6 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Writing a Book

writing a bookThe process of writing a book is very long and laborious. That’s why you need to spend some time for preparation. Train, write as much as possible, and be inspired by the works of the classics. Without doubts, all the books you read will help you create your own masterpiece. Don’t underestimate your strength and don’t bother yourself with “how to write a book with no experience.” Once, even Joan Rowling was an ordinary housewife and only dreamed of writing a book. Yes, yes, it is based on a true story.

Every person with a good imagination and little efforts can write a book. The book can be created for the purpose of publication or simply become your personal achievement. You can formulate a number of tips on writing a book easily. However, it is much more complicated with requirements you shouldn’t follow while writing a book.

  1. Priceless time

The statement “I’m my own boss” seems attractive only at the first blush. To believe you have no deadlines and have time to do daily duties is wrong. If you have to finish your work in the next decade, learn to organize and plan your work at the very beginning. Make a competent schedule of the task and follow it without excuses.

  1. Don’t seek fame

If you decided to write a book to become rich, then it is better to abandon this idea. For this purpose, you won’t get a good book. Thus, are you a beginner in this business and haven’t yet decided how to start writing a book? First of all, you are doing this for yourself in order to put your thoughts and ideas on paper and breathe life into your story. The world history illustrated that poets and writers, who published their masterpieces only for a narrow circle of people were later glorified throughout the world. Believe, if it is fated, glory will find you.

  1. Without pity

It is necessary not to spare your creation. Edit your text without regret. If you realize that your story has come to a dead-end and you can’t fix it, go back and try to change unnecessary parts. You don’t have to follow the plan strictly; you may implement other attractive ideas for your book. No matter where you are in the process, your muse can beckon you to the other side. Follow your passion — it’s the most pleasant part of the job. In addition, don’t be afraid to make changes, follow your instincts.

  1. Everything at once

Don’t exhaust yourself by trying to write as much as possible in one day. Think about how to write a book in advance. You can learn a lot from Edu Birdie, where professional writers will provide you with a high-quality paper. You have to learn that it is best to write in portions, try to write 10 pages each day. Create a title of each chapter of the book and decide what to expose in each chapter. Thus, you will always know at what stage of the work you are.
In order to follow the plan, come up with a ritual that will help you to write. Famous writers organized rituals for themselves, which helped them to plunge into the work.

  1. Don’t ignore the structure

If you are a beginner, it will be easier to write a book following the common structure. Before you write something, learn to read thoughtfully with a critical approach. The structure of a text, the differences in characters, the construction of the plot and the development of the main hero’s personality — all these things will fall into place if to reflect the critic’s perspective. In such way, you’ll be able to choose an appropriate structure for your own book.

  1. Trifles

You won’t know when inspiration will come from. Each thing has its own story, here’s the subject for your “training.” Try to describe this “notion,” think about the history of this concept and how it appeared in your mind. Write life stories, something from personal experience. People love stories from the personal point of view. Be a good storyteller. Avoid clichés, enduring expressions, and boring official language. Write simple sentences to make a book easy to read. Create and develop your own recognizable style: rhythm, language, visual means.

Now you understand how to write a book, what things you shouldn’t do during this process. Write, train, develop your own style, and you will create something unique and exciting.
Good luck!


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