Satire Site Predicted September 11 Attacks; FBI Arrests Author In Early Morning Raid

Phoenix, AZ — An Arizona man was arrested by federal agents early this morning after learning he had written a satirical article about the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 one day before they actually occurred.

According to NPR, the story was published September 10th, 2001 on the satirical website National Report and titled, ‘Tomorrow Will Be A Blast! Planes And Towers And Jihads! Oh My!’ Currently the page is still showing the title though the content of the story has been removed and replaced with bold red letters which read, ‘CONTENT REMOVED UPON REQUEST’. The date is hidden but scrolling over the text which says, ‘Posted about 13 years ago’, will show a date and time of ‘September 10th, 2001 at 12:20 PM’.

A screenshot from the satirical article that predicted the events from September 11th, 2001:

Satire site predicts 9/11

FBI agents along with SWAT raided the residence of 35-year-old Paul Horner early this morning at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. Agents arrested the man and was taken into custody. Horner is the author of the article in question who writes under the pen name Darius Rubics.

Tom Downey who is an avid reader of National Report told CNN he read the article that was posted 13 years ago.

“I remember reading that article when it was published,” Downey said. “The next day when the story came true, I was completely shocked. I called the local police here to let them know what I had read. They thanked me for the tip and I never heard anything after that. I have no clue why they’re arresting the author of the story now.”

Comments posted on the article dated September 10th, 2001:

Comments left on satire article that predicted 9/11

So far the content of the story is unclear. What took so long for this story to catch the eye of authorities is unknown.

Horner is not the first one to predict 9/11. On a broadcast on June, 28th of 2001 Bill Cooper would make the prediction that 9/11 would happen and Osama Bin Laden would be blamed. Cooper was shot and killed by police just a few months later.


Was James Holmes The Only Shooter In The Aurora Colorado Shooting? You Be The Judge

Was James Holmes the only shooter?

James Holmes after being booked for the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.

Every day I read more and more conspiracy theories surrounding the Colorado shooter James Holmes. They are not even becoming conspiracies anymore, it is becoming almost like fact and the trial has just started. According to cable news: HE IS THE LONE SHOOTER, SICKO, WEIRDO, WHO KILLED THESE PEOPLE IN COLD BLOOD. And that is it. And, they could be right. I am not a conspiracy nut, but just too much weird stuff surrounds this case. I want to document it, ask questions and maybe get some real answers if there is more to this case than what the media is force-feeding us. That is the goal here.

My problems with this shooting started immediately from day one. There is just so many wrongs with everything and none of it makes sense. It is like you can sense something is not right and there is way more to what really happened behind the scenes. And instead of the media asking the tough questions, we are just seeing the same bullsh*t on every channel, and I want to know more.

So let’s go!

* Holmes supposedly had this planned out to a tee. Then, when done, just went out to surrender to cops with no weapons in his hands. No getaway plan. He was dressed as the joker. Killing cops was the Joker’s thing. He had no problem killing little kids in the theater (He shot a six-year-old five times), but not one shot was fired at cops. Also the cops said he was dazed and out of it when apprehending him.

* He booby trapped his entire apartment. And this wasn’t your ordinary pipe bombs and 4th of July sparklers, this was state of the art explosives on par or above military grade technology. The door was unlocked, he (they) wanted civilians to trigger the explosion. But the neighbors just banged on his door and luckily they never opened it. They heard sounds of extremely loud techno music coming from inside and sounds of gun shots, which was the reason they were banging on the door in the first place. Once Holmes was in custody, he told the police immediately his house was booby trapped. WTF? WHY? Why go through all the highly sophisticated trouble to kill, and then without even being interrogated, tell the police this information?

* His dad created FICO and highly sophisticated algorithms for Wall Street and LIBOR. He was just getting ready to testify against the people in charge of what most people are calling the biggest fraud in American history. He never testified after his son was arrested. Read: LIBOR Scandal

* An accomplice was seen with Holmes according to eye witnesses in and outside the theater. The cops found a second gas mask away from Holmes’ car used by someone else. Smoke bombs came in after Holmes entered the theater from behind him or the side according to eye witnesses. If Holmes was under some kind of mind control such as Hypnosis, MK Ultra or a drug like Scopolamine he would still need a handler to tell him what to do. This is what an accomplice in a situation like this would be used for.

* Holmes never took any shooting lessons. His voice mail was weird when the shooting range called, but he never answered his phone. He never went to the shooting range. All his weapons were bought online, meaning anyone could have bought them.

* Overnight he becomes the terminator. His gun jams during the shooting and like a pro, un-jams it and is ready to keep killing. No one can identify if it was him doing the shooting because he was covered in black head to toe, protective gear and a gas mask/shield that hid his face.

* Somehow, the only thing that makes him look crazy is a notebook filled with drawings of killing and gore (Think Patrick Bateman – American Psycho and his notebook) that magically shows up at his Colorado school, that he just dropped out of, on the day of the killing spree addressed to the psychologist there that Holmes saw once.

* The media is describing Holmes as a crazy loner. LOOK at his videos on Youtube of classmates talking about him and also Holmes presenting something for a science class. He looks and sounds like an outgoing, funny and friendly individual. You cannot deny that if you view the videos. He looked 100% normal, not a “crazy loner” as depicted by the media.

* Selling the story… The courthouse scene where he is drugged out of his mind and cannot answer a question. Then his mugshot, makes him look like a psycho on meth. People will see that face and yes, to anyone that just follows cable news, he looks like a deranged killer. “Of course he killed those people,” they will say.

