The craziest adverts taking over the internet

The internet is packed full of entertaining movies, music and games, but sometimes it’s the advertisers who really pull out all of the stops in their bid to get our attention.

So whether they’re advertising online slots or even technology to combat a stinky toilet, here are some of the most eye-opening adverts that are currently circulating around the internet.

Often it’s when advertisers go out of their way to highlight the downsides of using a product that are the most striking. For example, the German beer manufacturer Bergedorfer Bier used pictures of men cradling their beer bellies like pregnant women that may have been weird, but nonetheless caught our attention!

And if beer bellies were an unlikely selling point, then what about the PooPourri firm who used a fairly unsubtle advert featuring a rather well-spoken lady to talk about how she’d ‘just dropped a motherload’ in order to convince people to buy the brand’s odour-masking products.

What these adverts show is that it’s the power of an advert to get people talking and go viral that offers the best chance of massive exposure in the internet age.

And if you’re looking for evidence of truly ridiculous marketing stunts, then it’s worthwhile remembering that these actually happened, and it once again shows that Lucky Nugget Casino hasn’t just gained fame for their online slots offerings!

Our favourite of these has to be the footballer player Ronaldo displaying his skills in disguise on the streets of Madrid. But there are certain other areas where the star hasn’t displayed such style as was perhaps best-witnessed by his deeply weird Japanese advert for a face-exercising device.

And it’s usually foreign adverts that are the best bet for some truly surreal entertainment. From authorities in New Zealand using ill-advised humour to warn against texting whilst driving, to weird German supermarket adverts showing cats shopping for groceries, it’s clear that if you want to get people’s attention, then make sure to have a very strange central concept!

Of course, there are limits to this as there have been many backlashes when advertisers push the weird envelope too far. With the likes of Gourmet Burger Kitchen having to pull a U-turn after their series of adverts managed to offend nearly every vegetarian in the UK, it’s a worthwhile reminder that whether you’re trying to sell online slots or beer, it’s best not to alienate your audience!