Christian Waitress Stiffed By “Proud Gay Muslim”

Image of the receipt a Minnesota Perkins waitress received from a dining customer this week.

Apple Valley, MN — A Minnesota waitress got an unwelcome surprise this week when instead of getting a tip she received a disturbing note mocking her faith. It all happened at the Perkins Restaurant in Apple Valley where 37-year-old Shelly Anderson has worked as a waitress for over three years.

“I served this gentlemen and his friend. They said the service was excellent. When they paid I went back to clean up the table and that’s when I saw what one of them had written on the receipt. My heart just sank,” said Anderson. “My husband just got laid off from his job. It’s tough enough being a mother of two while having a full time job to support your family without also being ridiculed for your religious beliefs. I’m a god-fearing Christian and I’m not afraid to show it. I wear my crucifix with pride.”

On the receipt in question the words were written, ‘I don’t tip women especially ones who believe in a talking snake! From a proud gay Muslim’. The receipt then listed the tip as ‘zero’.

Anderson told CNN she believes the men knew she was Christian because of the crucifix around her neck. “I don’t ever talk about my beliefs with the customers. I just wear the cross around my neck, that’s it. For them to not tip because I’m a Christian woman is ridiculous.”

Perkins manager Ted Barkins told reporters his restaurant has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to religious discrimination. “We don’t allow that type of behavior from our servers or our customers. Shelly is a great person and hard worker. She did not deserve what these men did.”

The Apple Valley Police Department is looking into this incident as a hate crime. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Inspector Phelps at (785) 273-0325. As always you can remain anonymous.


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