Facebook Drug Task Force Will Begin Monitoring All Messages October 1st

Facebook Drug Task Force or the FDTF

Mark Zuckerberg speaking to reporters about the new Facebook Drug Task Force or FDTF which will begin monitoring all messages in October. (AP Photo/Dennis System, File) / AP

Menlo Park, CA — The Facebook Drug Task Force or FDTF, will begin monitoring all Facebook postings and messages of its users for drug activity beginning October 1st.

Chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, spoke with CNN about the FDTF. “The task force was created to keep users of Facebook safe,” Zucckerberg said. “The FDTF will be working directly with the Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement agencies. We’re gonna put away the bad guys.” Zuckerberg continued, “Online crime has risen to all-time highs. As the world’s number one social networking site I feel it is our job to protect our users from such deadly things as drugs.”

Paul Horner, spokesman for the DEA, told reporters he is excited to see Facebook going forward with their decision to implement a drug task force. “I’m thrilled,” Horner said. “We’re going to get all the drug pushers and dope addicts off Facebook once and for all. The marijuana junkies think they can socialize on the line with their fellow druggies, well, not on my watch. We’re gonna read their messages, we’re gonna build cases against them, and we’re gonna put em’ all in prison. It’s going to be beautiful.”


Facebook Whistleblower Says Fake Accounts Makeup Half Of All Current Users

Bill Murray saves a child in London, England from certain death

Paul Horner seen here (not his real name) talks to the BBC News about Facebook and their hundreds of thousands of fake accounts.

London, England — An insider working at the offices of Facebook in London, England told the BBC News today that almost half the accounts on Facebook are fake. He said these shill accounts are known to exist and Facebook is fully aware of them yet does nothing to delete them.

Paul Horner (not his real name) told the BBC that the shill accounts are not deleted for the sole purpose of keeping Facebook’s stock price up. “I think it is wrong what Facebook is doing and it’s finally time that someone came forward to expose this scam and that someone is me,” Horner said. “Facebook claims it has over 1 billion active monthly users. The real numbers are closer to 600,000 at the most. If that news were made public the stock price would plummet, so Facebook is careful not to take action against the fake accounts or to disclose that information.”

Horner then went on to list the sites with the most fake users on Facebook. “With the private data that I have personally seen, the pages that have the most fake users are the ones belonging to Fox News, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Bill O’ReillyRush Limbaugh, Rick Perry, Michele Bachman & Sarah Palin just to name some of the top offenders,” Horner said. “The fake users are easy to spot on their pages. Anyone agreeing with these people or telling them how much they love and appreciate what they are doing for America; that is a dead giveaway.” Horner continued, “All the Tea Party fan pages out there, those are 80-90% fake users. There is just not that much hate in the world for pages like those to have the numbers they do, and the companies that fund those pages know that too. So they create thousands of fake accounts and pay people with no morals to work their agendas using those shill accounts. Or they just let the shill account stay inactive but it gives the page the appearance of having more users than it actually does.”

Horner finished the interview by telling the BBC News where he got his inspiration to be a whistleblower. “If Edward Snowden has the courage to come forward and expose the NSA, then I can do the same in exposing Facebook.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could not be reached for comment at the time of this press release. Facebook, Inc., ticker symbol FB, is currently trading at 23.48 -0.25‎ (-1.04%‎).


Facebook News: Randi Zuckerberg Suing Brother Mark Zuckerberg For Lack Of Privacy Over Pictures Posted

Facebook keeps claiming it's privacy setting are secure, but now the sister of CEO Mark Zuckerberhg is suing Facebook for lack of privacy.

Facebook continues to claim its privacy settings are secure. All of that may change since the sister of CEO Mark Zuckerberg is suing Facebook for lack of privacy.

Silicon Valley, CA — After pictures of Mark Zuckerberg’s sister surfaced on the internet today, Randi Zuckerberg says she is suing her brother for lack of privacy on Facebook.

“I thought when I posted my pictures and personal information on Facebook no one could see that,” says Zuckerberg. “Well, I guess I was wrong. I can’t even trust my own brother.” Zuckerberg continued, “When you post something on the internet you should be able to feel that your pictures or information is safe from creeps. Well, I guess not even on my brother’s fun little website.”

Mark Zuckerberg told reporters he was offended by his sister and her comments. “If she wants to go to war over this, then bring it,” Zuckerberg said. “I’m Facebook. She’s my sister. You do the math on that one.”

Privacy issues have been a big issue lately with Facebook says New York Times editor Paul Horner. “Facebook is selling your personal and private information. They own you,” says Horner. “Then the sister of the guy who owns Facebook sues his own brother for privacy issues because he can’t keep her pictures and personal information safe? All I can say is grab a bucket of popcorn and watch the train wreck unfold.”

At this time it is still unclear what amount of money or damages Randi Zuckerberg is suing for. Facebook has yet to release a statement.

One of the pictures by Randi Zuckerberg that was supposed to remain unseen:
Facebook: Randi Zuckerberg Suing Brother Mark Zuckerberg For Lack Of Privacy Over Pictures Posted

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