Bill Murray Is Hero After Saving Child’s Life From Oncoming Traffic

Bill Murray saves a child in London, England from certain death

Bill Murray is a hero after he saves the life of a child in London, England today from certain death. (AP Photo/David Hatala)

London, England — What is Bill Murray not capable of doing? According to Fox News and NBC, that is the question being asked by London residents and police today as Murray saved the life of a 9-year-old girl from certain death after he pushed her out of the way at the last second of a semi-truck that was barreling down on the young girl at full speed.

36-year-old Paul Horner, who is in London on business, witnessed the near fatal accident, and told the BBC News about what he saw.

“Yeah, it was horrifying. I saw this little girl standing in the middle of road on her phone and this truck was just going full speed, right towards this poor girl. Then out of nowhere this man pushed her out of the way at the last second saving her life,” Horner said. “So I ran over to them to see if they were alright and to my amazement I see that the girl was perfectly fine and the guy who saved her was none other than Bill Murray! It was Bill frickin’ Murray who saved this kids life!” Horner continued, “That guy is always doing something awesome whether it’s making movies, playing golf with the pros, crashing random parties, bartending with RZA and GZA from the Wu Tang Claneating french fries off the tables of random people or saving lives! He’s everywhere!”

9-year-old Courtney Groves from Bristol, England told reporters about her near death experience.

“I was just playing Zombie Playground, it’s like my favorite game, and wasn’t paying attention to the cars around me. Thank you Mr. Murray for saving my life today,” Groves said. “He even sat down with me and helped me finish the level I was playing. We got a perfect score! He told me that he was in a movie years ago about a zombie, just like my game! I didn’t know what he was talking about but Bill Murray liked my game and he saved my life so I thought that was really neat!”

Murray spoke briefly to reporters about the incident.

“I’m no hero, I was just in the right place at the right time. I think anyone else in my position would have done the same,” Murray said. “Courtney is a great kid. We talked for a while. She even let me play her game on her phone. I told her the next time you wanna play video games, don’t do it in the middle of traffic.”

Tweet from Boris Johnson the Mayor of London about Bill Murray

25-year-old Brian Barth who is a game developer on the Zombie Playground™ team told CNN that he is thrilled the child was not injured.

“It’s an amazing thing that Bill Murray was there to save her life.” Barth said. “It feels really good when someone plays a game you helped create, had a hand in developing; it’s just not a game meant to be played in the middle of traffic, that’s for sure, well unless Bill Murray is there,” Barth laughs.

Boris Johnson who is the Mayor of London told reporters how proud he is to have Murray currently in his city.

“This is a day for everyone in London to celebrate Bill Murray,” Johnson said. “Most blokes would have just stood there like an arse and let that poor girl get run over, but not Mr. Murray. So it is decided, for his bravery we are throwing him a parade and awarding him a key to the city. Today is Bill Murray day in London!”

Murray was in London visiting friends and sightseeing when this near-tragic event took place. Murray says he plans to stay in London for another week and then is off to Japan to finish up work on a new project. Police say alcohol was a factor in this near-fatal tragedy.

Bill Murray Signs On For Ghostbusters 3

Bill Murray signed on for Ghostbusters 3Hollywood, CA — Ghostbuster’s fans around the world are celebrating as it has just been confirmed by that Bill Murray has signed on to do Ghostbusters 3.

For years it has been unclear whether Murray would be joining the rest of the cast, which includes Harold Ramis as Dr. Egon Spengler and Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Raymond Stantz, or even if the movie would ever be made at all. In September on the red carpet at “Hyde Park on Hudson” Bill Murray admitted there was another Ghostbuster’s script in the works and that he was considering it.

Ramis told reporters how he had received word that Murray was agreeing to the project. “Yeah, it was kind of crazy,” Ramis said. “Just out of nowhere, I get a phone call from Bill at almost three in the morning on Thursday and he simply said, ‘Yeah, ok, I’m in’. That’s Bill Murray for you. Surprising and straight to the point.” Ramis continued, “Bill also said a major factor in his decision to do the movie had been all the support he received from fans during his 29 city ‘Party Crashing Tour‘ earlier this year.”

26-year-old Kaiser Solzie attended one of the parties that Murray appeared at during the tour. “In Austin I actually got to talk with him for a few minutes, what a cool guy,” Solzie says. “I said Ghostbusters 3 wouldn’t be the same without you. He told me if he did decide to do it, I could have a role in the movie.” Solzie laughs, “Now that Bill is doing the movie I sure hope he doesn’t forget what he said to me.”

