Why College is the Best Time to Learn to Drive


 If you are yet to pass your driving test, then you should make time and ensure that you learn while still in study. Once you finish studying and go into full time employment, your time will suddenly disappear. College really is the place and time for you to make the most of your free time around study commitments.

Another reason to learn to drive while at college is that your brain is used to studying, taking in a lot of information, and using what you learned as exam prep. An important part of learning to drive is the theory side of it, meaning there is a lot of learning to be had before taking the test. There are some really helpful websites like toptests.co.uk that can help you to learn all of the information that you need to know and provides mock tests for you to practice.

Plus, being a young college student means a lot of your friends and classmates will also be learning to drive at the same time. This means they may be able to recommend a good driving instructor for you, or you could even study together for any upcoming theory tests.

Learning to drive can be expensive, so if you are looking to try and save costs, you should try and find an instructor that allows you to get a discount for booking a bulk number of lessons. Whilst you are studying, you are more likely to be able to accommodate a large number of lessons to pass your test quicker due to the free time students encounter.

The danger of having lessons booked sporadically over larger periods of time is that you are at higher risk of forgetting some of the information you have been taught and/or given. Having lessons close together over a shorter period gives you a better chance of developing your driving skills quicker and be in a position where you are ready to take your test sooner. There are a few other ways that you can try to keep costs down, such as shopping around before you decide which instructor to go with or seeing what offers they have, such as, for every friend you persuade to book a lesson, you get one for free.

Once you have passed your driving test, you will have much more independence, as well as happier parents who no longer need to take you and/or pick you up to events. It also means you no longer have to endure public transport when traveling to college, and if you live somewhere fairly remote, then access to a car will completely change your life. You can get out, see the towns and cities a bit further afield, and have more options for social activities.

Don’t put off learning to drive, as leaving it until the last minute when you have a full-time job will not only make it harder for you to learn, but also limit your commuting options. Be efficient and learn today!