9Gag Suing Reddit For 50 Million Dollars

9Gag Suing Reddit For 50 Million Dollars - The 4chan battle vs 9GagSilicon Valley, CA — The humor website 9Gag.com is suing Reddit.com for libel and damages in the amount of $50,000,000. That’s a five with seven zeros attached to it.

Joyce Barth, Esq., 9Gag’s head attorney says the lawsuit is definitely winnable. “The Reddit community has been attempting to destroy 9Gag since it first launched about four years ago. Reddit will use DDoS attacks on the 9Gag web server attempting to make the site crash and unviewable to it’s users. Other members of Reddit will setup fake accounts and then post images of gore, porn, and other disgusting material. They will raid the website with images of underage pornography and then their members will upvote these images to the top so it can be seen by anyone who visits the site. The owners and moderators of Reddit do nothing to stop this illegal activity. It’s just truly sickening.”

Christopher Poole or “Moot” as he is known on 4chan.org, another type of image sharing website, says he’s disappointed at Reddit’s behavior. “It really disgusts me what Reddit is doing to 9Gag. They just need to stop this already. The internet is supposed to be a fun place where everyone is accepted. It’s not funny what the Reddit community is doing, it’s just not very nice at all.”

Long time 9Gag user Jay B Fail says he just loves using the site but says Reddit is ruining his web experience. “I go to 9Gag and will post a super funny picture of my cat with a chef’s hat on. I put text on the image with something hilarious like, I can haz catnip,” Jay says while laughing. But soon Jay’s laughter turns into tears. “After posting my funny cat picture, suddenly Reddit members are on there calling me a fa*got. They say rude and inappropriate things about my mom and tell me to show my tits or get the f*ck out. I don’t even have tits and neither does Blaine Anderson, my cat,” Jay sobs.

The owner of 9Gag, Paul Horner, said he thinks Reddit is just jealous of 9Gag’s success. “It’s a well known fact that 95% of all Memes and funny images on the internet originate from 9Gag. Reddit doesn’t like this so they try and tear down our website with their childish little shenanigans. Maybe this $50 million lawsuit will shut them up,” Horner laughs.

Initial court proceedings of the lawsuit begin July 10th at the Jonestown Courthouse in San Diego. The owner of Reddit could not be reached for comment.