Top 4 luckiest people on planet Earth

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The two whom Las Vegas will never forget

If you were a billionaire spending some green bucks in a casino you would not want people to stop watching how you play. Presumably, the greatest fortunes were won by professional players, who visit the casino almost every day and play endless hours. However, this is nothing compared to ordinary players visiting Las Vegas – those are real legends whose life changed by a stroke of luck.

Read on to discover the stories of lucky beggars who came out of a casino with sums of money that they would never have dreamed of winning.

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#4 – Elmer Sherwin – probably the luckiest man who visited Las Vegas.

He won the Megabucks jackpot in that city, not once but twice. The first time Sherwin won $4,600,000 he did not stop; 16 years later, at the age of 92, his perseverance earned him another 21 million. After his first triumph, he travelled the world and the second he used to donate to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

#3 – Another super-lucky winner was Amy Mishimura from Hawaii. She was the reason Las Vegas has become poorer on $8,900,000. Click at this link to learn more about free slot machines on which many professional gamblers prefer to practice their skills.

… and the two winners who became true legends

#2 – Charles Wells too belongs to this list of risky players.

After making 4000 pounds by cheating investors with the alleged invention of a musical jumping rope, Charles decided to go to a casino and play roulette. Charles Wells was not a virtuoso player, he just risked a lot and almost never won previously.

And that night… Incredible Wells played roulette for eleven hours in a row, winning over and over again, and the workers had to go upstairs 12 times to bring more chips. That night Wells won two million francs. After winning the first million Wells left the money and returned a to win another million, continuing betting on the same numbers.

No one can determine if Wells could have used a system of some kind to win in such an incredible way. Today, the most popular version is that he just went very, unbelievably lucky. In honour of this feat, Fred Gilbert wrote the song “The Man Who Broke the Bank In Monte Carlo” in 1892.

#1 – The 63-year-old lottery player Joan Ginther certainly deserves to be designated as one of the luckiest.

In fact, several years ago she won $10 million with a lottery ticket … and that was her fourth seven-figure lottery prize!

Her first victory took place in 1993 when she won $5.4 million, followed by an additional $2 million bonanza for a $30 lottery ticket in 2006. Then, in 2008 she earned another $3 million, again thanks to a lottery ticket.

Most free slot machines online players keep to talk about the fact that Miss Ginther always buys her tickets at the same local stores. As two of her most important winning tickets came from a particular place, gamblers believe they too should stick to a certain casino to ensure their winnings. And every one of them dreams about the day they will scoop several million dollars by putting just a $100 banknote in a slot machine…