Hilarious Ideas For Pranking People On April Fool’s Day

Ideas for pranks on April Fool's Day

Fun ideas for pranking people on April Fool’s Day.

It is getting close to April Fool’s Day, the best day of the year. Here is some fun ideas to make your ‘prank day’ the best day it can possibly be!

1. If you are a guy, put a banana in your pants and see if anyone notices. If you are a girl, put balloons in your bra. People will definitely do a double take!

2. Dump an entire tube of glitter into the shampoo of the person you are living with. Watch the surprised look on their face when their body is covered head to toe with glitter.

3. If you work in an office, cover the sensor on everyone’s optical mouse with tape. Then change everyone’s background to rotate through images with one of them being porn. Then on everyone’s computer change the Windows startup sound to a 5 hour long mix that you have created. Include groaning, whispers, crying, cricket noises, anything you can think of. Get creative! Just make sure in between the sounds leave 10-20 minutes of silence to really freak them out. Then set fire to the building leaving no evidence behind. Make sure to frame your as*hole co-worker Paul Horner, or whatever his or her name may be. Nothing is funnier than someone serving 10-15 years in prison for a crime they did not commit!

4. Build a meth lab. Use your crystal meth that you make to sell to children at elementary schools and various parks. Get women in your neighborhood addicted to the drug and then whore them out for money. It will be a prank that will ensure fun and excitement year round!

5. If you are a female and give birth to a child of a different skin color, tell your husband that it was immaculate conception. Your husband will be so proud that you are bringing into this world the second coming of Jesus Christ. Also as a side note, it’s important to point out that this event was the first recorded ‘cheating wife excuse story’ in history, that just got way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, waaaaaaay out of hand.

Anyway, good luck, stay safe and have fun!

Fun fact: I actually did standup comedy of what you just read. Enjoy!

… or don’t, whatever. I’m the one with the sweet website and you’re just sitting behind your desk masturbating.


  1. I think some of these might be illegal

  2. Dennis System says:

    I’m going to use that meth lab one… classic


  4. I’ve actually done most of these… so many laughs… and police chases etc etc

  5. immaculate conception… the cheating wife story that just got waaaaaaaaaaaay out of hand

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