Man Sues Friend Over Stealing His Facebook Cover Photo For $1.2 Million

Facebook cover photo lawsuit in Arizona

An Arizona man is suing his friend for $1.2 million over a Facebook cover photo he allegedly used without his permission.

Phoenix, AZ — An Arizona man is suing a friend of his for $1.2 million for allegedly using his Facebook cover photo without his permission. The photo in question is from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, a 1968 science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

34-year-old Kyle Brock who is suing Arizona resident Paul Horner told reporters the reason behind the lawsuit. “Paul is always trying to one-up me. I worked really hard finding that unique picture, and he just comes along and uses it,” says Brock. “I took the time to find something to be original, and he used it without giving me credit. He also erased my comments on his page when I complained about it. Since then I’ve been hiding all my posts from him so he doesn’t steal any of my ideas again.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” says Horner. “I Photoshopped out the part of the monkey and put it on my Facebook cover photo. Like, oh no one has ever seen the movie Space Odyssey 2001 before, how original.”

A Facebook cover photo is the large photo at the top of a Facebook timeline, right above an individual’s profile picture. Initial court proceedings of the lawsuit ‘Brock vs Horner’ begin January 28th at the U.S. District Court of Arizona in downtown Phoenix.

This is the original Facebook cover photo that was used by Brock:
Facebook cover photo lawsuit

This is the original Facebook cover photo that was used by Horner:
Facebook cover photo lawsuit

This is the new Facebook cover photo created and used by Horner that is at the center of this lawsuit:
Facebook cover photo lawsuit

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