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    Jimmy Rustling
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    Post your party that Bill Murray can crash in Houston, Texas – September 9th


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    If you’re a fan of the ‘Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour’, take a second and support something that Bill Murray supports. It’s the least you could do.
    Murray Murray supports this charity


    Alice Alsup

    Yes, I’m sure I wanted to do that.


    davey ferry


    Party at the Treefort on waugh (you cant miss it) it’s the perfect house party for Mr. Bill Murray to crash… there shall be karaoke, booze, womans, and much other shenanigans for a certian comic genius to partake in. come one out!


    Alice Walker

    Hey there Bill,

    I don’t know how well you remember Houston, but, up until this coming weekend, I lived most of my life in River Oaks. My sister and I went to Rushmore, aka St. John’s School, where we were the smart, “different” kids, and my life was repressed and strange in every way that this background sort of entailed. And so to celebrate my close friend Jade’s birthday and my moving away from this neighborhood forever, I decided to have one last great house party in the center of River Oaks with the toast of the Dollar Drinks Nights elite, my friends from Montrose, the neighborhood I’m moving into.

    This party won’t have the best karaoke, just an xbox and a wireless mic, but it will be jam packed with awesome. My friends at War’haus are throwing a fun-tastic looking art party which you should definitely crash first, but I’m actually offering you a guest bedroom to crash in… especially if you’re offering to help my mom and I clean up in the morning.

    There will be a good ol’ fashioned cookout, a bar and a keg from Karbach, a funk soul and rock n’ roll DJ and probable musical performance by The Trimms, Houston Press’ Best Rock Band of 2012. We will have beer pong in the car port, Hookah in the garage apartment, seating in the backyard and a trampoline to boot.

    I really threw my heart into this party and I sincerely hope that you’ll make it out on this sure-to-be fine Sunday evening. The event is public, meaning you or anyone else in Houston is welcome to try and crash it.

    The facebook page for this event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/521404137875227


    Dandee Warhol

    We’re throwing an art party for Bill Murray on Sept 9th from 6pm – ?? at War’Hous Visual Studios, Houston TX!

    Karaoke, dj, Bill Murray – related art show, lots of booze, girls and shenanigans!


    EVENT INFO:  http://www.facebook.com/events/428484307189529/


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master


    Jimmy Rustling
    Key Master

    This party is in Houston on September 9th.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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