivia games from Aaron Johnson and Billie Speece.

    • 7pm The Life Aquatic (squirt gun and water balloon fight) all over 5th Street
    • 8pm “Lost in Translation” Karaoke and music from Bill Murray movie clips at Lawn Gnome
    • 8:30pm Slackers Agenda and/or DrnknHrny at Lawn Gnome
    • 9pm Nick Villa and Friends at Lawn Gnome
    • 9pm Former Friends of Young Americans and Of the Earth at Lost Leaf
    • 10pm Provocatease Ghostbusters Burlesque
    • 10:15pm Coffee and Cigarettes Danceoff
    • 11pm Bill Murray Haiku Contest at Jobot Coffee Shop


    The official party will begin at 8pm. Do not be late, you don’t want to be the people that missed Bill Effing Murray.


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    Bill Murray Nationwide Tour to Crash Parties!! Ok, so let’s get ready!! Let’s show “Kaiser Soze” that Phoenix can PARTY!! Karaoke, BYOB, MUSIC and mayhem!! Let’s just hope he shows up!! :/ If not, it’ll be a hell of a party with out him!!!



    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    Jay B Fail and Erika Jaynes in Phoenix waiting for the arrival of Bill Murray.


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    A random house in Phoenix supporting the ‘Bill Murray Party Crashing tour’


    Bradley Wayne Kleeman

    Kaiser Soze, I don’t know how else to entice you to a great time other than to say: “Hey, Kaiser Soze, come over and chill with us. If you want to spend some quality time with family whom you were not aware of (or the “distant cousins” with whom you haven’t already filed restraining orders against) then stop on by. If you would like a bouncy house, we will more than gladly oblige to provide one. We will have available the following: Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Ballantine, and/or Jack Daniels. The other beverages will include: homebrewed beer, great craft beer, great cheap beer and various other hard liquors (including a Blue Curacao to make them all look pretty). Lastly I would like to point out that karaoke will be provided, as well as a comfortable place for you to rest your head. The address will hopefully be posted along the I-10 on a billboard, but pending funds we shall resort to posting it here so as to provide you with an easy way to find a great place. The address is thus: 717 E. Cornell Dr., Tempe AZ 85283. No need to RSVP, we’re all 20-somethings who would like nothing more than to put a drink in the hand and food in the belly of anyone who stops by. Except  people passing through the 4th dimension. Also, stragglers and small children. Love, Will, Bradley, Dorian and Jacqueline.


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    Bill Murray Can Crash Here tour sign from Phoenix
    Longtime friends of the Mahers and the Mahoney’s from Wilmette Dan was our Best Man almost 25 years ago Loved hearing Joel sing Danny Boy at his services Erin Mahoney and Beth Maher will be here to party with you Billy aka Kaiser Soze.

    4847 E Clarendon Ave
    Phoenix,AZ 85018

    Being that it is miserable outside in Phoenix right now I was hoping this photo might entice the Kaiser to choose our house to crash. Mark’s favorite thing is to jump in from the patio roof!

    Our master suite complete with a flat screen TV and private bath await his arrival. He will enjoy a sunken tub as well as private access to pool/patio.
    Brats will be on the barbecue, beer will be on tap. Our closest friends and family will be bringing a bottle of spirits to share with Kaiser Soze.

    Club quality karaoke, complete with 8000 songs will be rocking out the Benson Great Room! The neighbors are used to us having loud music at our parties!
    Billy will awake to espresso and bagels while birds sing in the 50 year old trees around us. He can even check out the house where Steven Spielberg grew up right around the corner.

    PLEASE join us for our SUMMER’S END party counselor Bishop :D


    Jimmy Rustling
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    If you’re a fan of the ‘Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour’, take a second and support something that Bill Murray supports. It’s the least you could do.
    Murray Murray supports this charity


    DJ Organic

    Bill Murray is more than welcome to crash our party at Phoenician restauranteur Johnny Chu’s Sochu House on August 1st. We don’t have much to offer in terms of costumes, games and karaoke. However, Grey Goose is supplying free Vodka, Johnny will be cooking his signature neo-Asian cuisine, and DJ Organic will be playing boogie, funk, disco, and 1980′s r&b/soul music all night long. Who could ask for anything more, right Bill?

    2801 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, Az, 85004


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    [Updated at 08-2-12 | 5:25 PM PDT] Pictures from the Bill Murray party last night in Phoenix at 5th St and Roosevelt. Bill Murray made an appearance for about 15 minutes or so and then had to leave. So awesome!

    Bill Murray Phoenix Arizona party

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