Paul Horner who is one of the co-writers that assisted Etan Cohen in writing the script had heard that Murray could possibly be a part of the third movie. “Word through the grapevine was that Murray enjoyed reading our script that was passed along to him a few months ago. As for if he was going to be a part of it, well that was the million-dollar question,” Horner said. “The writers, the cast, the fans… everyone is truly excited for this to have finally all come together.”

Ivan Reitman, who directed Ghostbusters 1 & 2, will return once again to direct this highly anticipated film. Returning stars from the original movie are Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett and it’s said Rick Moranis could come out of retirement to perform as Louis Tully. Possible new faces for the project are Ashton Kutcher, Seth Rogen and Vincent Kartheiser.

Shooting for Ghostbusters 3 is said to begin in the fall of 2013, but now with Murray on board, filming for the movie could start as soon as February of next year.

Bill Murray Announces Party Crashing Tour

The Ass Press
Posted: 07/9/2012 6:00:14 PM PDT

Bill Murray party crashing tourNew York, NY — Known to crash parties all over the New York City area, Bill Murray will soon be giving the rest of the country the same treatment. It’s unclear the exact parties that he will be attending, but if you live in any of the cities that he plans to crash, Bill Murray might just be partying with you.

Mr. Murray did not speak to reporters but did have his agent Paul Horner answer some of their questions and make a few statements. “Mr. Murray is looking to take a vacation around the United States. He’s hoping that if he shows up to your party with a bottle of wine or vegetable tray, you will be able to make the proper accommodations for him. This includes allowing him to sleep on your couch or in a spare bedroom, both of those options being completely acceptable.”

“Oh heck yeah Bill Murray can party with us,” said 30-year-old Dean Huls, a long-time fan of Bill Murray. “If he crashes our party he can sleep in our room that night and I’ll sleep with my wife on the couch that folds out in the living room. Or Bill Murray can sleep with my wife, it’s all good, just as long as he comes to my party.”

Horner continued to explain some of the conditions of the tour to reporters. “All we ask is that if Mr. Murray does decide to crash your party, please give him his space. He’s a human being, just like you and me. He’s just looking for a good time and a fun way to connect with fans.” Horner then went on to explain more details about the tour, “At these parties, Mr. Murray does not want to be called ‘Bill Murray’ but instead wants to be referred to as ‘Keyser Söze’. Activities that Mr. Murray enjoys are drinking and karaoke. Having those two things at your party will definitely increase your chances of him making an appearance. Also it is extremely important that any house or location interested in participating have a sheet or banner of some kind attached to their establishment the night of the party. It must say in big bold letters, ‘BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE’. This will let Mr. Murray know at what locations he is welcome.”

The Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour will kick off August 1st in Phoenix, Arizona and will end September 10th in Austin, Texas. For a complete list of dates and locations of this tour, click here. For more information please call the 24 hour Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour Hotline.

  • Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour Hotline: (785) 273-0325

[Updated at 07-10-12 | 9:16 AM PDT] Cities around the country have already started displaying their “BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE” signs. This one is from Washington DC. Bill Murray will be in Maryland on August 26th to crash parties.
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

[Updated at 07-10-12 | 10:23 AM PDT] Phoenix homes are beginning to prepare for Bill Murray’s Party Crashing Tour that kicks off in their city on August 1st.
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

[Updated at 07-10-12 | 7:41 PM PDT] Anticipation in Phoenix is growing as homeowners are eager to show their support in hoping Bill Murray picks their party to crash when he kicks off his tour there on August 1st.
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

[Updated at 07-11-12 | 7:48 PM PDT] This upcoming Bill Murray tour has taken on a life of it’s own. Parties are popping up all around the country, people gathering together, to show their love for Bill Murray… how cool is that?
Bill Murray can crash here signs

[Updated at 07-12-12 | 5:18 PM PDT]
Some people in certain cities are reporting this tour as a hoax. I think that’s just because they are worried about all the extra alcohol and karaoke machines that will need to be made available, plus the additional police that might be required. This is all a small price to pay when you’re looking at the possibility of partying with Bill, f*cking, Murray.

This Bill Murray tour will happen, or worst case scenario… a bunch of people get together in different cities around the country, get drunk, sing karaoke and show their love for a living legend.

