Governor Jan Brewer Threatens Lawsuit Against Hoax Author Who Claimed She Supports Mandatory Gay Conversion Classes For Children

Jan Brewer from Arizona speaking about her new gay to straight conversion program which will be implemented in all public school in Arizona.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is threatening a lawsuit against the culprit behind the hoax yesterday which had the internet up in arms.

Phoenix, AZ — Governor Jan Brewer’s spokesman Andrew Wilder held a press conference this morning with reporters announcing news of a possible lawsuit against Phoenix, Arizona resident 34-year-old Paul Horner. Horner was the culprit behind yesterday’s hoax which had the internet up in arms. The satirical article stated that Brewer signed off on a bill implementing a mandatory school program designed for all Arizona children grades K-12 requiring all homosexual males and females to become straight.

Brewer’s office did not see the humor in such a stunt, and denounced the suggestion that the governor would target young people with such a discriminatory program: “It’s a completely phony and vile report, and its authors should be ashamed,” Wilder told the Arizona Republic yesterday.

“This lawsuit is real and is nothing to be taken lightly,” Wilder told CNN. “If the author of the article in question wants to avoid legal action, we are asking him to immediately remove the story from National Report and cease and desist any further foolishness of this nature against the governor.” Wilder continued, “Governor Brewer also expects a full and sincere apology, no less than 1,000 words long. This is to help compensate the harm and mayhem his ridiculous article caused the great state of Arizona and to the Governor’s Office. Mr. Horner can either post a public apology on his Super Official News website, National Report, his Facebook page located at or contact the governor directly at”

These are tweets recently posted by the three parties involved in response to the fake article posted by Mr. Horner yesterday

Governor Jan Brewer tweet about Paul Horner and hoax article

People Can Change tweet about hoax article and Paul Horner

Joe Arpaio tweet about Paul Horner and hoax article about Jan Brewer

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To read Horner’s satirical article that is making such waves in the Governor’s Office and around the web, you can view it here.

Christopher Walken Confesses To Being The Culprit Behind The Banksy Arrest Hoax

Christopher Walken Confesses To Being The Culprit Behind The Banksy Arrest Hoax On Friday

Christopher Walken seen here from his ‘More cowbell’ sketch from SNL admits to being the one behind the Banksy arrest hoax.

Hollywood, CA — Actor Christopher Walken held a press conference for reporters today at his home in Wilton, Connecticut to reveal that he was in fact the one behind the Banksy arrest hoax that fooled the internet on Friday. The hoax was in the form of a press release reportedly stating that graffiti artist Banksy had been arrested by police in London and that his identity had been revealed. The press release was quickly discovered to be a hoax but not before the story had already been picked up by major news sources and had spread throughout popular social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“I just want to say, I’m sorry and I didn’t mean to ruin anyone’s day. I love Banksy. I actually have a few pieces of his artwork in my own private collection,” Walken told reporters. “The story I wrote… it was just for fun, just for a few laughs, and that’s all. That press release site, PRlog, they let you post anything you want, for free. I could write about your mom, having sexual intercourse, with multiple partners, for money. I could write about aliens, scary ones, possibly erotic ones. Anything you want to write about, and they will post it. From stories about jaguars lurking in the jungle at night to questionable boating mishaps, whatever, and they will post it.”

34-year-old Paul Horner from Phoenix, Arizona told reporters he did not appreciate Walken’s hoax. “The name of the person he used as Banksy’s true identity was Paul Horner. Well, that’s my name,” Horner said. “I must have gotten at least a hundred phone calls yesterday asking me if I was actually Banksy or if I was locked up in some jail in London,” Horner said. “I love Christopher Walken, but this time he’s just gone too far.”

Walken went on to tell reporters his favorite part of the hoax. “After my story went huge, all around the internet, I found some amusing things happening. The Business Insider actually made a phone call to London’s Metropolitan Police asking if Banksy was being held there in a jail cell. That made me laugh,” Walken said. “I’m still a little angry with PRlog. They deleted my story, after 50,000 people or so had viewed it. I tried asking them why, and then they deleted my account. That’s not a good way to do business if you were to ask me.”

Walken says he has no plans for any future press releases at this time but does admit he likes the idea of “fooling the internet” and might pursue it more often down the road.