Why Prudent Small Online Business Owners Choose to Hire Remote DBA Services

Remote DBA ServicesIf you’re the owner of a small business that operates online, you know that information is money. Your business database is one of the most important assets that your business owns. It therefore comes as no surprise that you, along with most other small online business owners, find it difficult to trust your database with remote DBA service providers.

However, what you need to realize is that even though remote DBAs are outsider – when you first meet, at least – it is in your best interest to let experts run your business database for several reasons.

Why hire remote DBA services?

To begin with, they are far better qualified to manage your large business database than you are and might ever be. Admittedly, remote DBA services are not created equal. Nevertheless, even a moderately qualified remote DBA is better placed to run routine maintenance on your database in a way that ensures it performs well, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Hiring a highly experienced and qualified DBA is about getting value for money. Leading remote DBA companies will give you access to a large team of database administration specialists and varying skill levels. At any point, you can call on a DBA’s adequate expertise to carry out routine tasks or resolve issues that typically arise.

The beauty of hiring the services of a remote DBA company is that you only pay for the services you receive and no more. Often, small businesses that have in-house DBAs feel that they are spending more money on the DBAs than they need to, which can be especially problematic if you’re working with an already limited budget.

You need to pay for a 40-hour week plus benefits when, as a small business, you’re only receiving about 20hoursaweek worth of services. Small and medium size enterprises benefit most from flexible and customized solutions that match their administration needs. In simple terms, this is one of the cases in which outsourcing is the most cost-effective option.

Round-the-clock access to DBA services is another one of the benefits of hiring a well-established remote DBA service provider, such as remotedba.com. Your online business is meant to function 24/7 as it serves customers in multiple timezones. Having a system outage during non-business hours can be stressful.

You need not worry about that after contracting remote DBAs who always have a qualified technician ready to resolve any issues at any hour on any day of the week. Knowing that your business always has support gives you peace of mind. Having a DBA work overtime is expensive and, beyond certain hours per day, unethical because they also need to clock out.


Even the most rudimentary research would reveal that, as an online business with a sizable database, hiring a remote DBA service provider to run and maintain your database is the most prudent option in terms of cost and the quality of your database management. It is a worthwhile investment that will reflect in how well your database performs.


Jeremy S. Raynolds has worked as a senior database administrator in the IT industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to database management. Learn more at remotedba.com.

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