Castle Builder II Blurring the Boundaries Between Social Games and Slot Machines


Social games and casino games live in two different worlds – apparently, at least. They have many things in common, yet there is one thing that makes them very different (at least for the outsider): one of them is played for real money. Actually, the differences are multiple: social games come with features like experience points, achievements, and various other things that can be unlocked as the player progresses through the game. These are things that are missing from online casino games – or better said “were” missing, until Castle Builder II was created.

Castle Builder II

Castle Builder II is the sequel to one of the most successful slot machines at the Wild Jack called “Castle Builder”.

The game is far more than just a simple slot machine, although it looks and feels like one: players needed to collect building materials and build castles for the princess to move in, receive contenders, get married, and pay out a hefty reward for a job well done. Castle Builder was one of the most successful slot machines of its time: upon its released it was among the most-played games at, topping the charts for months.

Castle Builder II will be all that its predecessor was, and so much more. It will retain its basic nature – the castle will be built in a game of slots – but it will add much more to the mix, which will make it one of the most captivating and entertaining slot machines of all time.

A captivating game

When starting the game, Wild Jack players will be required to choose one of the two builders to join on their quest to, well, build castles. Both of them have their own perks: the elderly builder relies on his experience to finish his projects faster, while the enthusiastic youngster comes with the added value of free spins during the game. Depending on their choice of builders, players will start from different corners of the continent, building their way through kingdoms to world fame and success. As they progress through the game, players will gather experience points, complete achievements, and unlock new perks and a third builder to choose.

The game will take players through 15 kingdoms with a total of 75 castles to build. During this time, players will encounter over 300 characters – princes, princesses, kings, and suitors – and will have the chance to cash in on hefty bonuses.

Release date

Castle Builder II was presented this February, at the ICE Totally Gaming 2017. The game will be released at the Wild Jack Casino in the second quarter of 2017.