Pros and Cons of Marrying a Russian Woman

Cons of Marrying a Russian WomanRussian women drawn attention of western men for quite a long time, but only after the fall of the Soviet regime, men got the chance to get to know those gorgeous females better. Since the arrival of online dating services, a lot of western men got crazed on the idea of dating and marrying a Russian woman. Why? Well, we know that their attitude to life differs greatly from that of western women. But, before going in for hunting for a Slavic beauty, you’d better learn the pros and cons of marrying a Russian woman.


Russian women are respectful

Russia is a patriarchal country, and every woman goes through the patriarchal upbringing. In accordance with that upbringing, man is the central figure in the life of every woman. According to Russian culture, man is the main supplier of the family, while woman’s duty is the housekeeping, cooking and bringing up the children

Russian women are smart

Almost every Russian girl has a university degree. She knows a lot about her country and a lot about cultures and history of other countries. Don’t get shocked when she will tell you something about your country you’ve never heard of. She’s not making something up, it’s you lack of education. But, if you don’t have a lack of education, than marrying a Russian woman means marrying a great conversationalist, with whom you’re unlikely to get bored.

Russian women are great cooks

Russian women are perfect cooks. You’ll never feel hungry and you’ll never be bored with the meals she has to offer. Don’t think that after marrying a Russian woman you are bound exclusively to Russian cuisine. You prefer Chinese or Indian food? She will be eager to cook it for you. Russian women learn to cook whatever you want really quickly, and you both get pleasure.


Russian culture is known for such phenomena as self-sacrifice. In men it shapes as sacrificing their lives in the name of country or in the name of church, while in women it takes the form of the complete devotion to the husband and to the family. Russian women are very loyal, and they are ready to sacrifice anything for you. That’s why leaving homeland for the country of the beloved one is such a common thing for Russian women.



There are a lot of differences in your culture and Russian culture. Thus, you may face problems with your Russian wife not understanding or even criticizing certain aspects of your culture. You need to be patient, to be able to explain to someone else something that was common for you from the very birth.

Language Barrier

Although you can pick the girl with the perfect knowledge of English, but what if you fall in love with someone who knows English on the level of a five-year old child? Once again, you need to have enough patience, to wait until your Russian wife will learn English properly.


Religion is very important for Russian women, so you should forget about forcing her to convert into your religion, unless she expresses her desire to do it.


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