How to bluff your way through Christmas Day

Its Christmas Day, you are sat with your family and you are eagerly awaiting to tuck into your presents and see what you’ve been bought. Is there a better site in life than seeing the face of a loved one overcome with emotion as they reveal what is hidden away behind all that wrapping paper?

But that isn’t always the case.

Sometimes the presents you get from your distant relatives can be somewhat amiss, but how do you react to avoid offending or upsetting anyone!

Well never fear! Ladbrokes Poker are here to teach you how not to react if you get a surprise gift you certainly weren’t expecting!

The ‘Felt Like It Would Be Good But It Isn’t’ Face


We all know the present, the small box sat in the corner calling out to you! You save it until last as the grand finale of Christmas morning. As your gran passes it over you can’t help but feel a warmth inside, you shake the box and think to yourself ‘jewellery, a new watch?’ But as you tear into the wrapping you find yourself face to face with a pair of novelty Christmas socks – Turning that look of anticipation into one of despair.

The ‘This is Awesome, 15 Years Ago’ Face


This is the classic distant relative present, the out-dated gift you asked for 15 years ago. You mentioned in passing you were after the latest album from Taylor Swift, yet you find yourself on Christmas morning unwrapping the greatest hits of Shania Twain. ‘Man! I feel like a lemon’.

The ‘Are You Sure This Is For Me?’ Face

We have all seen a Christmas with mis-labelled gifts. In the mad rush of Christmas we wrap everyone’s presents and put them in the cupboard before sitting back with a mince pie. However come Christmas morning the gift tags are all over the bottom of the cupboard. All you can do is stick the tags back on and hope for the least embarrassing outcome. Although the look on your brothers face when he opens his new d’Oir perfume is priceless.


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