Sony Xperia Z5: objective impressions of using the phone

Sony Xperia Z5The phone is incredibly thin and features symmetrical design and the large FullHD display. These are just the first few conspicuous advantages to assure you that buying the 2013 flagship Sony Xperia Z5 is worth it. Find Sony Xperia Z5 at the best price –

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Design and usability
Xperia Z5 brings a fresh vision of the company in terms of design that consists of creating symmetrical shapes that look the same from all directions, plus the use of quality materials like tempered glass or durable plastic.

The device looks like a thin bar with a glass front and back surfaces. The appearance of the device is quite laconic due to the plugs on all connectors, so there is only a round power button and a volume button on the case.

The device is extremely convenient in control, its activation key is very good and can be pressed easily.

Xperia Z5 features TFT-matrix with Mobile Bravia 2 software algorithms to improve the image: as a result, the device boasts saturated colors, pleasant shades without any acid hues, and an excellent picture in the sun.

Battery life
Xperia Z5 sports 2330 mah battery which is not a lot. The screen consumes a lot of energy, but the problem is partly solved by the Stamina technology.

Mobile gaming can also quickly deplete the battery in only 3 hours (due to the screen and a powerful chip). However, you can play videos much longer, for about 5 hours.

It should be mentioned that web surfing through 3G will consume the entire charge within 2.5 hours. If you use Wi-Fi, the time will increase to 3.5-4 hours.

The device features a 13 megapixel camera with a number of fashion functions like HDR or an intelligent system that adjusts camera settings depending on the shooting conditions.

You can also shoot decent quality video, though sometimes the focus fails if the subject is

The device sports not a new, but up-to-date 4-core Qualcomm S4 Pro with Adreno 320 graphics accelerator. In principle, it is enough for any present-day games and tasks.

There’s 2 GB of RAM, which is quite good for 2013.

As for the quality of communication, Sony Xperia Z5 has proved to be a good one without problems noticed. A lot of users are impressed with its design and ergonomics as well as the display that is quite suitable for everyday tasks.

Somewhat depressing is the device’s low battery life but the problem can be solved with help of a power bank.






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