Gay-To-Straight Program To Be Used In All Arizona Public School Curriculums Beginning November 1st

Jan Brewer from Arizona speaking about her new gay to straight conversion program which will be implemented in all public school in Arizona.

Governor Jan Brewer from Arizona held a press conference today to speak about her new gay-to-straight conversion program which will be implemented in all Arizona public schools beginning November 1st.

Phoenix, AZ — Beginning November 1st of this year, the state of Arizona is implementing a mandatory school program designed for all children grades K-12 to help homosexual males and women become straight. The controversial conversion therapy will be used in all of Arizona’s 2,325 public school curriculums and is already gathering a large amount of criticism as well as those who approve of the new program.

Paul Horner who is the brain child behind People Can Change spoke with Fox News about their plan to help all the gay children of Arizona. “Since 2000 ‘People Can Change’ has been helping thousands of children resolve their unwanted same-sex attractions. We bring the gay demons out of these individuals so they can become who god intended them to be. Our success and track record speaks for itself,” Horner said. “Facing the reality that you have unwanted homosexual feelings can cause tremendous turmoil – especially as a child whose feelings conflict with deeply held values, beliefs and life goals. But there is a way out. A path that leads them to resolve rather than fight their homosexual feelings. A path to authentic brotherhood and to our innate heterosexual masculinity.”

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who signed off on the the ‘People Can Change’ program told CNN she is excited about the program. “I think this will be an amazing opportunity for gay children to finally learn who they truly are for once in their lives,” Brewer said. “Can you imagine how much more productive these ‘now-straight’ children will be not always being bullied or wondering why god made them defective? What we have done here today is monumental. I can only hope and pray that other states follow suit.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio who runs some of the toughest jails and prisons in the country applauds Brewer’s decision. “Less gays in our jails makes for a smoother running prison system. There will be no more prancing around, along with all the other gay activities that homosexuals like to do,” Arpaio said. “More importantly, we as parents can now sleep a little better at night just knowing there will be less gays out there wandering the streets trying to molest our children. I’m excited about this and I know all Arizonans are too.”

Though not everyone from Arizona feels the same way as Brewer and Arpaio. 32-year-old Katherine Morris from Phoenix whose son Daniel is a 12-year-old homosexual said she does not agree with the program. “My son Daniel is one of the nicest boys in the world. He is the most wonderful and loving child you could ever meet in your life. There’s not a problem with him, there is a problem with this conversion therapy,” Morris said. “I urge all Arizonians to fight back before this curriculum takes effect in November. Call your congressman. Call your senator. We still have time to fix this wrong. Tell them we do not want ‘People Can Change’ in our schools! It’s not only a waste of tax payer money but it is fixing something that is not broken.”

The organization ‘People Can Change’ is located in Ruckersville, Virginia and has hundreds of gay-to-straight camps and therapy conversion facilities all around the country. They have been in operation since May of 2000. ‘People Can Change’ can be contacted at 434-985-8551 or by email at [email protected]



  1. Dennis System says:

    Wow. Only in Arizona

  2. Adam Reynolds says:

    F*ck Jan Brewer and F*ck Joe Arpaio!! I can’t wait until these idiots are out of office!

  3. Janice F. says:

    My son happens to be gay. He is one of the most popular children in his middle school. He is how he is and no therapy or conversion program is going to change that. I’m outraged and I will be contacting both my congressman and senator today!

  4. Benny Limpton says:

    I’m all for this. I know I sure as hell don’t like my son going to school with all those queers. Way to go Jan Brewer!

    • Benny, you are the definition of pure evil. Turn off Fox News and start accepting people for who they are

      • Patrick Robertson says:

        Look, there are certain rules that God wants us to live by. The Apostle Paul told us that queers are worthy of death in Romans 1, and not to trust Jews in Titus 1. I support any effort to keep people from becoming queers or Jews. What better use could we possibly make of public education than promoting a better life for every single child?

  5. Joi-Ann Taggart says:

    AZ teen suicide rate will skyrocket.

  6. I demand justice!

  7. ation esto says:

    One more reason to never even drive through Assizona. With any luck all the decent folk in Assizona will figure out they aren’t welcome there and move.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This article makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. For real though says:

    F*ck Joe Arpaio!!!!!!

  10. That shit should never be talked about in schools… Niether should blacks and whites mixing.. Its just wrong and unamerican

  11. These idiots will see their mistake when the LGBTQ depression and suicide rate increase to a ridiculous number. Most of us are already bullied and it’s hard enough to try living day to day with severe anxiety and depression. Now we have to take lessons that are meant to teach us not to be ourselves and things that only make us feel useless. I dont understand how one can support a cause like this.

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