Don’t Be Afraid Of Love!

Don't be afraid of love
Hello fans of Super Official News,

I just put up this site called and I think you’ll love it!

It consist of 5 second videos of people shouting the word “LOVE!” or something of that nature at someone and then you see the person’s face and it’s really funny.

What to do:

1. Take a 5 second video scaring someone by shouting the word “LOVE” and then getting their reaction.

2. Upload the video to Youtube or whatever video hosting provider you prefer.

3. Submit link of video here and it will be posted for all to see.

4. Profit!

Feel free to add your name and any other information you would like posted with your video. Youtube works the best for this but whatever you would like to use is just fine.

Let’s make this legendarily funny and always remember, don’t be afraid of love.


Paul Horner

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