DoctorFreedom Is A Scammer – Do NOT Use On Agora

Doctor Freedom on Agora is a scammerDoctorFreedom on the Agora marketplace is a scammer. He will take your Bitcoins and you will not get your product. You can check DoctorFreedom’s reviews also, very shady. Once in a while they deliver.

With me, they just took my Bitcoins, never delivered and will not respond to my messages. So, this is a warning to not use.

I contacted Agora support. They didn’t respond. I contacted Agora support again, this was their response:

“Please do not spam to support or we will have to punish you.”

There is so many better vendors on Agora to use that actually communicate with you, provide tracking numbers (which DoctorFreedom never did) and will get you your product.

This is a warning, DoctorFreedom is a scammer. Use him if you want to lose your Bitcoins and not get your items in the mail.

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