Clay Aiken Shot In The Face

Clay Aiken

A Lego rendition of Clay Aiken taken just seconds before he was shot in the face at his New York City Penthouse on Saturday. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File) / AP

New York City, NY — The Twittersphere is in a buzz with hashtags such as #AIKEN4EVER and #AIKENSHOTINFACE, after former “American Idol” star Clay Aiken was found dead with an apparent gun shot to the face. Police are ruling out suicide as the bullet entered through the glass window of Aiken’s New York City Penthouse.

“This was obviously done by some kind of sniper who did not like Aiken, and for good reason,” Police Detective Paul Horner told CNN Saturday morning. “The assassin was probably was a ninja dressed in black, or something super stealth, who really hated Clay Aiken. It’s too bad for Aiken that he was not wearing a bullet-proof vest. I’m sure there were talks of investing in one but those talks unfortunately came too late for Aiken.”

“He was just so g**damn gay, and then they killed him,” long-time person Keven Sanders of Las Vegas said. “Whenever someone would talk about Clay Aiken, the conversation would always start off about how many dudes he probably slept with and if he always wore a bullet proof vest, and if he wore the bullet proof vest while sleeping with the dudes. Everyone knew this was eventually going to happen.”

“We loved him so much,” 37-year-old Matthew Davis and his mother 67-year-old Martha Davis screamed. “It wouldn’t have even mattered if he always wore a bullet proof vest because a bullet proof vest doesn’t protect your face from being shot.” They then they proceeded to sing one of Aiken’s gay songs about rainbows or humanity or something.

Aiken was extremely popular with older lonely woman who were attracted to him or wanted him as their virtual child and men of all ages. Aiken was on the verge of securing the Democratic nomination Friday in North Carolina’s 2nd district, just three days after appearing to win the primary. The killer is described as a ninja in black possibly part of an elite sniper team. Any information please contact Detective Horner at (785) 273-0325. As always, you can remain anonymous.

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