How to Read NHL Betting Odds and Bet Types


The NHL has 82 games in the regular season + playoffs and final game. Jockey betting is more similar to baseball betting lines than NFL, cricket or soccer leagues. The game tempo is very different and variables tend to be more stable and easier to predict, more like chess. There are a few unpredictable variables like the weather (but we even have real time forecasts for that), last minute player injury and the unexpected. The point here is NHL betting odds are easier to predict than other sports and provide a nice leverage to handicappers.

NHL Spread Odds – Goal Line Bet

The Goal Line spread is different from the NFL or NBA by being established at 1.5 goals. The favorite team to win will have to cover that spread and it’s pretty simple. They have to win by (2) goals or more for you Goal Line bet to be a winner.

In reality NHL games tend to be determined by one goal or end up in a tie. Disparities do happen and games are won by a great difference, your goal is to identify when that could happen.

NHL Moneyline Odds

The moneyline is a straight bet, as it is known in the UK. The team you pick has to win in order to win the bet. The disadvantage is that if you wager on the favorite the payout will be incredible small, like less than 10% of what you wager and betting for underdogs is very hard to win.

Odds of -300 for the money line means you get $1 for every $300 wagered.

Bet for the underdog and you win 2 to 1, which is double your wager.

NHL Over / Under Odds

An over bet requires to decide if the total score of a match will be superior to a certain number or not. The payout for this bet type is around even, so if you bet $100 you are set to win another $100.

NHL Prop Odds

Prop bets are about outcomes that are not directly linked to the outcome of the game like scores. Rather you bet on who will be the first to score, who wins the coin toss, if a player will be expelled from the game etc. There are nice opportunities here.

NHL Live Betting Odds

Live betting gives you odds to several betting options mentioned above, the difference is these happen and change as the game is happening. Players can bet live during the game at William Hill Sportsbook – one of the best places to see all In-Play Sports markets and events around the world including NHL matches. It works like the stock market, odds move up and down according to buyer demand and offer. A lot of professionals have accustomed themselves to this market and make a profit from buying low and selling high, just like the stock market.
Stanley Cup Betting Odds

This is like betting on the Super Bowl. The Stanley Cup is the highest achievement in NHL hockey and it works as a future wager. During the season bettors bet on who will win the Cup and odds change as the event gets closer. If you bet at the beginning of the season you can get a nice price.