The Meaning Of Life

Everything revolves around the universe.

“You are the universe experiencing itself.”
– Carl Sagan

Everything is perfect, infinite, love.

There is a universal language understood by all.

There is no right or wrong.

If we knew this to be true, nothing would ever change or move forward. There would be no reason to lie, cheat, steal or harm others.

There are different levels of being. We are living in one right now. One is focused just on the health of this planet. Every level works together to achieve a goal of improvement and moving forward.

Everything is Yin and Yang. Light and dark. Black is the absence of light.

White or light is love. Black or darkness is the opposite of love.

Things that add to this white light are anything positive. Could be creating art or even a friendly smile to a random stranger. If it is a level about the health of the planet, then such things as being green or creating clean drinking water would add to the light.

Things that add to this darkness is anything negative. Could be lying, cheating, stealing or harming others. If it is a level about the health of the planet, then pollution and cutting down forests would take away from the light.

There is no actual beings that are part of light or darkness, it’s all a collection of our positive or negative actions.

Memory while in each level is as clear as you reading this right now. These memories become lost when not in that level.

You choose your path in life before your life here on Earth even begins.

You can use emotions to feel if you are on the right path with your life or even when making a decision. An emotion or feeling of light or white, that is correct. Dark or heavy is moving away from your path.

It is your goal to stay as light as possible and flowing with ease through your chosen path.

No matter how far off your chosen path you may be, the universe eventually will correct it.

The meaning of life is experiencing life. Learning. Expanding. Growing.

Life moving forward is the purpose of life.

Religion is only here as a sign of a cross, or anything positive, or filled with love, to keep people together, loving together. Keeping love together is the most important thing in life.

All religion, organizations, cults, groups etc., are not what is important. The important part is that the emotion of love generates from these ideas.

The Universal Law Of Attraction applies to EVERYTHING. Everything you do, everything you think or feel.

It is your universe. What you believe to be true is true.

The universe roots for us. It wants us to move forward. It will help you in any way it can, as long as you are open to it. It loves experiencing life and new adventures, but you must be able to embrace it. Keep an open mind, do not shut anything out.

Do everything with love, without looking for anything in return.

Do not hold grudges or feelings of hate or darkness. Do not let your body be filled with such trivial things. It only creates illness and darkness in your body and surroundings. You do not need to forgive, just let it go.

Everyone is in your life for one reason or another, big or small. Everything has a purpose. We are here to help others. If goals are not reached

Ignore the darkness, do not acknowledge it; it will not be able to expand, it will contract and light will be replaced.

When you die, or between moments of your life, you are given amounts of light and darkness depending on how you lived your life. You and you alone apply that toward other beings, tangible objects and your self. Some choose to heal themselves with the light, some choose to use the darkness for things they see as the opposite of love.

We are all connected to source so we are all part of everything meaning we are all part of God. The universe is everything. We experience everything. Everything is God. We are God.

In the end, outside this human flesh, in your perfectness, able to see the truth, the world and the universe and reality for what they truly are, it is you who judges yourself.

And most importantly, don’t masturbate.

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