Candy Crush Saga Killer Strikes Again

Candy Crush Saga Killer strikes again

The ‘Candy Crush Saga Killer’ has struck again. This time 34-year-old Shilda Vafaei was the unfortunate victim.

Phoenix, AZ — What was supposed to be a fun game on Facebook has instilled terror and fear among the citizens of Phoenix, Arizona as the infamous ‘Candy Crush Saga Killer’ has struck once again.

The latest victim is 34-year-old Shilda Vafaei who was known to play Candy Crush Saga for days on end and send out hundreds of game requests to her friends on Facebook. “Shilda Vafaei makes victim number seven in the last three months,” Michael Spielman of the Phoenix Police Department said. “I urge the people of Phoenix to stop sending Candy Crush Saga game requests immediately until the killer has been apprehended.” Spielman continued, “Even when this individual has been apprehended, please continue not sending game requests. It will just make your friends hate you and someone will end up getting killed again.”

Greg Tidrow from Phoenix, Arizona who lived next to the victim explained what Candy Crush Saga is to reporters. “Candy Crush Saga is like Bejeweled, but with candy!”

Local Phoenix resident Paul Horner told reporters that he receives Candy Crush Saga game requests all the time. “My male friend, who I thought was straight, Ivan Schleinkofer, sent me a request to play this game with him. Is he gay for me I thought, or is this a normal game males play together? When I was growing up, my male friends and I played Contra and blew sh*t up. It was all about Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right B, A, Start,” Horner said. “This killer probably was sent too many Candy Crush Saga game requests and just snapped and I don’t blame him. One more request and I just might start candy crushing some skulls.”

So far the police have no leads. If you have any information about this case, Phoenix Police are urging you to contact Silent Witness at (785) 273-0325. As always you can remain anonymous.


  1. I’m not going to lie. I’m rooting for this killer.

  2. Anonymous says:

  3. Candy Crush Saga Killer fan says:

    I get like 15 of these requests a day. I too am rooting for the killer

  4. My fiancee plays this every night before bed. I have to fall asleep listening to this game’s horrible sounds.

  5. Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat says:

  6. Debbie R. says:

    I don’t think this is a true article. That picture in the story looks like that movie Seven… and I think that is Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in the picture. What kind of news agency are you running here?

  7. Why do people kill other people over such stupid things as a Facebook game?

  8. diggits says:

    Omg !!!! :-(

  9. now i try not to send Candy Crush saga invites to anyone 😛

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