Is Leptigen A Real Deal Or A Scam?

Weight Loss Pills on white background with tape measure in behind pills

Weight Loss Pills on white background with tape measure in behind pills


Leptigen is a weight loss pill that supposedly has been clinically tested.  The makers claim the two most prominent ingredients are patented and provide a moderate amount of caffeine to boost your metabolism.


The name Leptigen was derived from a hunger-curbing hormone known as leptin.  The hormone helps to regulate your energy level while controlling your appetite.  Leptin is also used to control blood sugar levels, decrease BMI, and reduce fatty tissue.  The question, are these claims backed by actual scientific studies? We will give you the facts regarding Leptigen and other valuable information.


Green Tea Extract:


This is an antioxidant common in tea and is used to increase the metabolism.  Although claims state there are benefits for weight loss, this is probably due to its level of caffeine.  Caffeine is not a long-term effective way for appetite control, over time the effects are greatly diminished.


Green tea extract also contributes to side effects after continual use:



Rapid heart rate


Ringing in the ears



Rashes & itching



There are other problems that can arise from green tea extract, it does not contribute to weight loss, and looses its effectiveness over time.  There have been cases of people experiencing liver damage from green tea extract.  The main reason this cheap ingredient is added to supplements is its antioxidants but it’s unknown if the ingredient is safe.




Manufactured by InterHealth Inc., this is a patented ingredient that is a combination of Garcinia mangostana fruit rind and the sphaeranthus indicus flower.


Due to a lack of studies, there’s no evidence that the  sphaeranthus indicus flower is effective or any support that it should be used.  Garcinia mangostana was reviewed by Web MD and according to them, there is no scientific information regarding this ingredient and whether it actually works or not.  There is no information whether its safe or not and the University of London ran a study and came to the conclusion there is not enough proof that it has any health benefits.


With no information to go by, it’s not certain whether these ingredients would be safe to consume either short-term or long-term.


Natural Caffeine USP:


Leptigen has 75 mg of this stimulant and it’s claimed to increase mental focus, boost the metabolism, and reduce appetite.  Many of the positive effects are greatly reduced after repeated use and can lead to several side effects:


Nausea and digestive problems

Insomnia, restlessness

Rapid heart rate

Increased blood pressure

Cardiovascular damage

Mood swings and irritability

Anxiety, depression, and paranoia

Symptoms of withdrawal

Trembling, spasms, and jitters


If you are on a healthy diet there is no reason to take supplements with niacin and chromium.  These ingredients are already found in foods that are high enough and  added levels can lead to many side effects:


Liver damage and irregular heart rates

Headaches, dizziness

Nausea brought on by irritation of the stomach lining


The Cost:


A one-month supply will cost you $109.95 which is very expensive considering caffeine and green tea extracts are very cheap.  Therefore, the cost is probably related to Meratrim and ChromeMate.  Even though ChromeMate is manufactured from two minerals, you can find it in foods such as eggs, meats, nuts, and vegetables.  Meratrim has not been proven to be effective at all.


Due to the high price, possible side effects, and little to no information on its ingredients, you’d be better off on a diet of healthy foods.


There have been well over 42 complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s site:


Consumers have been tricked into the 14-day trial and have automatically been charged $89.95 for the renewal program.  The company does not honor their money back guarantee and when trying to cancel they have not been able to.


In Conclusion:


The company has a very professional-looking website and they claim their ingredients work.  However, with numerous complaints against the company such as not standing by their money back guarantee, numerous negative reviews of side effects, and weight gain, you’d be better off looking for a safe and effective brand or start a diet of healthy foods.