Porn Found On ObamaCare Website

Porn images and pornography found on the ObamaCare website

Users of report finding pornographic material on a number of their signup pages.

Washington, DC — More bad news for ObamaCare as users of its website report finding pornographic material on a number of their signup pages. CGI Federal, the IT contractor responsible for the site said the obscene content was uploaded by a disgruntled employee.

Ken Renynolds who is a spokesman for CGI Federal told CNN the problem with the site has been resolved. “This is an isolated incident,” Reynolds said. “The employee responsible for the obscene material has since been terminated. One bad apple does not speak for an entire company. I assure the American people that their privacy and information is safe and secure as always.”

The graphic material was viewable Friday evening between 8PM – 9PM PST. Users reported the images to customer support which then had the content removed from the server.

This is not the first problem CGI Federal and the ObamaCare website has had since going live. Following the October 1, 2013 launch of open-registration under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the company came under intense media scrutiny after users were prevented from logging in and signing up. Many Americans have also complained of increased rate hikes due to their old insurance plan being canceled.

CGI Federal won the $93.7 million job over 3 other companies in 2011. CGI Federal is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canadian firm CGI Group, which was founded in Quebec City in 1976 by Serge Godin and Andre Imbeau.

Warning: Graphic material – Screenshots of the pornographic images on which have since been removed – Click image to enlarge

Porn on ObamaCare website
Porn on ObamaCare website
Porn on ObamaCare website


Obama Announces New Guns Or Drones Program

President Obama explaining the Guns or Drones program

President Obama explaining the new ‘Guns or Drones’ program that takes effect March 1st.

Washington, DC — President Obama held a press conference today to announce his new Guns or Drones program. The program was implemented so that gun owners who possess any of the guns under Feinstein’s Legislation are closely monitored 24/7 by military drones. This comes as shocking news since most of the nation is still in a heated debate about gun control and the idea of drones killing American citizens.

Obama explained why the new Guns or Drones program is necessary and how it will benefit society. “Folks, the guns listed under Feinstein’s Legislation are dangerous weapons. There is no reason any non-military personnel should have these types of weapons on their person,” Obama said. “This is not about the second amendment or limiting an individual’s personal freedom. This is about keeping are streets, neighborhoods and children safe, and the Guns or Drones program will do exactly that.”

Paul Horner who is a spokesman for the Obama Administration explained further how the Guns or Drones program will work. “Any household not surrendering their soon to be illegal firearms will be put on the National Drone List or NDL. Their house will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by military drones flying overhead. If our drone surveillance team notices any unusual activity coming from your residence, working alongside with local authorities, military action can and will be taken.”

38-year-old DeShawn Johnson from Detroit, Michigan said he does not approve of the new Guns or Drones program. “They ain’t getting my MAC-10, I can tell you that for damn sure. It’s like that Mack 10 song, Ice Cube is the lick Westside is the click, can’t get enough of this gangsta sh*t,” Johnson said. “They come up in this b*tch and try flyin’ drones over my hood and it’s R.I.P. n*gga.”

The Guns or Drones program will go into effect beginning March 1st of this year. To comply and find a location to turn in your firearm(s), the Obama Administration has setup up a 24 hour hotline to answer any of your questions: 785-273-0325.

Obama Says He Will Free The Sh*t Out Of Australia After Trillions Of Dollars Of Oil Has Been Discovered In The Region

Obama speaking about Australia's oil

Obama spoke to reporters today about freeing Australia from whatever tyranny has plagued their country for years.

Washington, D.C. — Today a $20 trillion oil basin was discovered in Australia, set to turn the country from importer to mass exporter. In what American politicians are calling just a coincidence, Obama held a press conference today saying that priority number one for America right now is providing Australia with a “sh*t ton more democracy”.

“The people of Australia need our help now more than ever,” said Obama. “Folks, I watch the Discovery Channel. I have seen the huge spiders, poisonous frogs and dangerous snakes that live in Australia. We need to focus our total resources on helping these people keep a strong democracy while insects of mass destruction, or IMD’s, crawl around wreaking havoc.”

Paul Horner who is a military adviser for the Obama administration told reporters that Australia has been a dangerous threat to the rest of the world for years. “Most people are not aware of this,” Horner said, “But water in sinks and the toilets in Australia swirl the opposite direction than they do here in America. If that’s not defiance and a clear declaration of war, I don’t know what is.”

21-year-old Corey Worthington from Melbourne, who gained national fame from an interview on an Australian news station about a party he threw in 2008 for hundreds of kids while his parents were on holiday, said he believes America should reconsider their plans for Australia. “I think America should just f*ck off, that’s what I think they should do,” said Worthington. “They should mind their own go*damn business and stop making excuses to steal everyone’s oil. That’s our oil, the f*ckin’ c*nts they are.”

The oil discovery in South Australia is capable of producing 3.5 billion to 233 billion barrels of oil, enough to turn Australia into a self-sufficient fuel producer. State Mineral Resources Development Minister Kyle Brock told reporters that these were exciting times for the country and their possible future in the highly profitable oil industry. “Everything will be just fine as long as America doesn’t come in here and steal all our sh*t.”