* In his prison cell the news that we have heard from the guards are, is that Holmes is saying he has total amnesia from this – exactly what mind control drugs would do. The guards say he is complaining a lot about the prison food. Seriously think about this. ANYONE, not wanting to go to prison because you know of the conditions there (horrible food being one of those conditions)… there would have been a getaway plan (Holmes was smart), or at least take ONE shot at the police, or take a bullet to the head. Holmes did not fire ONE round of ammunition at authorities. He had guns and thousands of rounds left. But instead he just stood there, waiting for cops to arrest him, like the drugs or being hypnotized (something of that nature) was wearing off.

* False flags by the US Government are real. They have happened numerous times in the past and people are in prison because of it.

[Updated at 01-09-13 | 7:16 PM PDT]

* We learn today that no drug test was done on James Holmes. Why not? One drug test would actually clear up most of the conspiracy theories about all of this… but, no drug test. The cops said James Holmes’ pupils were fully dilated when he was apprehended, dazed and completely out of it. As he was being questioned at the station, he was playing with paper bags over his hands as sock puppets and trying to stick staples from a stapler in a wall socket… and still no drug test.

Not even him being childish or ‘out of it’, but the shooting alone and how horrible this whole thing was… why would you not want a blood or urine sample? Also, he had a car there, so the cops could assume he was driving. Besides the murders… what about a DUI? I mean seriously.


[Updated at 01-11-13 | 8:53 AM PDT]
* Yesterday we learned that James Holmes has an orgy amount of premeditated evidence against him. He took pictures of himself on his phone with all his guns. He setup a dating profile hinting of going to prison etc etc etc

For such an intelligent person like Holmes, who planned this tragedy out so well, it’s almost like he wanted to go to prison. HE COVERED ZERO of his tracks leading up to the shooting. Zero. He didn’t delete or get rid of anything that would show he’s guilty of premeditated murder. He didn’t try at all to stay out of jail after this happened, and that is odd. Especially since he’s claiming amnesia for this whole thing. My brain hurts.

[Updated at 01-13-13 | 2:55 AM PDT]

James Holmes is supposed to have had two Iphones, one recovered in his car and one recovered from his home. The one recovered from the scene is the one with all the incriminating evidence on it and may very well be the one which James Holmes is supposed to have ordered his weapons and ammo with. But that phone has an interesting history with regard to July 5th.

It seems on that one day, July 5th, James Holmes used that cell phone to:

  1. set up an Adult Friend Finders page with incriminating statements written into his message
  2. take pictures of someone wearing black contacts (to hide the fact that their eyes are the wrong color?) who is supposedly James Holmes with the murder weapons in a fashion much like the now infamous “backyard rifle pictures” that surfaced of Lee Harvey Oswald (those pictures are widely understood to have been fabricated in order to frame Oswald)
  3. take photos of the back of Theater 9 at Century 16

Any fool, and I mean ANY FOOL can plainly see that the only person who would have done all of these things in a single day would only have done so in an effort to connect James Holmes with this massacre.

My opinion: This was either a setup, or James Holmes wanted to go to prison. Those are the only two options. And he’s in prison, complaining about the food and the conditions…saying he doesn’t remember anything… so I’m thinking he didn’t want to go to prison. Also one more thing… Anyone can clone your Sim card. His phone could have easily been cloned, no problem. Just something to think about.

Video and Audio of James Holmes and the Aurora Colorado Shooting:

* Video: Various eyewitness accounts of a second shooter, accomplice or handler

* Audio: Police radio audio starting with first dispatch to the Aurora, Colorado shooting at Century 16 Theater

* Video: James Holmes first appearance in court

* Video: Documentary – The James Holmes Conspiracy

So what is the motive? Who would do all this and why?

  • 1. Gun control. If there is something more to all of this, whoever set James Holmes up is winning with news like this, this, this and this.
  • 2. Biggest financial scandal in history – the LIBOR scandal. The dad would have not been good to have at these hearings. He ended up not being at the hearings because of this tragic event.
  • 3. As goes with the LIBOR scandal so does the biggest banks and the Federal Reserve.
  • 4. The testing of mind control by the government or other agencies. They have been doing this for the past sixty-years and has been featured in such movies as The Manchurian Candidate.

The people responsible for this must be held accountable. If it is found that James Holmes acted alone, then he deserves everything coming to him. But if he was just some pawn that could be moved off the board, the people that are the true culprits must be brought to justice.

From the author of Super Official News: I have never really believed in conspiracies like 9/11 or chemtrails and things of that nature. In my opinion there are parts that are interesting about each one, but lots of holes in the theories. On the other hand, with this James Holmes case, so far I cannot find many holes. This is some scary stuff. I want to continue to update and document this page throughout the trial as more evidence comes in. Lets see if we will actually see video of inside or outside the theater or will it mysteriously be lost or suppressed? I want to especially document the names of the people that saw another shooter or accomplice that are seen in these videos. I want to follow their stories and see if they actually testify at trial, like they currently say they are going to.

Also, I know what some of my readers on this site are thinking? Is this a joke article? No. This is the only serious article on this site, I promise. This is too serious of a topic to joke around about. I just thought since I have the audience and fans that I do, that are very up to date on their current events, this would be a great place for something like this.

So feel free to post any information or comments below. No cable news outlet is covering the story this way. Their agenda with this case is simple. James Holmes is guilty until proven guilty, so lets do something different. Lets just show the facts. No agendas and see what happens. Thanks! ~ Paul Horner

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