Why George Zimmerman Is Guilty And Should Be In Prison

Why George Zimmerman is guilty and should be in prison for killing Trayvon Martin - Everyone needs to stop protesting the wrong thing

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman disobeyed police orders. The 911 dispatcher told him not to follow Martin. Instead he’s like, “No, I got this.” … “I’m going to get out of my car in a dark alley and confront some random 6’3″ tall, 160 lb thug-looking black guy in a hoodie”…

For Zimmerman to be found not guilty on all charges is just plain stupid. The judge is stupid and the jury are f*cking r*tards. Should he be found guilty of murder? I dunno? Not really enough info based on self defense and that stand your ground law. Should he be found guilty of being a f*cking idiot? YES. Big time yes.

He should have been found guilty of manslaughter or something. Everything that happened after this f*cking moron got out of his car is irrelevant. No matter what he did or what Trayvon Martin did, it doesn’t matter. He disobeyed police orders and was a complete idiot for getting out of his car and being a vigilante.

I see a lot of black people today rioting and protesting his not guilty verdict, but based on what Zimmerman did after he got out of his car. That is F*CKING stupid. Trayvon was beating the shit out of Zimmerman. Zimmerman then had a right to defend himself according to state law, even using lethal force. That’s stupid to protest that. Trayvon was not a 80 lb innocent 12 year old. He was a 6’3″ wanna-be gangster.

This whole verdict makes me so sick, from both sides. I just read another article about black people and Jesse Jackson pissed off that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and “got away with murder”. Are all these people retarded or do they only see black and white?

Zimmerman was a non racist good person who saw a 6’3″ tall black thug in a hoodie in a gated community looking suspicious. As a block captain he had every right to call the cops and report suspicious activity. And then after that, it all goes wrong. Those people should be protesting his vigilante actions and disobeying police requests to “NOT FOLLOW”. How can you protest a 6’3″ 160 lb wanna be gangster beating the shit out of Zimmerman and then Zimmerman “standing his ground” by using lethal force- which is legal but it’s a ground he should have never been at in the first place.

AND, this trial and event that took place has NOTHING to do with race. To confront some random 6’3″ tall, 160 lb black guy in a hoodie in a dark alley; you would have to be out of your f*cking mind. Same thing goes with confronting a random 6’3″ tall, 160 lb white guy in a hoodie in a dark alley… out of your go*damn mind. THEY are a ‘random’ individual. You do not know their state of mind or what weapons may be on their person.

You protest Zimmerman being a f*cking idiot. You protest Zimmerman not getting manslaughter charges or 2nd or 3rd degree murder charges. You protest that Zimmerman will still be able to be block captain, report suspicious activity, and take matters into his own hands again when specifically being told not to. How many more people will Zimmerman kill after this because he obviously doesn’t listen to the authorities. You protest that Zimmerman is allowed to leave his house and be a f*cking retard again where someone ends up dead again because of his retardedness.

Zimmerman should be in prison or on house arrest forever. He should never be allowed to own a car again. He should not be allowed to be a block captain ever. He should be punished for disobeying police; getting out of his car and starting what turned into some wanna-be-gangster getting killed… ALL OF IT completely unnecessary. It’s just not right. The judge is a r*tard and the jury are r*tards. Justice was not served and you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand why. It’s a simple case of “Zimmerman got out of his car and took the law into his own hands”. He needs to be punished for his actions. F*cking DUH.

What it all comes down to with the Martin / Zimmerman incident… Would Martin still be alive if Zimmerman would have stayed in his car and not follow Martin like he was ordered to by law enforcement? YES. What is the punishment that Zimmerman should receive? I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer,  judge or jury. Should he receive some kind of manslaughter punishment or 2nd or 3rd degree murder charge? OF COURSE. 100%.

~ By Paul Horner

Paul Horner is the author of every article on this website. All the articles on this site are parody or hoaxes. This article is real. I was pissed, so I said a lot of swear words. It was fun.

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New Trayvon Martin Photos Emerge

The Ass Press
Posted: 04/05/2012 06:00:35 AM PDT

New Trayvon Martin imagesSanford, Fla— New pictures and information, released by Matt Drudge from the Drudge Report, show a completely different side to the Trayvon Martin that we’ve been seeing portrayed by most of the media. “These innocent child hood photos of Trayvon, being shown in the news, are just not who he actually was. The photos we’ve obtained indicate that he was a lot more than just some young kid going to high school. More than likely he was a 7’2, 480 lbs professional football player, though we’re not exactly sure what team he played for. Our editors are working around the clock on putting all the pieces together,” says Drudge. “We also have obtained new information about George Zimmerman. The ‘tough guy’ pictures showing Zimmerman in an orange jumpsuit are about as inaccurate as you can get. Reliable sources now tell us he is likely a 3’6 Asian dwarf who was lured to the dark alleys of his neighborhood by the scent of Skittles.”

Paul Horner from the NAACP said, “These actions by Matt Drudge are unforgivable. The pictures he posted to his website aren’t even that good. One of them is just an image of Al Pacino from the movie Scarface Photoshopped with Trayvon’s face on it. This is a blatant attempt to make Trayvon out to be someone that he was not. It’s truly disgusting, just horrible Photoshop work.”

“You have to question everything the liberal media tells you,” says Drudge. “Our sources tell us that besides moonlighting as security for rapper 50 Cent, Trayvon Martin also belonged to a biker gang that smuggled marijuana out of Tijuana. Did you read about any of those stories on MSNBC or CNN? I don’t think so.”

Matt Drudge said he has no plans on pulling the pictures from the website. “I mean, look at the rest of the site. It’s a propaganda machine used to make Americans afraid, and we’re doing a pretty good job of it.” He goes on to say, “I think pulling these images, no matter how fabricated they may or may not be, would go against everything that the site is about. Plus we’re too busy right now trying get the American people excited about a possible war with Iran. Once we start bombing Iran, ask me nicely about pulling those photos and maybe I’ll think about it.”