Game Facts: Some Things You Didn’t Know About Gaming




Trivia about the world and it’s contents can amuse and enlighten people. If a fact is interesting enough then people will pass it along to friends. It can be about something we are directly interested in, such as a hobby, or about the world in general. When it comes to the world of gaming, there are always strange stories, occurrences and alternative roads that can provide a gasp, a laugh or a pause for thought, and these are just some of them.


Consoles are the home of video games and they are a lot more fascinating than being the box that runs everything. Many of them have riveting historys and factoids, with one of them being the PS2’s design. It’s was based on the unproduced Atari Falcon console, with Sony buying the patent for the blueprint, complete with it’s ability to be displayed horizontally and vertically. During the production of game consoles, they will often have a codename before the final title is set, with some examples being the Katana (Dreamcast), Project Reality (Nintendo 64), Dolphin (Gamecube), Iris (DS) and Stella (Atari 2600). Another quick console fact is that the PlayStation was originally intended to be an updated system for the Super Nintendo, rather than it’s own brand.


Nintendo could fill an entire trivia article themselves. One of the more interesting facts is that the company was first established in 1889 and made card games, which they do to this day. A weirder fact is that Nintendo own two adult films based on their characters that they purchased the rights to so they would not be released. The buttons on PlayStation controllers aren’t random symbols as they represent a piece of paper or menu (square), the player’s POV (triangle) and yes (circle) and no (X).The towers that appeared on a PS2 screen when booting up a game weren’t a set pattern but instead reflect the amount of games you played. If you thought the signature green colour was an important decision for Microsoft, you’d be wrong, as it came about because that was the colour pen a designer had on him at the time when sketching the logo. Bill Gates’ involvement with the console came when he was snubbed by Sony and so invested in the new console, which took a while to pay off, as it made no profit for its first four years.


Slot machines are one of the oldest forms of games and despite being a simple machine you are familiar with, there can be a lot you didn’t know about them. For starters, you may think that America or Monaco would have more of them in the world, but that honour falls to Japan, who have over 5 million slots machines compared to the America’s 800,000. The largest ever amount won on a slot machine is $39.7 million to a 25 year old man. Slots also earn a lot of a casino’s money, usually amassing 85% of it’s revenue. If you were to play some slots from Red Flush online casino canada or in a real casino, you’d come across fruit symbols on the bars and these exist are representative of the chewing gum you would win in the original machines.


Games can always surprise you, even when you aren’t playing them, and this is only the tip of the iceberg of things you didn’t know about gaming.