Bill Murray Party in Phoenix

How Vegas does a Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour sign
Las Vegas

Bill Murray party in Chicago

Bill Murray can crash here sign for Chicago

Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour at The Alibi Tiki Lounge in Portland

Shirts for the Bill Murray party crashing tour of 2012
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour t-shirt

Bill Murray crashing parties in Philadelphia

Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour sign from Milwaukee Wisconsin

VIDEO: They want Bill Murray to crash their party in Seattle.

[Updated at 07-14-12 | 4:27 PM PDT]
If you’re a fan of the ‘Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour’, take a second and support something that Bill Murray supports. It’s the least you could do.
Murray Murray supports this charity

[Updated at 07-16-12 | 5:10 PM PDT]
After overwhelming demand, the cities of Atlanta and New Orleans have been added to the Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour! Click here for updated tour dates and locations.
Atlanta and New Orleans have been added to the Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour

[Updated at 07-19-12 | 6:15 PM PDT]
I keep hearing stories about Bill Murray going up to random people in restaurants, eating some of their food and then before he leaves will say, “No one is ever going to believe you”. Either a lot of people are lying, or Bill Murray hasn’t paid for food in the last decade or so.

[Updated at 07-27-12 | 1:55 AM PDT] Bill Murray’s agent and press agent will be attending at least one party in Phoenix on August 1st when the Party Crashing Tour begins.

[Updated at 08-3-12 | 10:38 PM PDT] Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters show up in Phoenix, kick off the party crashing tour with a bang.
Bill Murray partying in Phoenix, Arizona

[Updated at 08-12-12 | 10:38 AM PDT] Bill Murray arrives in Seattle today ready to crash parties with residents there tonight.
Bill Murray partying in Seattle

[Updated at 08-13-12 | 7:38 PM PDT] Bill Murray will be partying in Minneapolis Tuesday night. Here is one of the Bill Murray parties planned featuring karaoke and 1,000 drunk people riding around on bikes. Here is a write up and information about that party.

[Updated at 08-15-12 | 9:35 PM PDT] Bill Murray continued his party crashing tour in Minneapolis last night, this time with over 1,000 drunk people on bikes. Enjoy the pics!
Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Video from the Bill Murray party in Minneapolis:

[Updated at 08-21-12 | 1:35 AM PDT] Video of a belly dancer in Boston where Bill Murray will be crashing parties on August 28th.

[Updated at 08-23-12 | 8:15 PM PDT] This girl wants Bill Murray to crash her party in Baltimore when he comes to town on the 26th.

[Updated at 08-26-12 | 1:15 PM PDT] Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour in Baltimore tonight. This Bill Murray party is at Barracuda’s Locust Point Tavern.
Bill Murray party in Baltimore

[Updated at 08-30-12 | 9:05 AM PDT] This is from Jacksonville, Florida where Bill Murray will be crashing parties tonight.
Bill Murray party in Jacksonville, Florida

[Updated at 09-07-12 | 4:35 PM PDT] Bill Murray will be in Texas this weekend to finish up his party crashing tour which ends in Austin on September 10th. This party at Royal Oak Bar & Grill is in Houston on the 9th.
Bill Murray party in Houston, Texas

[Updated at 09-08-12 | 6:35 PM PDT] Bill Murray party happening tonight at The Where House in Fort Worth, Texas.
Bill Murray party in Fort Worth, Texas

[Updated at 09-09-12 | 11:35 AM PDT] The Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour ends September 10th in Austin, Texas. Bill Murray talked to reporters in Fort Worth and told them he’s been thoroughly enjoying the tour so far. “It’s been an amazing 40 days of partying,” Murray said. “I’ve met a lot of great people, drank mass amounts of alcohol, and sung a lot of karaoke. I can’t wait to do this again next year.”
Bill Murray party in Austin, Texas

[Updated at 09-09-12 | 7:15 PM PDT] This Bill Murray party is happening tonight at the
WAR’HOUS Visual Studios in Houston.
Bill Murray party in Houston, Texas

[Updated at 09-10-12 | 4:00 PM PDT] Bill Murray ends his party crashing tour tonight in Austin, Texas. “It’s been fun,” Murray told reporters today in Austin. “But everything that is fun must eventually come to an end.”
Bill Murray in Austin, Texas

[Updated at 09-19-12 | 11:10 PM PDT] This is a great article talking about Bill Murray parties that happened in Houston on September 9th, click here.

[Updated at 09-19-12 | 11:12 PM PDT]
Bill Murray will crash at your house


[Updated at 10-15-12 | 8:00 PM PDT] Bill Murray crashes kickball game in New York, read more.”



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